10 cc bloody tourists mercury 826921

101 north forever yours capitol cdp7 9251

38 special bone against steel charisma cdcus 6

4 non blondes bigger, better, faster, more! interscope 7567-92112

Abercrombie John Characters ECM 1117

abercrombie john animato ecm 1411

abercrombie john john abercrombie/marc johnson ecm 1390

abercrombie john getting there ecm 1321

Abercrombie John Night ECM 1272

abercrombie john while we're young ecm 1489

Abercrombie John Quartet M ECM 1191

Abercrombie John Quartet Abercrombie Quartet ECM 1164

Abercrombie John Quartet Arcade ECM 1133

Abercrombie John, Hammer Jan Timeless ECM 1047

Abercrombie John, Holland Dave Gateway ECM 1061

Abercrombie John, Holland Dave Gateway 2 ECM 1105

Abercrombie John, Johson Marc Current events ECM 1311

Abercrombie John, Towner Ralph Sargasso sea ECM 1080

Ablution Ablution CBS 80536

abou-khalil rabih nafas ecm 1359

abou-khalil rabih blue camrl enja Enj-7053

abrahams mick mick's back indigo igoxcd 50

abrahams mick' blodwyn pig times have changed blues boulevard 250223

Absolute elsewhere in search of ancient gods Warner K 56192

abus japanese bebop media 7 jbcd 113

accept I am a rebel castle clacd244

ac dc fly on the wall atlantic 7567 81263

ac/dc 74 jailbreak epic 510758

ace of base da capo polydor 065 223

adams bryan into the fire a&m 393907

adams bryan room service badman 60249868055

adams bryan waking up the neighbours a&m 397'164

adams bryan on a day like today a&m 541 016

adams bryan reckless a&m 395 013

adams bryan unplugged a&m 540 831

Adams George Sound suggestions ECM 1141

Adams John Harmonium ECM 1277

aerosmith rocks columbia 474965

aerosmith gems columbia 463224

aeternia hystoria legends of ausphaal mosaic music m&o music 003

affector harmagedon inside out 0505648

after shave skin deep retro disc international rdi 33011

aiglons trente ans après misez records 1096-001

Air Air Embryo SD 733

airey don tales of triumph & tragedy sail music spcd 0033

akkerman jan talent for sale esoteric eclec 2309

akkerman jan heartwave hux hux 016

akkerman jan profile wounded bird wou 740

akkerman jan the noise of art i.r.s. 24 1057

alabama greatest hits II rca pd 90611

alamo frank portrait 1963/1969 magic mam 113

alarcen jean-pierre tableau n°2 musea b 11382

alison rick je suis un autre polydor 076 222

allan gary tough all over / see if i care hump head hump 024

allen geri eyes… in the back of you blue note 7243833829

allen geri open on all sides in the middle minor music mm801013

allison luther time buda records 82470

allison luther pay it forward ruf records ruf 1060

allison luther here I come encore 49333

allison luther rich man trip records 8001

allman brothers band live at the atlanta international pop festival 1970 legacy/epic 510100

allman gregg band playin' up a storm razor & tie re 2069

allman gregg band just before the bullets fly epic epc 46247

Allwright Graeme A long distant present from Mercury 6459 100

almeida laurindo the concord jazz heritage series concord ccd 4823

Almeida Laurindo Virtuoso guitar Laserlight 15296

alperin mikhail wave of sorrow ecm 1396

alvin dave ashgrove yep roc records yep 2075

alyson avenue presence of mind yesterrock 10076

am 4 puschnig wolfgang … and she answered ecm 1394

Amazing Blondel Blondel Island ILPS 9257

Amazing Blondel England Island ILPS 9205

amboy dukes marriage on the rocks/rock bottom walhalla wh 90341

amen ehlert manfred mandfred ehlert's amen koch international 341 372

amendola scott, ben goldberg, devin hoff plays monk long song records lsrcd104/2007

