Ian Janis Present company Capitol E-ST 683
Ian Janis Night Rains CBS 83802
Ides of March Vehicle Warner WS 1863
Ides of March Common band Warner WB 46104
If Double diamond Metromedia BML1-0174
If Tea-break over- back on your 'eads Charly CR 300010
Illsley john Never told a soul Vertigo 822 239
Illusion Out of the mist Island ILPS 9489
Illusion Illusion Island ILPS 9519
Imlach hamisch ballads of booze Transatlantic XTRA 1094
Imlach hamisch live Transatlantic XTRA 1050
Imlach hamisch Murdered ballads Transatlantic XTRA 1131
Incredible string band the 5000 spirits Elektra EKS-74010
Incredible string band Be glad for the song has no ending Island ILPS9140
IQ Are you sitting comfortably? Squawk 836 429-1
Iron butterfly Métamorphosis ATCO 503.054
Isley,Jasper,Isley Different drummer EPic EPC 450143
Isotope Isotope Gull GULP 1002
Isotope Illusion Gull 6.22113 AS
Isotope Deep end Gull 163.302
It's a beautiful day …. Today CBS S 65483
It's a beautiful day Marrying maiden CBS 64 065