52nd Street Joel Billy CBS CX83181
Face the Music Electric Light Orchestra Jet Records JETLP 11
Faerie symphony Newman Tom Decca TXS 123
Faithful friends New York Rock & Roll Ensemble ATCO SD 33-294
Fallen angel Uriah heep Bronze 26 449 XOT
Fall of Hyperion Godfrey Robert John Charisma BT-5167
Fantasia Lindum Amazing Blondel Island 85 526 IT
Fantasies from a corner seat Andrews Harvey/Cooper Graham Transatlantic TRA 298
far over the fell Adams Paul & Linda SweetFokk & Country SFA 027
Father time Tusa Frank Enja 2056
Feedback Spirit Epic EPC 64507
Feel it Bishop Elvin Group CBS S 64180
Feel the sound of Mandel Harvey Janus JLS 63067
Feels good to me Bruford Bill polydor 2 302 075
Fire & Fleet & Candlelight Sainte-Marie Buffy Vanguard VSD-79250
Fire Sign Braverman Cory Phantom BPL1-1948
Firefly Uriah heep Bronze 28 520 XOT
irst album Collins Peter Nova SDN 21
First circle Metheny Pat Group ECM 1278
First hit Arrows Rak SRAK 521
First light Familly of Mann Atlantic ATL 50084
First light Thompson Richard & Linda Chrysalis 6 307 640
Fish out of water Squire Chris Atlantic K 50203
Five old songs Vienna Art Choir Moers music 2036
Five-a-side Ace Anchor ANCL 2001
Flags Moraz Patrick & Bruford Bill EG/Polydor 825 680
Flash Beck Jeff Epic 26112
Flash Fearless versus zorg Various artists Chrysalis 6 307 546
Flashman Flashman Pye Pya. 20301
Floating music Yamash'ta Stomu & Come to the Edge Orizzonte ORL 8082
Flow motion Can Harvest 1c062-31 837
Flowers of evil Mountain Island ILPS 9179
Fluid rustle Weber Eberhard ECM 1137
Flute and nut Mc Nair Harold RCA INTS 1096
Fly with the wind Tyner Mc Coy Milestones M-9067
Focus 3 Focus Polydor 2 659 016
Folie douce Laffaille Gilbert Accord ACV 130 046
Folk in worship Scott Dana & Crown Folk BBC Rec 58 m
Fool's wisdom Malcolm & Alwyn Grapevine GRV 136
Fool's wisdom Malcolm & Alwyn Pye NSPL 18404
Foot loose & fancy free Stewart Rod Warner RVLP5
Footprint Wright Gary A&M 85 571 IT
Foreigner Foreigner Atlantic K 50356
Forever a willow Kent Shriley Magic Spell 1
Forever blowing bubbles Clearlight Virgin V 2039
Fork it over Section Capitol ST-11656
Forms and feelings Love Sculpture EMI PCS 7090
Four reasons Pike Dave Set MPS MPS 15253
Foxtrot Genesis Charisma 6 369 922
Frankie Crocker & the Heart and soul Crocker Frankie & Heart and Soul Casablanca nblp 7050
Free Hand Gentle Giant Capitol ST-11428
Free lancing Ulmer James Blood CBS 85224
Free ride Marshall Hain Harvest SHSP 4087
free smiles Mainieri Mike, Warren Bernhardt Novus AN 3009
Freedom is frightening Yamash'ta Stomu's East Wind Island ILPS 9242
Freeze frame Godley Kevin, Creme Lol Polydor POLD 5027
Fresh air Akkerman Jan Harvest C062-24707
Fresh from the earth Reynard Grapevine 102
Friar Friar RCA PL 28337
Friends Corea Chick Polydor PD1-6160
From me to you Duke George Epic PE 34469
From mighty oaks Thomas Ray Threshold 6.22289 AS
From no time to rag time Vienna Art Orchestra Hat Art 1999/2000
From P.S with love P.S. Corporation CBS 80944
From the inside Poco Epic BN 26565
From the north Aspey Gary & Vera Topic 12TS255
From the west Lavitz T. Passport PJ88026
Frontal Spiro, Giacopuzzi Plainisphare PAV816
Fuel Young Larry's Fuel Arista AL 4051
Fully Interlocking Solution CBS 84 384
Funky snake foot Mouzon Alphonze Blue note BST 84 444
Fusion Lockwood Dider,Vander Christian JMS 15
Future games Fleetwood Mac Reprise K 44153
Future shock Hancock Herbie CBS 25540
Futures passed Friedman David Enja 2068