america human nature oxygen/inak 990004

Amon Duul Paradieswärt Ohr OMM 56008

amorphis skyforger nuclear blast 2736123042

amundson monti somebody' s happened to our love me and my records mmbcd 14

analogy analogy vinyl magic vm 017

Andersen Arild clouds in my head ECM 1059

Andersen Arild Shimri ECM 1082

Andersen Arild Green shading into blue ECM 1127

Andersen Arild Lifelines ECM 1188

Andersen Arild/Taylor John/Frisell A molde concert ECM 1236

anderson benny klinga mina klockor mono music mmcd 001

anderson brett wilderness edel 0193452ere

anderson brett slow attack edel 0201422ere

Anderson Jon Olias of Sunhillow Atlantic SD 18180

anderson jon the promise ring omtown omcd 3001

anderson jon in the city of angels cbs 460 693

Anderson Miller Bright City Deram SDL 3

anderson miller celtic moon inak 9046

anderson ray blues bred in the bone enja 5081

ange les larmes du dalai lama philips 512934

ange le cimetière des arlequins phillips 842238

ange vagabondages Philips 838 24

anggun luminescence sony 828768852

Animals Animalisms Decca LK 4797

Animals Animalims MGM SE 4414

animals animalization mgm se 4384

annegarn dick un' ombre totoutard 0927-44091

annihilator in command (live 1989-1990) roadrunner mas cd 1170 dg

Annkrist Tendre est ma nuit Spalax SPX 66810

answer everyday demons spv 306672

antoine bonjour, salut sony 88697121952

antolini charly menue bmg/ariola 260 354

antolini charly wow!!! verve 833796

anyone's daughter piktors verwandlungen inside out spv79962 cd

aphrodite's child the singles br music 8712089050921

apocalyptica inquisition symphony mercury 0731455830026

apocalyptica 7th symphony jive 8869763590

appice carmine guitar zeus no bull records 34262

ar bras dan les perches du nil columbia 8697072232

arc angels arc angels geffen ged24465

Ardley Neil Harmony of the spheres Decca TXS-R 133

Argent Ring of hands Epic 64190

Argent All together now Epic 64962

arifa anatolian alchemy mundus 2012555

aristide padygros aristide padygros cézame cez 1025

armellino yann yann armellino edel 4976

arnold billy boy eldorado cadillac alligator alcd 4836

arriale lynne trio the eyes have it dmp 502

art ensemble of chicago full force ECM 1167

Art Ensemble of Chicago Nice guys ECM 1126

Art Ensemble of Chicago The third decade ECM 1273

Art Ensemble of Chicago Urban bushmen ECM 1211/1212

art in america art in america renaissance rmed00103

Artist Title Label Reference

artwoods artwoods repertoire rep 4533- w

arvanitas georges round about midnight carrere ca 8029639

arzachel arzachel akarma ak 184

ascension to the watchers numinosum 13th planet records thp 007

asherton johan the moon soon media system cdms 1171

Ashra Blackouts Virgin 25 686 XOT

asia the smile has left your eyes membran 223118-311

asia aqua musidisc Irs 986.959

asia now live nottingham blueprint bp253 cd

asia live in moscow 1990 eagle rock eamcd037

asia astra geffen 9 24072

asia philadelphia chesnut cabaret blueprint bp 255

asia arena IRS 993 619 

astral doors requiem of time metalville mv0003

at vance chained afm 092

at vance dragonchaser afm 126

atkins chet, reed jerry sneakin' around columbia 471480

atomic rooster atomic rooster repertoire rr 4135-wz

atomic rooster nice 'n' greasy repertoire rr 4134-wz

atomic rooster death walks behind you repertoire rep 4069

attack magic in the air aftermath aft 1001

Audience You can't beat 'em Charisma CS 7

Audience house on the hill Philips 6369 910

aufray hugues little troubadour musidisc 111112

Auger Brian's Oblivion Express Closer to it CBS 65626

Auger Brian's Oblivion Express Straight ahead CBS S 80058

Auger Brian's Oblivion Express Happiness Heartaches Warner WB 56326

aum bluesvibes red fox rf 627

austin patti live grp grp 96822

autumn people autumn people radioactive rrcd030

avantasia tobias sammet's hte mystery of time nuclear blast 2736130070

avantasia tobias sammet's the scarecrow nuclear blast 27361 20652

average white band awb columbia 520204

awek burnin' wire on south lamar mosaic music 368792

axxis utopia afm 259-9

Ayers Kevin Whatevershebringswesing Harvest SHVL 800

ayers kevin still life with guitar fnac music 592025

ayers kevin alive in california box-of-plenty bop cd 002

ayers roy's ubiquity red black and green polydor b0003089

ayreon ayreonauts only transmission Tm 027

ayreon light of the migrator transmission Tm 020

Azimuth The touchstone ECM 1130

Azimuth '85 Azimuth '85 ECM 1298

Azymuth with Ralph Towner Départ ECM 1163

babe ruth first base one way records cdll 5734

Babe Ruth Stealin' home Capitol¨ ST 11451

Bach Jean Sébastien Suite n° 2 in B minor Saga 5341

bachdenkel lemmings world wide records wwr-cd 0004

back street crawler the band plays on/second street mason records mr 56408

Bad Co Bad Co Island ILPS 9279

bad company stories told and untold east west 61976

Badger One live badger Atlantic K 40473

Badger White lady Epic EPC 80009

baez joan in concert vanguard 79598

baez joan in concert 2 vanguard 79599

baglioni giovanni anima meccanica bag music 88697538412

baker gurvitz army the baker gurvitz army repertoire rep 4163-w

baker mickey blues, jazz and rock guitar shanachie 97019

bakery momento radioactive rrcd028

balance equilibrium frontiers fr cd 402

baldry long john a touch of the blues live in the studio voodoo vd 104

balin marty freedom flight solid discs sld 7005

balke jon book of velocities ecm 2010

ballard russ the fire still burns emi cdp7 9305

ballard russ barnet dogs epic 460420

banks peter self-contained one way records ow 30339

banks peter reduction transatlantic tracd 338

banks peter instinct castle cmacd 517

banks tony bankstatement virgin cdv 2600

bar-kays injoy mercury b0008180-02

barbara à l'atelier bruxelles 1954 le chant du monde 274 1561

barbara madame philips 530 188

barbieri gato bolivia rca victor 74321851472

bardens peter water colors miramar mcpcd 4001

bardens peter heart to heart arista bvcm 37617

barenaked ladies maroon reprise 9362-47814

barnes jimmy freight train heart geffen ged 24146

barnes jimmy out in the blue liberation libcd 92635

barnes jimmy barnestorming mushroom D 245212

barot ranjit bada boom abstract logix ablx 026

barre martin a trick of memory zyx music zyx 20282

barron kenny other places universal 519 699

barron kenny scratch enja enj-2111

barron kenny the only one reservoir rsr cd 115

bärtschi werner mozart, scelsi, pärt, bärtschi ecm 1377

bassdrumbone wooferlo soul note 121 187

bassey shirley the performance geffen 006002527207803

bates phil naked hypertension hycd 297172

Battin skip Skip Battin Signpost SG 4255

bauhaus go away white cooking vinyl cookcd455

bbm around the next dream virgin cdv 2745

be bop de luxe drastic plastic emi cdp7947332

Beach Boys Holland Reprise Rep 54008

beard jim song of the sun cti ma 7001 478

beasley john cauldron windham hill 193410134

beck bogert appice live cbsepic ecpj-12

beck gordon sunbird jms jms 18650

beck gordon reasons / celebration jms jms 18657

beck gordon dreams jms jms 09

Beck Jeff Truth EMI SMC 74 499

Beck Jeff Beck-ola EMI SCX 6351

Beck Jeff the best of Jeff Beck EMI 5C054-92207
beck robin human instinct two days /ds dsb 3074

