Babbacombe Lee Fairport Convention Island ILPS 9176
Baby grand Baby Grand Arista AB 4148
Bach, Mozart, Quantz Syrinx Erato NUM 75187
Bach harpsichord Recital Döhling Waldemar Saga XID 5040
Back country suite Allison Mose Transatlantic PR 791
Back into the future Man United artists UAD60053/4
Back street crawler Kossoff Island ILPS 9264
Back to earth Stevens Cat Island 26 491 XOT
Back to the roots Mayall John Polydor 25-3002
ballads of booze Imlach Hamisch Transatlantic XTRA 1094
Balladyna Stanko Tomasz ECM 1071
Bananamour Ayers Kevin Harvest SHVL 807
Bande à part Masqualero ECM 1319
Bandit Bandit Arista ARTY 148
Bandstand Family Reprise K 54006
Bang James Gang Atlantic ATL 50028
Bang, bang you're Reid Terry Epic BN 26427
Barbara Thompson's paraphernalia Thompson Barbara' Paraphernalia MCA MCF 2852
Bartok: Dance suite,2 portraits op.5, rumanian dance Ansermet Ernest & Orchestre Suisse Romande Decca SXL 6121
Battle of the Field Albion country Band Island HELP 25
Batt tracks Batt Mike Orchestra Penny Farthing PAGS 534
BC+5 the original human being Blue cheer Philips 6 336 004
Be a brother Big brother and the holding co CBS S 64118
Be glad for the song has no ending Incredible string band Island ILPS9140
Bean Blossom Bakc home again in Indiana Various artists MCA MCA 2-8002
Beat King Crimson EG Editions 2 311 156
Beautiful friendship Thompson Don Quartet Concord CJ-243
Beck, Bogert , Appice Beck Jeff, Bogert Tim, Appice Ca Epic EPC 65455
Bedside manners are extra Greenslade Brain 1042
Beethoven:serenade in D Nicolet Aurèle ° New Israel Quartet RCA LSB 4050
Before and after science Eno Brian Polydor 2 344 087
Before the deluge Shusha United Artists UAS 29879
Before we were so rudely interrupted Original Animals Barn 2 365 106
Beggfar Julia's Time trip Ekseption Philips 6 314 001
Beginning of jazz rock Bond Graham Organization Byg Records 529.704
Beginnings Howe Steve Atlantic ATL 50151
Behind the gardens- Vollenweider Andreas VeraBra 3
Believe it Williams Tony Columbia PC 33836
Belonging Garbarek Jan ECM 1050
Below the belt Boxer Virgin V 2049
Bert Jansch Jansch Bert Transatlantic TRA 125
Best loved songs of bonnie scotland Campbell Alex Society SOC 936
Better by far Caravan Arista 1c064-99089
between the poppy and the snow mac leod robert Charisma cas 1114
Between today and yesterday Price Alan Warner WB 56 032
Beyond panic Pacific Eardrum Charisma CAS 1136
Big foot Toan Danny Sandra SMP 2105
Bird on a wire Hardin Tim CBS 64335
Bis Abus dangereux Elanore Prod EL 31482
Bitches Brew Davis Miles CBS S 64011
Black diamond Groundhogs United artists UAS  29994
Black man's Burdon Burdon Eric & War MGM SE-4710-2
Black Moses Hayes Isaac Stax 2369003/4
Black oak arkansas Black oak Arkansas ATCO SD 33-354
Black sheep Hammer Asylum AS 53 089
Blades Khan Steve Passport PJ 88001
Blasts from my past Goldberg Barry Buddah 6.23139 AO
Bless the weather Martyn John Island 85 677  IT
Blow by blow Beck Jeff Epic EPC69117
Blowin' Redding Noel Band RCA APL1-1863
Blown away Cloud Christopher Chelsea BCL1 -0234
Blue Double Metronome 827 235-1
Blue rose Blue rose Epic EPC 64936
Blue sun Towner Ralph ECM 1250
Blues at sunrise Lockran Gerry, Redd Sullivan Fidelity FID 2165
Blues for night people Byrd Charlie Savoy-Musdisc 6030
Bodacious D.F. Bodacious RCA APL1-0206
Bois d'ébène Compagnons du Jourdain VDE lp-30-126
Body english Urbaniak Michal Arista AL 4086
Boogie woogie explosion Turner Clarence Fidelity FID 2174
Book of Dreams Miller Steve Band Mercury 9 286 455
Booker T. & Priscilla Booker T & Priscilla A&M 85 717 XT
Boris Godunov Mussorgsky Saga XID 5174
Born again Rare Bird Polydor PD 6506
Boum Boum Miaou Theus Alexandre Plainisphare Pl 1267-16
Bowles bros Bowles Bros Decca TXS 127
Box of frogs Box of frogs Epic 25996
Boxed Oldfield Mike Virgin VBOX 1
Boz Scaggs & band Scaggs Boz & Band CBS S 64431
Braley's Rodshow at the Marquee Various artists Bradley BRADB 4001
Brain salad surgery Emerson Lake & Palmer Manticore 87 302 IT
Brasil 86 Mendes Sergio A&M 395135
Brass construction Brass construction United artists UA-LA 545
Breakfast special Wingfield Pete Island ILPS 9333
Breathing of statues Beirach Richard CMP CMP 17
Breck brothers Brecker Brothers Arista AL 4037
Brett Marvin & the thunderbolts Marvin Brett & Thunderbolts Metronome MLP 15 380
Bright size life Metheny Pat ECM 1073
Brigitte Fontaine est… Fontaine Brigitte Saravah SH 10 001
Bringing the house down Therapy magnum mag 0009
British lions British Lions RSO RS 1-3032
Broken glass Broken Glass Capitol¨ C06282150
Broken rainbows d’abo mike A&M AMLS 63634
Brothers and sisters Allman Brothers Capricorn CAP 47507
Bukka White White Bukka CBS M 52629
Bumpers Various artists Island IDP 1
Burn Deep Purple EMI 1c062-94 837
Butterfly dreams Purim Flory Milestones M-9052
By crow Crow London SHA-U 121
By the light of the moon Los Lobos Metronome 828 033