Hackett Steve Voyage of the acolyte Charisma 6 369 970
Hagar Sammy Sammy Hagar Geffen 924 144-1
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Hall Jim Live Horizon SP 705
Hammer Hammer Asylum 6E 232
Hammer Black sheep Asylum AS 53 089
Hammer Jan The first seven days Atlantic ATL 50184
Hammer Jan Group Oh Yeah? Nemperor W 50276
Hammond Albert It never rains in Souther California Epic 65320
Hammond Albert the free electric band Epic 65554
Hancock Herbie Thrust CBS 80193
Hancock Herbie Future shock CBS 25540
Hancock Herbie Sunlight CBS 82240
Hancock Herbie Magic windows CBS 85144
Hancock Herbie Lite me up CBS 85650
Hancock Herbie Sound-system CBS 26062
Handel Messiah vol 1 Saga XID 5111
Handel Messiah vol 2 Saga XID 5112
Handel Messiah vol 3 Saga XID 5113
Handel 4 suites pour clavecin Musdisc RC 795
Handel Water music Saga XID 5218
Hanrahan Kip Desire develops an edge American clavé 1009LP/1008EP
Hansson Bo Music inspired by watership Charisma 9 124 015
Hard meat Through a window Warner WS1879
Hardin and York One for the world Decca SLK 16722-P
Hardin Eddie Home is where you find it Decca TXS 106
Hardin Tim Bird on a wire CBS 64335
Harley Steve & Cockney Rebel Love is a prima donna EMI EMC3156
Harley Steve & Cockney Rebel Timeless flight EMI EMA 775
Harris Gene Nexus Blue note BNLA 519-G
Harrison George Living in the material world Apple PAS 10006
Harrison Mike Mike Harrison IsIand ILPS 9170
Harrison Mike Smokestack lightning Island 86 453 IT
Harrison Mike Rainbow rider Good ear EAR 5007
Hart Tim Tim Hart Chrysalis 6 307 658
Hartman Dan images Blue Sky PE 34322
Harvey Richard Divisions on a ground Transatlantic TRA 292
Haslam Annie Annie in wonderland Warner K 56453
Hatfield and the north Hatfield and the north Virgin VR 13-110
Hatfield and the north Rotters ' club Virgin V 2030
Haumont Michel Notes de voyage Carrère 66.019
Haydn concertos pour clavecin La voix de son maître CVAP 269
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Hayes Isaac Black Moses Stax 2369003/4
Hazzard Tony Loudwater house Bronze 85 803 IT
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Heart Dog and butterfly Portrait FR 35555
Heartsfield The Wonder of it all Mercury SRM-1-1003
Heath Brothers In motion Columbia 35816
Heath Brothers Live at the Public Theatre CBS 84341
Hedgehog Pie Hdgehog Pie Rubber Rub09
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Hellborg Jonas Elegant punk Day eight music DEM LP 004
Helm Levon & RCO All-Stars Levon Helm & the RCO all-stars ABC 25 599 XOT
Henderson Scott & tribal Tech Spears Passport PJ 88010
Hendrix Jimi Get that feeling London SH 8349
Hendrix Jimi Get that feeling London SHA-U 102
Hendrix Jimi Strange things London SH 8369
Hendrix Jimi Are you experienced? Polydor 2 459 390
Hendrix Jimi Electric Ladyland Reprise 6307
Hendrix Jimi Greatest hits Barclay 921 020
Hendrix Jimi Rainbow bridge Reprise REP 54 004
Hendrix Jimi In the west Barclay 80 448
Hennessey's the road and the miles cambrian clp 593
Henry Cow Henry cow Virgin 87738 IT
Hensley Ken Proud words on a dusty shelf Bronze 86644 IT
Hensley Ken Eager to please Bronze 88 749 XOT
Heron Diamond of dreams Bronze 28 571 XOT
Heron Mike Smiling man with bad reputations Island ILPS 9146
Hillage Steve L Virgin V 2066
Hillage Steve Motivation radio Virgin V 2777
Hillage Steve Open Virgin V 2135
Hinze Chris The best of CBS S 65549
Holdsworth Allan Velvet darkness CTI 63.011
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Holdsworth Allan i.o.u Enigma 2031-1
Holdsworth Allan Metal fatigue Enigma 2002-1
Holdsworth Allan, Beck Gordon The things you see JMS 9
Hollier Tim The story of Mill Reef York YR 503
Hollies Write on Polydor 2 374 120
Home Pause for a hoarse horse CBS 64356
Hoodoo Rythm Devils Safe in their homes World Records F-9522
Hooker John Lee John Lee Hooker New world NW 6003
Hookfoot Hookfoot DJM/Hansa 85593 IT
Hookfoot Communication A&M SP-4380
Hooky Collected tales of Hooky RCA SF 8247
Hopkin MAry Post card Apple apcor 5
Hopkins Lightnin' Country blues Tradition TLP 1035
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Horvitz Wayne, Morris Butch Todos santos Sound aspects sas019
Howard Tom View from the Bridge Solid Rock SRA 2003
Howe Steve Beginnings Atlantic ATL 50151
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Humble Pie Humble Pie A&M AML 986
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Hummingbird Hummingbird A&M SP-4536
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Hutcherson Bobby Wating Blue note BN-LA 615-G