becker walter circus money sonic 360cd19

Beckett Harry's Joy unlimited Memories of bacares Ogun OG 800

Bedford David Instructions for angels Virgin V 2090

Bedford David The rime of the ancient mariner Virgin V 2038

bee gees still waters polydor 537 302

bee gees this is where I came in polydor 549 625

bee gees life in a tin can RSO 2394 102

Beirach Richard Hubris ECM 1104

Beirach Richard Eon ECM 1054

Beirach Richard Elm ECM 1142

Belew Adrian Mr. music head Atlantic 81959

Bell Madeline Comin' Atcha RCA SF 8393

Bennet Duster 12 db's Blue Horizon 7-63868

benoit david freedom at midnight grp grd 9545

benoit david earthglow heads up hui 31975

benoit david / freeman russ the benoit/freeman project grp grp 97392

benson george beyond the blue horizon cti/epic/legacy zk 65130

bensusan pierre solilai rounder 3068

bensusan pierre altiplanos favored nations fn 2440

bensusan pierre intuité favored nations fn2130

Berger Bent bitter funeral beer ecm 1179

berlin contemporary jazz orchestra berlin contemporary jazz orchestra ecm 1409

Berlioz Hector Le Corsaire & Symphonie fantastique Decca SXL 6343

berry robert pilgrimage to a point cyclops cycl 019

bertrami josé roberto aventura faro 139

bianco matt gran via rti music rti 1088

bibb eric home to me ruf 1036

bibb eric natural light dixiefrog dfgcd8552-7

big brother & holding company & friends can't go home again legend records lr 104

big brother & the holding company ball and chain charly snax623cd

Big country radio & sessions nighttracks cdnt 007

big house travelin' kind mca mcad-70015

Big Sleep Bluebell wood Global Records 6306 904

birth control increase green tree gtr 042

bishop elvin the skin I'm in alligator alcd 4859

bjornstad ketil new life universal 017 265

black country communion black country communion 2 jr prar931382

black crowes warpaint silver arrow 2028611272

Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Vertigo VO6 847 903

black sabbath tyr i.r.s. 24 1070

black tape for a blue girl 10 neurotics trisol tri374

Black Velvet People of the world Pye NSLP 18392

blackfoot sue nothing to hide mandala 295

blackmore's night under a violet moon edel 0044732 ere

blanc faces falling from the moon frontiers fr cd 431

blazing salads blazing salads blue martin blm 330096

blegvad peter / greaves john unearthed sub rosa sr 75

bley carla fleur carnivore watt 21

Bley Carla Heavy heart Watt 14

Bley Carla Live Watt 12

Bley Carla Social studies Watt 11

Bley Carla Dinner music/tropic appetite Watt 6; 1

Bley Carla Dinner music Watt 6

Bley Carla I hate to sing Watt 12 1/2

Bley Carla Musique mécanique Watt 9

Bley Carla European tour Watt 8

Bley Carla / Haynes Paul Tropic appetite Watt 1

bley carla / sheppard andy songs with legs watt 26

bley carla & swallow steve go together watt 24

Bley Carla / Swallow Steve Night-glo Watt 16

Bley Paul With Gary Peacock ECM 1003

Bley Paul Ballads ECM 1010

Bley Paul Open, to love ECM 1023

Bley Paul Fragments ECM 1320

bley paul solo in mondsee ecm 1786

bley paul & surman john the paul bley quartet ecm 1365

bley paul, motian paul, haden charlie memoirs soul note 121240

blind boys of alabama duets saguaro road 232919

blind melon soup capitol 7243833934

block rory house of hearts zensor zs 51

block rory tornado rounder 3140

blondie no exit beyond music 7432164114

bloodbound tabula rasa blistering br022dp

bloomfield mike / hammond john / dr john triumvirate columbia ck 32712

bloomfield mike between a hard place and the ground thunderbolt cdtb 076

bloomfield mike rx for the blues success 22540 cd

blue blue eurostar 39810112

blue cheer the beast is back, the megaforce years megaforce irs 993416

blue floyd begins evangeline geld 4119

blue hawaians savage night coolsville 490305

blue rodeo palace of gold wea 0927044915

blue rodeo five days in july wea 4509-93846

blue states first step into… cooperative music mi1048452

blues band fat city rca pd75100

blues band these kind of blues date Dacd 9.00160

blues band brand loyality ariola 261 319

blues beggars on the road again tan tan cd 98

blues company damn ! Let’s jam inak 9009 cd

bluesbusters accept no substitute landslide ldcd 1009

blues project live at town hall one way records ow 30010

blunstone colin on air strange fruit sfrcd 620

bodin thomas an ordinary night in my ordinary life spv iomcd 049

bolin tommy teaser epic 462533

bon jovi jon the circle island 60252724560

bon jovi jon keep the faith jambco 514 197

bon jovi jon new jersey jambco 836 345

bon jovi jon slippery when wet jambco 830 264

bond graham organisation live at klooks kleek 15.10.1964 charly cdgr 195

bond graham organisation the sound of '65 / there's a bond between ux bgo bgocd500

Bond Graham Organization We put our magic on you Vertigo 6360 042

Bond Graham Organization Solid Bond warner WS 3001

bonfanti marcus hard times p3 music p3mcd021

bonfire fireworks msa wd 75117

bonham deborah duchess atco 8122-79935

bonham jason band when you see the sun epic 489265

bonilla marc american matador reprise 9 45329

Bonzo dog band Keynsham Liberty LBS 83290

booker t potato hole anti 86948

booker t & mg's soul men stax scd 8610

booker t. & mg's soul dressing atlantic 7567-82337

bootsy's rubber band this boot is made for fonkin' collector's choice music ccm 846

boston corporate america artemis 509880

bottlang rené & charlie haden in the moment live at bollène celp c13

bourelly jean-paul blackadelic-blu diw diw 883

bowie david reality iso col 512555

bowie david 1. Outside Version 2 (The Nathan Adler Diaries: A Hyper Cycle) arista 7432169002

bowie david hours virgin 7243-848157

Bowie Lester The great pretender ECM 1209

Bowie Lester All the magic ECM 1246-1247

Bown Alan Stretching out Island 85 633 IT

boy howdy welcome to hollywood curb d2-77562

Boys of the lough III recorded live Transatlantic TRA 296

bracha bracha cmp 34

brack john flying high bmg 7432127703

Brahms Johannes sonates 1 , 2 for cello and piano BAM 500.003

Brainticket Cottonwoodhill Bellaphon BLS 5563

bramhall doyle bird nest on the ground antone ant 0027

Bramhall doyle II doyle bramhall II geffen ged 25001

branca glenn symphony n° 9 (l'eve future) point music 446 505

Brand X x Ozone oz-001

Bream Julian & John William Lawes, Carulli, Sor, Albéniz, Granados, de falla , ravel RCA LSC 3257

