G.T. Moore and the raggae guitars Moore G.T. and raggae guitars Charisma CAS 1095
Gagged but not bound Lee Albert MCA 255-075-1
Galeforce Galeforce Fantasy F 9527
Galleries Young Tradition Transatlantic TRA 172
Garden of delight Walden Narada Michael Atlantic SD-18199
Gentlemen of high renown Ripley Wayfarers Tradtion TSR 018
Gently going toarnado Bruford Bill Polydor 2 302 097
Geny Ravan Ravan Genya CBS S 64872
George Thorogood and the Thorogood George & Destroyers Sonet SNTF 760
Get ready Rare Earth Tamla Motown TSP 34096
Get that feeling Hendrix Jimi London SH 8349
Get that feeling Hendrix Jimi London SHA-U 102
Getting our thing together MC Duff Brother Jack Bellaphon BJS 4012
Gettin' Ready Quatro Michael Prodigal 1C 062-98676
Get your dog off me Beggars Opera Vertigo 6 360 090
Ghetto blaster Crusaders MCA 250 462
Ghosts Thompson Barbara, Argent Rod MCA 204 497
Give me your heart tonight Stevens Shakin' Epic 32676
Give me just a little more time Chairmen of the board Invictus 5c062.91453
Glassworks Glass Philip CBS 73640
Glorious Gaynor Gloria Polydor 2 417 314
Go too Yamash'ta Stomu Arista C064-99228
God bless the unemployed Nicholson Lea, Ellison Stan Transatlantic TRA 254
Goin' down laughing Tiger EMI EMC 3153
Going for the one Yes Atlantic K 50379
Gold plated Climax Blues Band RCA BTM 1009
Golden Mile Kursaal Flyers CBS 81622
Goldie Zelkowitz Zelkowitz Goldie Janus JLS 3060
Gomez Gomez Eddie Interface YF-7089
Gonna take a miracle Nyro Laura CBS S 64770
Good vibrations Beach Boys Pickwick SPC 3269
Graham Bell Bell Graham Charisma 6 369 927
Grand hotel Procol Harum Chrysalis C6307 511
Gravity G Kenny Arista 207 120
Great winds Cahen François Trema 310 068
Greatest hits Showaddywaddy Arista ARTY 145
Greatest hits Booker T & MGS Stax 2325018
Greatest hits Hendrix Jimi Barclay 921 020
Greatest hits live Animals I.R.S. 25937
Greenslade Greenslade Brain 1027
Gregg Allman tour Allman Gregg Capricorn CAP 87500
Gringo Gringo United artists UA-LA 845 G
Gryphon Gryphon Transatlantic TRA 262
Guilty Burdon Eric & Witherspoon Jimmy United artists UAS 29251
GX1 Van der Linden Rick Intercord INT 160.612
Gymnopédies 1, 3, parade Satie Eric CBS 72915