A&M Cocker Joe Stingray 27 145 XOT
A&M Booker T & Priscilla Booker T. & Priscilla 85 717 XT
A&M Brooks Elkie Elkie Brooks AMLH 68409
A&M Brooks Elkie Two days away AMLH 64554
A&M Colombier Michel Wings AMLH 635053
A&M Coolidge Rita Inside the fire AMLX 65003
A&M D'Abo Mike Down at Rachel's place 86 209 IT
A&M D'Abo Mike Broken rainbows AMLS 63634
A&M Fairweather Low Andy La Booga Rooga AMLH 68328
A&M Forman Mitchel Train of thought LP 370201-1
A&M Hedges Michael Watching my life go by LP 370 303-1
A&M Hookfoot Communication SP-4380
A&M Humble Pie Humble Pie AML 986
A&M Humble Pie Performance 85 726 XT
A&M Humble Pie Smokin' 86 034 IT
A&M Hummingbird Diamond nights AMLH 64661
A&M Hummingbird Hummingbird SP-4536
A&M Hummingbird We can't go on meeting like this AMLH68383
A&M Kubinec David Some things never change AMP-6040
A&M Lion Running all night 64755
A&M Mendes Sergio Brasil 86 395135
A&M Pappalardi Felix & Creation Creation SP 4586
A&M Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Performs the works of Rick Wakeman AMLH 68447
A&M Russel Leon Leon Russel AMLS 982
A&M Stevens Cat Teaser and the Fire Cat SP 4313
A&M Styx Paradise Theatre AMLK 63719
A&M Supertramp Crime of the century AMLS 68258
A&M Supertramp Crime of the century 88122 XOT
A&M Supertramp Crisis, what crisis 89651 XOT
A&M Supertramp Even in the quietest moments 28600 XOT
A&M Wakeman Rick Criminal record AMLK 64660
A&M Wakeman Rick Journey to the centre of the earth 87 745 IT
A&M Wakeman Rick Lisztomania SP 4546
A&M Wakeman Rick No earthly connection AMLK 64583
A&M Wakeman Rick Rhapsodies AMLX 68508
A&M Wakeman Rick The myths and legends of king arthur AMLH 64515
A&M Wakeman Rick The six wives of henry VIII AMLH 64361
A&M Wakeman Rick White rock 28 333 XOT
A&M Williams Paul The best of paul williams AMLH 64543
A&M Wright Gary Extraction 85 093 IT
A&M Wright Gary Footprint 85 571 IT
Abbey Tavern Production Abbey tavern singers Traditinal ballads ATP 102
ABC Helm Levon & RCO All-Stars Levon Helm & the RCO all-stars 25 599 XOT
ABC Mayall John A hard core package 25 237 XOT
ABC Reid Terry Seed of memory ABCD 935
ABC Records Burdon Eric & War Love is all around ABCL 5207
Accord Laffaille Gilbert Folie douce ACV 130 046
Accord Laffaille Gilbert Kaléidoscope ACV 130 013
Accord Laffaille Gilbert Live in Chatou ACV130 024
Accord Laffaille Gilbert Nettoyage de printemps ACV 130001
Acorn Face to face Turning to you AC001
Activ Barbey Bob Rire… boire et chanter LP 2507
Affinity National Health National health AFF 6
Allegiance Davis Spencer Crossfire ALE 5603
America Mingus Charles My favorite quintet AM 6105
America Louiss Eddy Orgue vol.2 AM 6132
American clavé Hanrahan Kip Desire develops an edge 1009LP/1008EP
American clavé Lockwood Didier, Lockwood Francis Lockwoods! AM 6162
Anchor Ace Five-a-side ANCL 2001
Anchor Ace No strings XOT 28486
Anchor Weider John John Weider ANCL 2018
Antiles Brackeen Joanne Special identity AN 1001
Antilles Egan Mark / Gottlieb Danny Elements AN 1017
Apache Gall France Débranche 240367-1
Apache/Warner Various Artists Starmania 244213-1
Apple Harrison George Living in the material world PAS 10006
Apple Hopkin Mary Postcard apcor 5