brecker brothers straphangin' one way records ow 31378

brecker brothers detente arista legacy 88697111822

brecker brothers heavy metal be-bop legacy/arista 8869711183

brecker brothers don't stop the music arista legacy 88697111902

brecker brothers the brecker brothers arista legacy 88697111852

brecker michael time is of the essence verve 547844

brecker michael quindectet wide angles verve 04400761422

brecker randy toe to toe sonet sntcd 1029

brel jacques jacques brel barclay 530 077

Brett Sage Paul Paul Brett Sage Pye NSPL 18347

bridges eugene hideway live in san antonio armadillo armd 00029

bridgewater dee dee in montreux verve 847 913

brightman sarah la luna eastwest 8573 828832

broken glass a fast mean game chrysalis ccd 1743

bromberg brian compared to that artistry music art 7028

brooks garth … the life of chis gaines capitol 7243529951

brooks lonnie bayou lightning strikes alligator alcd 4759

brotherhood of man united we stand that's pop tp 011

Brown Arthur & Kingdom Come Intergalactic zoo dossier Polydor 2310 130

brown chuck & soul searchers any other way to go? rythm attack rt 501

brown junior long walk back curb d2-77897

Brown Marion Afternoon of a georgian fawn ECM 1004

brozman bob, mc sherry john, o'connor donal six days in down riverboat tugcd1057

brubeck dave time out columbia legacy ck 656122

brubeck dave indian summer telarc cd 83670

Bruninghaus Rainer Continuum ECM 1266

Bruninghaus Rainer Freigeweht ECM 1187

brute co-balt evangelina gel 4051

Bryars Gavin Three viennese dancers ECM 1323

buchanan roy hot wires alligator sntcd 993

buckingham lindsey go insane mercury 822450

buckingham lindsey out of the craddle mercury 512 658

budd harold / lazou hector glyph made to measure mtm 37

Burdon Eric Survivor Polydor 2344 684

Burdon Eric Band Sun secrets Capitol¨ ST-11359

burke solomon the definition of soul pointblank 7243842557

burnett t bone t bone burnett mca mcad 31296

burnett t bone the criminal under my own hat columbia 467978

burning water live and lit smashed hit bwm 003

burning water burning water smashed hit bwm 001

Burton Gary The new quartet ECM 1030

Burton Gary Seven songs for quartet ECM 1040

Burton Gary Times square ECM 1111

Burton Gary Easy as pie ECM 1184

burton gary & friends six pack grp grp 96852

Burton Gary quartet Ring ECM 1051

Burton Gary quartet Passengers ECM 1092

Burton Gary quartet Picture this ECM 1226

Burton Gary quartet Real life hits ECM 1293

Burton Gary quartet Dreams so real ECM 1072

Burton Gary quartet Hotel hello ECM 1055

burton gary quintet whiz kids ecm 1329

burton james the guitar sounds of james burton a&m 540 553

burton james & ralph mooney corn pickin and slick sliding sundazed sc 9009

bush kate red shoes emi 7243827277

butler geezer black science eagle eagcd001

butterfield paul the legendary paul butterfield rides again amherst/fnac 662 023

butterfield paul east-west live winner 447

Butterfield Paul Band East-west Elektra/asylum 960 751

butterfield paul band the original lost elektra sessions elektra r2 73505

butts band complete recordings one way records ow 30993

byrds ballad of easy rider CBS 467044

Byrds Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde CBS 63545

byrds dr. byrds & mr. hyde columbia col486753

byrds the notorious byrds brothers legacy / columbia 486751

Byron David Take no prisoner Bronze 89 433 XOT

caamora walk on water metal mind mass cd dg 1017

cab cab 2 tonecenter tc 40142

cabrel francis la tournée des bodegas chandelle/columbia 82876746042

café jacques international esoteric eclec2214

cafferty john & beaver brown band roadhouse scotti brothers zk 40980

cain chris so many miles blue rock brcd 143

cale j.j. special edition mercury 818 633

cale j.j. okie mercury 842102

cale j.j. naturally/really universal 60075318664

california randy kapt. kopter and the (fabulous) twirly birds epic epc 474049

california randy shattered dreams line Licd 9.00197

camilleri paul camilleri 4 disques office 65634

camilo michel concerto for piano and orchestra decca 468 817

camilo michel triangulo telarc 83549

camilo michel rhapsody in blue telarc 83611

Campbell Ian Group The circle game Transatlantic TRA 163

Campbell Ian Group with dave swarbrick music for pleasure mfp 1349

campilongo jim & ten gallon cats loose blue hen blue hen 2

campilongo jim & ten gallon cats heavy blue hen bhe4-cd

canned heat amphetamine annie membran 223122-311

Capability Brown Voice Passport PPSD-98004

capercaille secret people survival surcd 017

captain beefheart & magic band safe as milk castle communication clacd 234

captain beyond captain beyond capricorn 314536107

Cardeilhac Cardeilhac Decibel DBR 1

carlile brandi the story columbia 8869700800

carlton carl & songdogs revolution avenue emi 7243532389

carlton larry on solid ground mca mcad 6237

carlton larry fingerprints warner 936247338

carlton larry renegade gentleman grp grp 97442

carlton larry friends warner bros 7599-23834

carlton larry & ritenour lee larry & lee grp grp 98172

carlton vanessa heroes & thieves the inc 60251747157

carmen phil no sweat blue martin blm 330107

carpenter karen karen carpenter a&m 540 588

Carr Ian' Nucleus Roots Vertigo 6360 100

carrack paul blue views i.r.s. eirscd 1075

carrack paul groove approved chrysalis 260 193

carrington terri linn real life story verve forecast 837 697

cash tommy rise and shine omni 127

cashdollar cindy slide show silver shot ss 9481

cassidy eva songbird g2 g2-10045

cassidy eva somewhere blix street g2-10190

castro tommy can't keep a good man down dixiefrog dfgcd 8463

Catfish feat. Bob Hodge Live Epic 64408

catley bob spirit of a man frontiers records fr cd 269

cavaleri nathan band nathan epic mjj music 477903

cetera peter one more story warner bros 925 704

cetera peter world falling down warner bros 7599-26894

cetera peter one clear voice river north mcd 33197

cetera peter live in salt lake city brilliant bt 33092

ceyleib people tanyet drop out records docd 1991

chambers dennis outbreak esc esc 4908

chambers dennis, lagrène biréli, di piazza dominique front page sunnyside ssc 3019

