Magic spell Kent Shirley Forever a willow 1
Magnet Rea Chris Dancing with strangers 242 364-1
Magnet Young & Moody Young and moody C064-99040
Magnetix Sofa 33/45 MX 0002
Magnetix Sofa Take a seat MX 0003
Magnum Production Therapy Bringing the house down MAG 0009
Major Minor Campbell Ian Tam o’shanter GOL 204
MAM Korda Paul Passing stranger MAM-AS 1003
MAM O'Sullivan Gilbert A Stranger in my own Back Yard MAM SS 506
Manticore Emerson Lake & Palmer Brain salad surgery 87 302 IT
Manticore Emerson Lake & Palmer Works vol. 1 28 614 XDU
Manticore Emerson Lake & Palmer Works vol. 2 25 553 XOT
Manticore Premiat Forneria Marconi The world became the world 87 816 IT
Manticore Thee Image Thee Image 88 922 IT
Marble Arch Johnstons The travelling people MAL 808
Marble Arch Os Ritimistas Brasileiros Stereophonic journey in percussion MALS 1361
Marble Arch Status Quo Status quo-tations MALS 1193
Marble Arch Tinkers The reluctant patriot MAL 1203
Maya Francis Monkman Dwellers in the threshold MAY01
MCA Argent Rod Movng home MCF 2854
MCA Colosseum II Savage 62.079
MCA Colosseum II Wardance MCF 2817
MCA Crusaders Ghetto blaster 250 462
MCA KGB Motion 6.22848 AO
MCA Lee Albert Gagged but not bound 255-075-1
MCA Lloyd Weber Andrew Evita 82.001-2
MCA Lloyd Weber Andrew Variations 0062. 104
MCA Poco Under the Gun 5132
MCA Thompson Barbara' Paraphernalia Barbar Thompson's paraphernalia MCF 2852
MCA Thompson Barbara' Paraphernalia Live in concert 301 415-406
MCA Thompson Barbara, Argent Rod Ghosts 204 497
MCA Various artists Jesus Christ Superstar MAPS 5533
MCA Various artists Bean Blossom Back home again in Indiana févr-02
MCA Wishbone ash Pilgrimage MAPS 5060
MCA Wishbone ash New england MCA 2238
Média 78 Abus Jazz and roll JB 107
Mercury Allwright Graeme Le jour de clarté 6 325 605
Mercury B.T:O. Rock 'n roll nights 9 111 020
Mercury Buckingham Lindsay Law and order 6 302 167
Mercury Con Funk Shun Candy 9 111 023
Mercury Creme Lol / Godley Kevin Consequences 017/6641658
Mercury Essdex David Mutiny Merh30
Mercury Flock Inside out SRM-1-1035
Mercury Godley Kevin, Creme Lol L 9 109 611
Mercury Greenslade Time and tide SRM-1-1025
Mercury Heartsfield The wonder of it all SRM-1-1003
Mercury Jackson's Heights King Progress SR 61331
Mercury Miles Buddy A message to the people 6 398 001
Mercury Miller Steve Band Book of Dreams 9 286 455
Mercury Rush Rush 6 338 834
Mercury Twiggy Twiggy 9 102 600
Mercury Vitamin Z Rites of passage 824 393
Mercury Vitamin Z Sharp stone rain 838 847
Métro Abus dangereux Happy french band JB 105M
Metromedia If Double diamond BML1-0174
Metronome Double Blue 827 235
Metronome Entrance Live as well MLP 15631
Metronome Korner Alexis Alexis LMLP 15 802
Metronome Los Lobos By the light of the moon 828 033
Metronome Marvin Brett & Thunderbolts Brett Marvin & the thunderbolts MLP 15 380
Metronome Steamhammer Mountains MLP 15376
MGM Animals The animals SE 4264
MGM Burdon Eric & Animals Eric is here SE-4433
MGM Burdon Eric & Animals Everyone of us Se-4553
MGM Burdon Eric & Animals Love is SE-4591/92
MGM Burdon Eric & Animals The best Vol 2. SE-4454
MGM Burdon Eric & Animals The twain shall meet SE-4537
MGM Burdon Eric & War Black man's Burdon SE-4710-2
MGM Burdon Eric & War Eric Burdon declares War SE-4663
Midi Electric Prunes Mass in F minor MID 24010
Midi Morrison Van Astral weeks MID 26 004
Milestone Azymuth Spectrum 827 541-1
Milestone Carter Ron Pastels M 9073
Milestone Carter Ron Peg leg M-9082
Milestone Carter Ron Super strings 61.165
Milestone Crawford Hank Indigo blue 2521-89119
Milestones Purim Flory Butterfly dreams M-9052
Milestones Tyner Mc Coy Fly with the wind M-9067
Moers music Vienna Art Choir Five old songs 2036
Moers music Vienna Art Orchestra Nightride of a lonely saxophone player 02054/5
Moers music Vienna Art Orchestra Serapionsmusic 2050
Monkey records Various artists Hendrix, Page,Beck,Clapton MY 43.006
Motown Supremes High energy M6-863S1
MPS Alexander Monty Monty Strikes again Live in Germany 68.044
MPS Duke George Liberated fantasies CC 228 355
MPS Goldberg Stu, Palle Danielson Live 68291
mps Hubbard Freddie the Hub of Hubbard 15037
MPS Kühn Rolf Group Total space 2 022 625
MPS Pike Dave Set Four reasons MPS 15253
MPS Ponty Jean-Luc Sunday Walk 68.226
Mulligan Bothy Band Afterhours LUN 030
Musdisc Handel 4 suites pour clavecin RC 795
Muse Records Friesen David Storyteller MR 5255
Music for Pleasure Murphy Noel A touch of the Blarney MFP 1287
Musidisc Fremont Group The best of jimi hendrix CV 1208
Musidisc Laffaille Gilbert Travelling 191 181
Mystery Redords Coughlan Mary Ancient Rain MRLP 004