I.R.S. Animals Ark 25646
I.R.S. Animals Greatest hits live 25937
Impulse Genesis Trespass AS-9205
Impulse Sun Ra Astro black AS-9255
Intercord Van der Linden Rick GX1 INT 160.612
Interface Gomez Eddie Gomez YF-7089
Invictus Chairmen of the board Give me just a little more time 5c062.91453
Isadora Clearlight Les contes du singe fou ISA 9009
IsIand Harrison Mike Mike Harrison ILPS 9170
Island Albion Country Band Battle of the Field HELP 25
Island Amazing Blondel Fantasia Lindum 85 526 IT
Island Bronco Country home 6 339 019
Island Capaldi Jim Whale meat again ILPS 9254
Island Emerson Lake & Palmer Trilogy 86 230 IT
Island Fairport Convention Babbacombe Lee ILPS 9176
Island Gillan Ian Scarabus 25 500 XOT
Island Harrison Mike Smokestack lightning 86 453 IT
Island Heron Mike Smiling man with bad reputations ILPS 9146
Island Illusion Illusion ILPS 9519
Island Illusion Out of the mist ILPS 9489
Island Incredible string band Be glad for the song has no ending ILPS9140
Island Jethro Tull Stand up 849303 UY
Island King Crimson Earthbound 86 254 ET
Island King Crimson USA 88 816 XOT
Island Kossoff Back street crawler ILPS 9264
Island Lane Ronnie's Slim Chance One for the road ILPS 9366
Island Martyn John Bless the weather 85 677 IT
Island Martyn John & Beverley The road to ruin ILPS 9133
Island Mott The Hoople Wildlife 6 369 031
Island Mountain Flowers of evil ILPS 9179
Island Mountain Live ILPS 9199
Island Mountain Nantucket sleighride ILPS 9148
Island Rico Man from Wareika ILPS 9485
Island Rock Folies Rock folies ILPS 9362
Island Rough Diamond Rough diamond 28648 XOT
Island Roxy Music Stranded 87 369 IT
Island Spooky Tooth The last puff 6 339 004
Island Spooky Tooth The mirror ILPS 9292
Island Stevens Cat Tea for the tillerman 85 678
Island Stevens Cat Back to Earth 26 491 XOT
Island Suntreader Zin Zin HELP 13
Island Surman John Westering home HELP 10
Island Sutherland Brothers Band The sutherland brothers band ILPS 9181
Island Sutherland Brothers Band & Quiver Dream kid 87 705 IT
Island Thompson Richard Henry the human fly ILPS 9197
Island Traffic The low spark of high heeled boys ILPS 9180
Island Uriah heep Look at yourself 85703 IT
Island Various artists Bumpers IDP 1
Island Various artists El Pea 85 378 XT
Island Vinegar Joe Six star general 87 353 IT
Island Way Darryl Concerto for electric violin ILPS9550
Island Wingfield Pete Breakfast special ILPS 9333
Island Winwood Stevie Arc of a diver 203 207-320
Island Winwood Stevie Stevie winwood 28 972 XOT
Island Yamash'ta Stomu Red Buddha Theatre The man from the east ILPS 9228
Island Yamash'ta Stomu's East Wind Freedom is frightening ILPS 9242