champlin bill throught it all beverly 871 007

chapman michael life on the ceiling edsel edcd 495

chapman michael looking for eleven edsel edcd 496

chapman michael millstone grit deram sml 1105

chapman roger & shortlist riff burglar/live at munster hall bgo bgocd825

charles xavier dans les arbres ecm 2058

charlotte parfois charlotte parfois muve 904772

chase chase one way records a 26660

che & ray boogie party dino cd 9030952

che & ray Che & ray reader’s digest 3-566

cheap trick the doctor wounded bird wou 4040

cher backstage / golden greats bgo bgocd755

cherry don & ed blackwell el corazon ECM 1230

Cherubin Our sunrise United artists 29 688

chiarelli rita breakfast at midnight northerblues nbm0003

chiarelli rita what a night - live hypertension hycd 297168

chicken shack 40 blue fingers freshly packed & ready to serve columbia 477357

chicken shack ok ken columbia col 474608

china go all the way vertigo 848715

china sign in the sky vertigo 842247

china light up the dark universal 273 215

china natural groove emi 832600

choir yves by prescription only n.e.w. music 103252

chopin nocturnes master tones 26504442

church charlotte voice of an angel sony sk 60957

church eric carolina capitol 50999520810

cinderella still climbing mercury 522 947

Circle Paris Concert ECM 1018-1019

Circus Circus Transatlantic mlp 15360

circus maximus circus maximus vanguard vmd 79260

cissokho diabel & ramon goose mansana blues dixiefrog dfgcd8683

cky carver city roadrunner rr-8005-8

clancy brothers with lou killen best of the vanguard years vanguard vcd 79551

clapton eric just one night polydor 531 827

clapton eric blues polydor 547 179

clapton eric reptile reprise 9362-47966

clapton eric me and mr. Johnson reprise 9362-48730

clapton eric & steve winwood live from madison square garden reprise 936249798

clark guy craftman philo cd ph 1184/85

clark hutchinson gestalt acd/osa hf 9554

clark john il suono cmp 59

Clark John Faces ECM 1176

clarke gilby pawn shop guitars virgin cdvus 76

clarke kenny francy boland sextet music for the small hours schema rw 120

clarke stanley children of forever one way records ow 30340

clarke stanley east river drive epic 473797

clearlight mosaique in your hands legend music lm 9008

clempson clem in the public interest repertoire repuk 1192

climax blues band plays on fuel 2000 302 061 675

clinton george gangsters of love shanachie 5165

Clouds Watercolour day Island ILPS 9151

Clover Fourty-niner Liberty LBS 83487

Cluster Zuckerzeit Brain 1065

cobham billy incoming america 500042

cobham billy spectrum atlantic 7567-81428

cobham billy life & times wounded bird wou 8166

cobham billy the traveller fnac music 662107

Cobham Billy, Getz Stan, Shaw Woody Montreux Summit CBS 467141

Cochise Cochise United artists UAS 29117

Cochise Swallow tales Liberty LBG 83428

cocker joe blues & ballads hangar 21 han 9502

coe tony les voix d'ixassou nato hs 10054

coe, hymas, laurence les sources bleues nato 53002

cohen leonard dear heather columbia 514786

colaiuta vinnie vinnie colaiuta stretch grs 00132

cold blood sysiphus sanfrancisco sd 205

cole b.j. transparent music hannibal hncd 1325

coleman deborah I can't lose blind pig records bpcd 5038

collins albert cold snap alligator alcd 4752

collins albert iceman point blank vpbcd 3

collins albert,cray robert,copeland johnny showdown aligator alcd4743

collins phil big band a hot night wea 3984 27221

colombier michel old fool back on earth anthology's 3068312

colombier michel dreams anthology's 3074392

colombier michel capot pointu magic 176912

Colosseum The grass is greener Dunhill DS 50079

Colosseum Valentyne suite Bronze HELP 4

Colosseum Live Bronze 85 531 XT

colosseum live sequel nex cd 201

Colosseum II Strange new flesh Bronze ILPS 9356

coltrane john quintet the complete november 18, 1961 paris concert gambit 69240

comerford jane somebody sent me an angel universal umd 70106

con funk shun live for ya** intersound 9220

concerto moon moon concerto the end of a beginning vap vpcc-8131§7-8

Connors Bill Of mist and melting ECM 1120

connors bill assembler core cocd 900519

connors bill double up pathfinder cocd 900826

connors bill step it evidence music ecd 22080

Connors Bill Swimming with a hole in my shoe ECM 1158

Connors Bill Theme to the guardian ECM 1057

conspiracy the unknown insideout 9372365782

conte paolo psiche platinum 060251781900

contraband contraband impact america cdp7 45003

cooder ry i flathead nonesuch 7559-79900

cooder ry borderline warner bros 7599-23489

cooder ry buena vista social club world circus wcd 050

cooder ry the long riders warner bros 7599-23448

cooder ry paris, texas warner bros 7599-25270

cooder ry & bhatt v. a meeting by the river water lily wla-cs-29

cook jesse tempest narada nd-63035

cooley rusty rusty cooley lion music lmc067

cooper alice trash epic 465130

Copeland Ruth I am what I am Invictus 2c062-93361

copeland shemekia wicked aligator alcd4875

corea chick the ultimate adventure stretch 3431904526

corea chick friends polydor 849 071

Corea Chick Piano improvisation 1 ECM 1014

Corea Chick Piano improvisation 2 ECM 1020

Corea Chick Return to forever ECM 1022

Corea Chick Septet ECM 1297

Corea Chick Children's songs ECM 1267

corea chick converge westwind ww 2116

Corea Chick / Burton Gary Crystal silence ECM 1024

Corea Chick / Burton Gary Lyric suite for sextet ECM 1260

Corea Chick / Burton Gary in concert, Zürich ECM 1182-1183

Corea Chick / Burton Gary Duet ECM 1140

Corea Chick / Holland Dave ARC ECM 1009

corea chick fleck bela the enchantment concord ccd 30253

Corea Chick / Kujala Steve Voyage ECM 1282

Corea Chick / Vitous Miroslav Trio music ECM 1232-1233

Corea Chick / Vitous Miroslav Trio music live in ECM 1310

corea chick & burton gary the new crystal silence concord 8807230630

corea chick akoustic band chick corea akoustic band grp 95822

Corea Chick Elektrik Band light years GRP GRD 9546

Corea Chick Elektrik Band II paint the world GRP GRD 97412

Coryell Larry / Urbaniak Michael Band Duo Keytone KIT 716

corvus corax cantus buranus roadrunner rr8072

coryell larry twelve frets to one octave shanachie 322 657

coryell larry equipoise muse mcd 5319

coryell larry earthquake at the avalon inakustik inak 9092

coryell murali sugar lips murali 88450122128

costa gal gal (1969) dusty groove dga 3009

cotton james best of the verve years verve 527 371

cotton james, wells junior, bel carey, branch billy harp attack alligator alcd 4790

