Cabrel Francis Sarbacane CBS 463462-1
Cactus Restrictions ATCO SD-33-377
Cahen François Great winds Trema 310 068
Camel The snow goose Nova 6.22250 AO
Campbell Iain Country ‘n’ soul Major Minor GOL 204
Campbell Ian Tam o’shanter Transatlantic XTRA 1074
Campbell Jimmy Half baked Vertigo 6 360 010
Campbell Alex Best loved songs of Bonnie Scotland Society soc 936
Campbell Alex out west with Society soc 912
Campbell Alex sings folk Society soc 960
Campbell Alex alex campbell sampler Transatlantic tra sam 6
Campbell Alex scottish breakaway Hallmark HM 573
Campbell Alex at his best Boulevard 473
Can Soon over Babaluma United artists UAS 29673
Can Flow motion Harvest 1c062-31 837
Capaldi Jim Whale meat again Island ILPS 9254
Caravan Better by far Arista 1c064-99089
Caravan Cunning stunts Decca SKL-R5210
Caravan The album Kingdom INT 147.800
Carter Ron Peg leg Milestone M-9082
Carter Ron Super strings Milestone 61.165
Carter Ron Pastels Milestone M 9073
Carthy Martin Sweet Wivelsfield Deram SML 1111
Cartwright Dave A little bit of glory Transatlantic TRA 255
Cartwright Dave Don't let your family down Transatlantic TRA 284
Carvan/Jackson's Heights Pop made in England Formule 1 MT 44019
Catherin Philipe,Escoudé,Lockwood Trio JMS 31
Cattouse Nadia Robin hall Jimmie McGregor Songs of grief and glory Fontana STL 5436
Cayenne An evening in Jaffa Coda coda 11
Celebrated Ratliffe Stout Band Behind the mask Plant Life PLR 020
Chairmen of the board Give me just a little more time Invictus 5c062.91453
Chalker Bryan & the Road Band Dadd, sing me a song Chapter 1 CMS 1020
Chalker Bryan's New Frontier The Hanging of Samuel Hall Avenue AVE 071
Chambers Brothers A new time- a new day CBS S 7-63451
Chambers Brothers Love, peace and happiness CBS S 66226
Chapin Harry Dance band on the titanic Elektra ELK 62021
Chapman Michael Deal gone down Gama SML 1114
Chapman Roger Techno-prisoners RCA PL 71516
Chapman/Whitney Streetwalkers Reprise REP 54017
Charlebois Robert Solitaire d'abord Barclay 800.5
Charlie No second chance Polydor 2 460 271
Charpentier Jacques 72 études carnatiques Philps 839276 DSY
Chase Ennea Epic EPC 64710
Chase Chase EPic 64544
Cher Stars Warner BS 2850
Chicago At Carnegie Hall CBS 66405
Chicago Chicago/19 Reprise 925 714
Chicago Chicago 16 Full Moon WEA K 99235
Chopin piano concerto n° 2 Saga STFID 2034
Chopin Sonate n° 2op. 35 Everest X 904
Chopin 12 grandes études Saga 5293
Chopin 19 waltzes and 3 scottish Saga STXID 5016
Circus Maximus Neverland revisited Vanguard VSD 79274
City Boy City Boy Vertigo 6 360 126
Clannad Magical Ring RCA RCALP6072
Clapton Eric Eric Clapton Polydor 2 383 021
Clarke Stanley School days Nemperor NE 50296
Clarke Stanley Journey to love Nemperor NE 433
Clarke Stanley Stanley Clarke Nemperor W 50101
Clarke Stanley Modern man Epic EPC 82674
Clarke Stanley I wanna play for you Epic EPC 88331
Clearlight Forever blowing bubbles Virgin V 2039
Clearlight Les contes du singe fou Isadora ISA 9009
Clearlight Symphony Clearlight symphony Virgn V 2029
Cliff Jimy House of exile EMI EMC 3035
Climax Blues Band Tightly knit Sire SI 5903
Climax Blues Band Gold plated RCA BTM 1009
Cluster & Eno Clester & Eno Sky Records Sky 010
Cobham Billy Inner conflicts Atlantic ATL 50475
Cobham Billy Warning GRP GRP 91020
Cobham Billy/Duke George Band Live on tour in europe Atlantic K 50316
Cocker Joe Stingray A & M 27 145 XOT
Cockney Rebel The psychomodo EMI EMC 3033
Cockney Rebel The human menagerie EMI EMA 759
Cohen Leonard Songs of Leonard Cohen CBS 63241
Cold Blood Lydia Warner BS 2806
Collins Peter First album Nova Sdn 21
Colombier Michel Wings A&M AMLH 635053
Colosseum Daughter of time Dunhill DSX 50101
Colosseum II Savage MCA 62.079
Colosseum II Wardance MCA MCF 2817
Compagnons du Jourdain Bois d'ébène VDE lp-30-126
Compost Take off your body CBS S 64935
Conexion Latina Calorcito Enja 4072
Con Funk Shun Candy Mercury 9 111 023
Contraband Contraband Transatlantic TRA 278
Contraband Time & space Epic EPC 64736
Cooder Ry The slide area Warner WB K 56976
Cooder Ry Ry Cooder Reprise RSLP 6402
Coolidge Rita Inside the fire A&M AMLX 65003
Cooper Mike Do I know you? Dawn DNLS 3005
Cooper Mike Places I know Pye SLDPY 819
Corea Chick My spanish heart Polydor 26 699 034
Corea Chick Friends Polydor PD1-6160
Corea Chick The leprechaun Polydor 2 391 217
Corea Chick Mad hatter Polydor PD1-6130
Corea Chick Tap step Warner WB 56801
Corea Chick Tthe chick corea elektrik band GRP GRP 91026
Corea Chick Delphi 1 Polydor PD1-6208
Corea Chick Secret agent Polydor PD1-6176
Corryell Larry, Catherine Philip Splendid Elektra ELK 52086
Corryell Larry Live at the village gate Vanguard VSD 6573
Corryell Larry The lion and the ram Arista AL 4108
Coughlan Mary Ancient Rain Mystery Records MRLP 1004
Coverdale David White snake Vogue LDA. 20257
Crawford Hank Indigo blue Milestone 2521-89119
Crawler Crawler Epic EPC 82083
Crazy Horse At Crooked Lake Epic KE 31710
Cream Live cream 2 Polydor 2 383 119
Creme Lol / Godley Kevin Consequences Mercury 017/6641658
Critchinson John New night Coda Coda 9
Critchinson John Summer afternoon Coda Coda1
Crocker Frankie & Heart and Soul Frankie Crocker & the Heart and soul Casablanca NBLP 7050
Crosby David, Nash Graham Live in London Blue Pearl BP X 003
Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash Atlantic 40 033
Crow by crow London SHA-U 121
Crozier Trevor & his friends Trouble over bridgewater One Up OU 2185
Crusaders Ghetto blaster MCA 250 462
Cryer & Ford Cryer & Ford RCA APL1-1235
Curved Air the best of Curved Air Warner K 36015