B.P. Various artists Discoteca n° 1 23.087
Bacillus Omega Omega III BAC 2030
Bacillus Wyoming Wyoming 6 494 010
Barclay Burdon Eric & Animals Winds of change 820171
Barclay Charlebois Robert Solitaire d'abord 800.5
Barclay Hendrix Jimi Greatest hits 921 020
Barclay Hendrix Jimi In the west 80 448
Barclay Lavilliers Bernard Nuit d'amour BA611 200.255
Barclay Lee Oskar Lee Oskar 900503
Barclay Scott Rhoda Mach 2 920 350 T
Barclay Various artists The montreux blues festival 920 439
Barclay Stars Stars XBLY 90038
Barn Original Animals Before we were so rudely interrupted 2 365 106
BBC Scott Dana & Crown Folk Folk in worship REC 58 M
Bearsville Foghat Nightshift BR 6962
Bearsville Rundgren Todd's Utopia Todd Rundgren's utopia BEA 55 501
Bell Glitter Band Listen to the band BELLS 259
Bellaphon MC Duff Brother Jack Getting our thing together BJS 4012
Bellaphon Nektar Journey to the centre of the eye BLPS 19064
Bellaphon Sirkel & Co with Mick Taylor BBS 2522
Bellaphon Virgo …move on BAC 2065
Bellaphon Yancey Celia Yancey BLPS 19250
Big Beat Taylor Vince Luv' BB 804
Black hawk Stewart Jimmy The touch BKH 50301
Black Saint String Trio of New York Common goal BSR 0058
Black-hawk Brubeck Chris, Dan & Laverne and See how it feels BKH 51401
Blue note Harris Gene Nexus BNLA 519-G
Blue note Hutcherson Bobby Wating BN-LA 615-G
Blue note Jordan Stanley Magic touch 1A064 24 0309
Blue note Mouzon Alphonze Funky snake foot BST 84 444
Blue note Santos Moacir Carnival of the spirits BNLA 463-G
Blue Note Santos Moacir Maestro BST 84 425 K
Blue note Tyner Mc Coy Asante BST84445I
Blue Pearl Crosby David, Nash Graham Live in London BP X 003
Blue Sky Hartman Dan images PE 34322
Blue thumb Butts Band Hear & now BT.10.042
Blue Thumb Mason Dave Headkeeper BT 10 002
bootleg Burdon Eric & War Live in Offenbach janv.69
Boulevard Campbell Alex at his best 4073
Bradley Goodies the new goodies almost live at the Cricklewood Rainbow BRADL 1010
Bradley Various artists Bradley's Roadshow at the Marquee BRADB 4001
Brain Greenslade Bedside manners are extra 1042
Brain Greenslade Greenslade 1027
Brain Message Using the head 60.078
Bronze Byron David Take no prisoner 89 433 XOT
Bronze Gibbs Mike The only chrome waterfall orch 89 429 XOT
Bronze Hazzard Tony Loudwater house 85 803 IT
Bronze Hensley Ken Eager to please 88 749 XOT
Bronze Hensley Ken Proud words on a dusty shelf 86644 IT
Bronze Heron  Diamond of dreams 28 571 XOT
Bronze Manfred Mann's Earth band Chance VIP 6872
Bronze Manfred Mann's Earth Band The roaring silence BRON 357
Bronze Tempest Living in fear 87664 IT
Bronze Uriah heep Demons and wizards 86 185 IT
Bronze Uriah heep Fallen angel 26 449 XOT
Bronze Uriah heep Firefly 28 520 XOT
Bronze Uriah heep High and mighty 27 438 XOT
Bronze Uriah heep Innocent victim 25 543 XOT
Bronze Uriah heep Live january 1973 ISLD 1
Bronze Uriah heep Return to fantasy 89 065 XOT
Bronze Uriah heep Sweet freedom 87 232 IT
Bronze Uriah heep The magician's birthday 86 456IT
Bronze Uriah heep Wonderworld 87 931 XOT
BSO/Polydor Kaas Patricia Mademoiselle chante 837 356
Buddah Goldberg Barry Blasts from my past 6.23139 AO
Buddah Melanie Live at Carnegie Hall 2 318 011
Byg Page Jimmy, Williamson Sonny Rock generation vol.9 529.709
Byg Williamson Sonny Boy & animals Rock generation vol.3 529.703
Byg Records Animals/Yardbirds Rock generation vol.1 529.701
Byg Records Animals/Yardbirds Rock generation vol.2 529.702
Byg Records Bond Graham Organization Beginning of jazz rock 529.704