cotton james blues band the james cotton blues band lilith lr 129

Country Lane Substratum Splendid SPL 50.108

cowboy junkies open cook 216

Cowell Stanley Illusion suite ECM 1026

cox mick compose yerself drive 3207

Coxhill Lol /Miller Stephen Miller / Coxhill Caroline C 1503

coyne kevin tough and sweet rough trad 388.7009.242

crapou et lable crapou et lable déclic communication 8441062

cravinkel cravinkel alcinous al 0093

crawford hank the world of hank crawford milestone mcd 9304

crawler crawler wounded bird wou 4900

cray robert bad influence mercury 830 245

cray robert sweet potatoe pie mercury 534 698

cray robert shame + a sin mercury 518 517

cray robert I was warned mercury 512 721

cray robert band don't be afraid of the dark mercury 834 923

crazy horse left for dead sisapa d2-77707

crazy sweeper behind avcom ?

creedence clearwater revival ccr vol.2 enda editor ee 9694

creedence clearwater revival ccr vol.1 enda editor ee 9594

critchinson john new night coda 9

Cropper Steve / King Albert /Staples Pop Jammed together Stax STS 2020

Crosby David, Nash Graham Live in London Blue Pearl BP X 003

cross david exiles cleopatra clp 0146

cross david the big picture red hot cdr 104

cross david memos from purgatory red hot cdr 103

cross david & robert fripp starless stalright noisy 007

crown of thorns crown jewels frontiers frcd 225

crusaders rhapsody and blues mca 32 xd 419

cuarteto anibal arias las cuerdas criollas II tipica 162-02

cuccurullo warren machine language i-mä/go ima 24001

cummings chris chris cummings warner bros 9 46672

curfman sharon loud guitars, big suspicious arista 0782214614

curtis king instant groove wounded bird wou293

curtis king get ready wounded bird wou338

cut millionairhead virgin 7243 847060

Cutler Ivor Dandruff Virgin V 2021

cwt the hundredwieght kuckcuk 11022

cyminology as ney ecm 2084

cyrka jan spirit food for thought cdgrub 29

cyrus billy ray shot full of love mercury 558 347

D.B.M.T Fresh ear Philips 6308 029

Darling David Cycles ECM 1219

Darling David Journal october ECM 1161

dasrling david dark woo ecm 1519

Dauner Wolfgang Output ECM 1006

Davies Dennis Russel Keith Jarrett Ritual ECM 1112

davies ray see my friends universal 2755289

davies ray kinks choral collection decca 80014848

Davis Eddie-Griffin Johnny Quintet Tough Tenors Again N again mps 15052

davis guy skunkmello red house records rhr cd 192

davis guy sweetheart like you red house records rhr cd 211

davis moot man about town highway kind 88450163398

dawkins jimmy west side guitar hero fedora records fcd 5022

dawkins jimmy,beau chicago, bragason blue ice blues from iceland evidence ecd 26064

dbt urbain blues nsr 000608

dc world dc world gbmg 74321753762

de bethmann pierre complexe disques deluxe 6121822

de burgh chris moonfleet & other stories ferryman 88697782042

de francesco joey part III columbia col 468249

de francesco joey where were you? cbs 466893

de grassi alex clockwork windham hill wd 1018

De Johnette Jack Pictures ECM 1079

De Johnette Jack New rags ECM 1103

De Johnette Jack Untitled ECM 1074

De Johnette Jack Album album ECM 1280

De Johnette Jack Inflation blues ECM 1244

De Johnette Jack Special edition ECM 1152

De Johnette Jack New directions ECM 1128

De Johnette Jack Tin can alley ECM 1189

De Johnette Jack In Europe ECM 1157

de lucia paco concierto de aranjuez philips 510 301

de ville willy miracle raven rvcd 41

deadlock manifesto lifeforce lfr 088

Dean Elton Elton Dean CBS 64539

décamps francis a vous mes voyageurs celluloid 66970

dee buddy & ghostriders roll the dice out of tune dt 289

dee dave, dozy, beaky, mick & titch the complete collection mercury 534068

deep purple bananas emi 7243 591048

Deep Purple Deep Purple Harvest shvl 759

def leppard x bludgeonriffola 063 1392

def leppard s.l.a.n.g. mercury phcr 16011

defaced on the frontline hard beat

defiance product of society roadrunner mass cd 1031 dg

Demenga Thomas Cellorganics ECM 1196

dennerlein barbara hot stuff enja 6050

dennerlein barbara change of pace bebab records 250973

dennerlein barbara outhipped verve 547 503

dennerlein barbara junkanoo verve 537 122

dennerlein barbara take off! verve 527 664

dennerlein barbara that's me enja 70432

dennerlein barbara straight ahead enja 5077

Denny Sandy The north star grassman and the raven Island IT 85675

denver john live at cedar rapids 12.10.1987 collector's choice music 6002

deodato whirlwinds/artistry bgo bgocd847

derailers guaranteed to satisfy palo duro pdr 1204

derailers reverb deluxe watermelon 31004

derek & dominos layla polydor p2 31820

derringer rick knighted by the blues provogue prd72832

Deschamps Noël Noël Deschamps RCA 730.001

desert road band life goes on curb cur 7514

deville willie pistola eagle eagcd 368

deville willie victory mixture bluetone btcd 03/98

deville willie horse of a different color east west 3984-26690

deville willie live fnac music 592254

Dharma Blues Band Dharma Blues Band Klimt MJJ363

di meola al, mc laughlin john, Friday night in san francisco philips 800 047

diabate toumani ' symmetric orchestra boulevard de l'indépendance world circuit wc0074sunshiners

diablo swing orchestra the butcher's ballroom candlelight 195

diablo swing orchestra sing along songs for the damned & delirious ascendance asc 23013

diaz hugo trio classical tango argentino arcmusic eucd 1997

dio strange highways vertigo 518486

Diorio Joe Italy MGI

diorio joe earth moon earth nocturne ntcd 103

dire straits brothers in arms vertigo 824 499

dire straits on every street vertigo 510 160

dire straits making movies vertigo 8000050

dirty dozen brass band the new orleans album cbs 466894

dirty dozen brass band voodoo cbs 465097

disturbed indestructible reprise 936249820

dixie dregs what if capricorn 314 536 359

dixon willie giant of the blues blues boulevard 250196

dokken shadowlife cmc int Cmc 06076 86210

dokken long way home sanctuary sancd114

dollar brand african market place discovery 1046-71016

domain stardawn limb music lmp 0610-96

donahue jerry neck of the wood the road goes on forever rgfcd 011

donahue tim voices in the wind eclipse spv 0846662

donovan 25 years in concert dino dncd 1253

doobie brothers one step closer warner bros 9 26628

doobie brothers world gone crazy eagle eagcd431

doobie brothers cycles capitol cdp7 90371

doran christy, studer fred red twist & tune arrow ecm 1342

doran, studer, tacuma race the time mgb  mgc cd 9703

Double image Dawn ECM 1146

double trouble been a long time tone-cool 7340471180

doucet david quand j'ai parti rounder 6040

douglas jerry lookout for hope sugar hill sugcd 3938

douglas jerry slide rule sugar hill sh-cd 3797

douglas jerry & rowan peter yonder sugar hill sh-cd 3847

down to the bone supercharged naradajazz 946365123

downes geoffrey & new dance orchestra the light program geffen 924 156

dr. feelgood brilleaux possum psmcd 1258

dr. feelgood fast women, slow horses grand grand cd 03

dr. feelgood mad man blues musicolor 100.30148

dr. Feelgood malpractice columbia ck 34098

dr. john goin' back to new orleans warner bros 7599-26940

dr. john in the right place atco 7567-80360

dr. john the nighttripper the sun moon & herbs wounded bird wou 362

Drake Nick Pink moon Island ILPS 9184

dread zeppelin it's not unusual irs 0777713161

dream theater a change of seasons eastwest 7559-61842

dream theatre octavarium atlantic 7567-83793

driscoll julie & auger brian jools one way records ow 30641

druid toward the sun progressive line pl596

duarte chris texas sugar, strat magik silvertone 1241-414546

duarte chris romp zoe 1033

ducros anne urban tribe dreyfus 46050369132

duffy rockferry a&m 6'251791284

dugrenot joel mosaiques mantra com 6037

duke george after hours warner 936247073

duke george faces in reflection promising music spv 441032

duke george thief in the night wounded bird wou 398

dulfer candy for the love of you ariola/bmg 7432146862

dunbar ainsley's retaliation the ainsley dunbar retaliation one way records mcad 22101

duncan lesley sing children sing beatball s40184c

duncan lesley earth mother edsel edcd 712

dykes omar kent big town playboy ruf records ruf 1142

dylan bob bringing it all back home columbia col512353

dylan bob love and theft columbia 504364

dylan bob highway 61 revisited columbia col512351

dylan bob blonde on blonde columbia col512352

eagles the complete greatesthits warner 812273732

earl ronnie I like it when it rains line ancd 900448

earl ronnie & broadcasters soul searchin' black top bt 1042

earl ronnie & broadcasters still river audio quest aq 1018

earle steve guitar town mca 170265

earth wind & fire electric universe cbs 463079

east of eden mercator projected deram pocd-1848

eastwood kyle from there to here columbia ck 68013

easybeats vigil repertoire rep 4240 wy

eddy duane twenty terrific twangies/water skiing bgo bgocd831

eddy duane duane eddy capitol cdp7 46897

eden's children eden's children/sure looks real walhalla wh90376

edens edge edens edge Big machine Records BMREE0100A

edguy kingdom of madness afm 0046552

Edwards Hand Stranded RCA LPS 4452

edwards jonathan & seldom scene blue ridge sugar hill sh-cd 3747

Egg The polite force Deram SML 1074

Egg Civil Surface Caroline C 1510

Egg Egg Deram/Nova SDN 14

ehrhardt sena all in blindpig bpcd5151

eicher stephan non ci badar, guarda e passa… barclay 527098

Ekseption royal philgharmonic orchestra Philips 6423 019

electric flag I found out dressed to killmetro 472

elegy labyrinth of dreams tt records tt 005

eleven thunk holywood hr 62012

eleven avantgardedog a&m 069490603

elias eliane so far so close blue note cdp7 914112

Eliovson Steve, Walcott Colin Dawn dance ECM 1198

Ellis Riding on the crest of a slump EPic EPC 64878

ellis tinsely storm warning alligator alcd 4823

ellis tinsley fire it up alligator alcd 4852

ellis tinsley moment of truth alligator alcd 4916

eloy visionary soul food/artist station asr 043

eloy destination spv 085448082

eloy race the time spv 85-4801

elsa rien que pour ça neige 260979

emerson keith inferno cinevox cd mdf 306

Emerson Lake & Palmer Pictures at an exhibition Island HELP 1

Emerson Lake & Palmer Emerson Lake & Palmer Island 6339 026

Emerson Lake & Palmer Tarkus Island 85 527

Emerson Lake & Palmer Welcome back my friends Manticore 88 150 XET

emerson, lake & palmer re-works pilot 145

emmanuel tommy the journey columbia col 474489

emmanuel tommy determination mega 469132

emmett rick the spiral notebook duke street irs 993.515

emmett rick ispo facto duke street dsrd 31079

empire trading souls lion music lmc 074

empire hypnotica lion music lmc 2110

empire mark III one way records ow 32179

endresen sidsel undertow jazzland 548 196

endresen sidsel so I write ecm 1408

English Gerald Baroque music for continuo and voice Saga 5336

Enid sundialer mantella mntlcd 12

enid white goddess mantella mntlcdc 16

enid the spell enid 8

enigma love sensuality devotion greatest hits virgin 72438110602

ensemble gaguik mouradian gorissan bardes d'arménie accords croisés ac 120

entwistle john band left for live eastworld recording ewo 014

epica design your universe nuclear blast Nb 27361-23450

epica requiem for the indifferent nuclear blast Nb 27361-25580

epica the quantum enigmas nuclear blast Nb 27361-32220

epitaph epitaph/stop look and listen only classic rr

erquiaga steve erkiology hip-pocket wd 0127

eternity's children timeless rev-ola rev  97

eternity's children eternity's children rev-ola crev062

etterlin paul best friend constantin film cd 5500

eubanks kevin promise of tomorrow grp grp 9604

europe the final countdown epic 466328

europe last look at eden ear music 0197842ere

evans bill theme from the v.i.p.s theme verve 0802517613577

evans dave judgement day dead famous records df029

evans gil the british orchestra mole jazz mole 8

evans terry blues for thought pointblank vpbcd 16

evans terry mississippi magic audio quest aq 1057

evans terry walk that walk telarc 83486

Everyman band Everyman band ECM 1234

Everyman band Without warning ECM 1290

exphase secret garden disques office 65583

fabulous thunderbirds tuff enuff cbs zk 40304

fabulous thunderbirds high water private music 1005-82157

fagen donald the nightfly warner bros 923 696

fagen donald morph the act reprise 9162-49975

Fairport Convention Liege and Lief Island ILPS 9115

falco tav life sentence new rose 264

falco tav & panther sugar ditch revisited new rose 140

family dogg a view from rowland's head BR originals BO 7017

fändrich walter viola ecm 1412

far east family band parallel world columbia coca 7257

far east family band the cave" down to the earth trc 019

farlow tal quartet cookin' on all burners concord jazz ccd 4204

Farlowe Chris & Thunderbirds Out of the blue Date/Line 825 543 1Y

farmer johnny wrong doers repect me fat possum 0321

farner mark wake up frontline Cd 09060

fat fat radioactive rrcd 138

Fat Mattress Fat mattress 2 Polydor 2383 025

Fat Mattress Fat mattress Polydor 583 056

fates warning parallels metal blade 03984148712

fath michael flick of the wrist platinum 3002

fatsy finger's roaring piano band honky tonk piano party mcr 2687092

Faust Faust IV Virgin V 2004

favez disciples arrogance dirty alternative dab 007

Favre Pierre Ensemble Singing drums ECM 1274

Favre Pierre Ensemble le voyage intakt 186

tamia & favre pierre de la nuit… le jour ecm 1364

Fay Bill Bill Fay Deram SDN 12

fays raphaël swing guitar le chant du monde 2741329

feiten buzz whirlies ulftone utcd 017

fela & afrika 70 zombie universal 549 383

feldman victor fiesta and more! jvc jvc 9023

fents the other side passport pjcd 88031

Ferber Albert Piano music of Gariel Fauré Saga 5385

ferrat jean ferrat chante aragon barclay 530 077

ferré léo la violence et l'ennui la mémoire et la mer 20006

ferré léo on n'est pas sérieux quand on a 17 ans la mémoire et la mer 20012

ferrer nino la désabusion fnac music 592166

Fields Fields CBS 69009

fifty foot hose cauldron weasel 744213 19451

fire the magic shoemaker castle cmrcd620

firefall messenger sundown cdsd 083

fireman electric arguments tpl tplp1003cd

firkins michael lee cactus crüz shrapnel sh 10972

firkins michael lee chapter eleven roadrunner rr 8895

firkins michael lee howling iguanas blues bureau bb 2019

firkins michael lee blacklight sonata magnatude mt-2306

First Avenue First Avenue ECM 1194

First House First House ECM 1307

first house cantilena ecm 1393

fischer z. stream spv 84-89262

fish kettle of fish 88-98 roadrunner rr 8678-8

fish sunsets of empire chocolate frog cfvp012cd

fish samantha, cassie taylor, dani wilde girls with guitars ruf 1166

fitzgerald ella & joe pass hamburg duets 1976 gambit 69297

five day week straw people akarma ak 216

flanagan tommy trio sea changes evidence ecd 22191

flash flash one way records s21 17796

fleck bela & flecktones flight of the cosmic hippo warner bros 9 26562

fleur de lis facing morning progressive line pl 546

flim & bb's tricycle dmp 443

flim & bb's new pants warner bros 9 26152

flim & bbs the further adventures of flim & the bb's dmp 462

flower kings banks of eden inside out 0586

flower kings stardust we are foxtrot fox cd 018

flower kings the road back home inside out spv79532

flower kings adam & eve inside out 69372360892

flower kings alive on planet earth inside out iomacd 2007

flower kings retropolis foxtrot fox cd 016

floyd eddie soul street Stax STX 1002

focus focus con proby emi cdm 748339

fogerty john the long road home in concert concord 0888072300842

fogerty john blue moon swamp warner bros 9362-45426

fogerty john eye of the zombie warner bros 25449

foghat energized/in the mood for something rude fruit gum fccd04017482

foley ellen the very best of columbia 471842

fonseca roberto akokan enja montuno enj-9534

fontaine brigitte prohibition polydor 5320222

fontaine brigitte les palaces virgin 7243845106

force force's first line licd 00080

forcefield instrumentals president pcom 1121

forcefield II the talisman bellaphon 290-07-125

forcefield III to oz and back bellaphon 290.07.141

forcefield iv let the wild run free polydor pocp-1061

forcione antonio acoustic revenge naim naimcd 017

ford charles band a reunion live cross cut ccd 11043

ford lita black zyx music zyx 20330

ford mark & blue line mark ford & the blue line featuring robben ford cross cut ccd 11061

ford robben supernatural blue thumb btd 7596

ford robben truth concord 088807230234

ford robben sunrise avenue jazz 7432166843

ford robben the inside story elektra 7559-61021


ford robben soul on ten concord 0888072315280

ford robben tiger walk stretch btr 70122

foreigner can't slow down ear music 0202678ere

foreigner mr. moonlight arista 7432123285

forsale stranger in town bmg 7432146179