Archive of folk music Abbey tavern singers You don't have to be irish to enjoy an eveing with ACM 5005
Archive of folk music Reinhardt Django Django Reinhardt FS-212
Argo MacCall Ewan & Peggy Seeger The amorous muse DA 84
Argo MacCall Ewan & Peggy Seeger The world of SPA 102
Argo MacCall Ewan & Peggy Seeger The world of volume 2 SPA-A216
Argo Yetties Yetminster ZDA 168
Argo Yetties the solrd of the yetties SPA 436
Argo Jones Philip Brass Ensemble Pictures at an exhibition ZRG 885
Ariola Barrabas Watch out 27 682 XOT
Ariola Burdon Eric's Fire Department Last drive 202 800
Ariola Emerson Lake & Palmer Love beach 200 249-320
Ariola La Seine Like the river 27 922 XOT
Ariola Manfred Mann's Earth Band Somewhere in Afrika 205 077 320
Ariola Move Looking on 80 921 IT
Ariola Powel Cozy Over the top ARL 5038
Ariola Sky Cadmium 205 885
Ariola Sky Sky ARLH 5022
Ariola Webb Stan's Chicken Shack The creeper 25 891 XOT
Arista Aalon Cream City Al-4127
Arista Alpha Band tha Alpha Band 698
Arista Alpha Band the statue makers of Hollywood AB 4179
Arista Baby Grand Baby grand AB 4148
Arista Bandit Bandit ARTY 148
Arista Brecker Brothers Breck brothers AL 4037
Arista Burlesque Acupuncture ARTY 151
Arista Caravan Better by far 1c064-99089
Arista Corryell Larry The lion and the ram AL 4108
Arista Dudziak Ursula Midnight rain AL 4132
Arista Fancy Something to remember C062 96853
Arista G Kenny Gravity 207 120
Arista Lewis Linda Not a little girl anymore ARTY 109
Arista Moreira Airto Promises of the sun AL 4116
Arista Movies The movies AL 4085
Arista Nova Wings of love SPARTY 1021
Arista Showaddywaddy Greatest hits ARTY 145
Arista Sidran Ben Live At Montreux AR 4218
Arista Smith Patti Group Radio Ethiopia 2c068-98283
Arista Szobel Szobel AL 4058
Arista Urbaniak Michal Body english AL 4086
Arista Yamash'ta Stomu Go too C064-99228
Arista Young Larry's Fuel Fuel AL 4051
Asylum Hammer Hammer 6E 232
Asylum Hammer Black sheep AS 53 089
Asylum Ronstadt Linda Hasten down the wind K 53045
Asylum Ronstadt Linda Simple Dreams AS 53065
ATCO Horslips Happy to meet, sorry to part SD 7030
ATCO Iron butterfly Métamorphosis 503.054
ATCO New York Rock & Roll Ensemble Faithful friends SD 33-294
ATCO Vanilla Fudge Near the bginning SD 33-278
ATCO Vanilla Fudge The beat goes on SD 33-237
ATCO Wood Ronnie & Lane Ronnie Mahoney's last stand ATL 50 308
ATCO Black oak Arkansas Black oak arkansas SD 33-354
ATCO Cactus Restrictions SD-33-377
ATCO Dada Dada SD 33-352
Atlantic Allman Brothers Allman Bros/Idlewild south ATL 60070
Atlantic Burton Gary Alone at last SD 1598
Atlantic Burton Gary Throb SD 1531
Atlantic Cobham Billy Inner conflicts ATL 50475
Atlantic Cobham Billy/Duke George Band Live on tour in europe K 50316
Atlantic Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash 40 033
Atlantic Familly of Mann First light ATL 50084
Atlantic Foreigner Double vision ATL 50476
Atlantic Foreigner Foreigner K 50356
Atlantic Gall France Dancing disco 50364
Atlantic Gramm Lou Ready or not 781 728-1
Atlantic Gruntz George Eternal baroque 50 074
Atlantic Hammer Jan The first seven days ATL 50184
Atlantic Heads hands & feet Old soldier never die K 40465
Atlantic Howe Steve Beginnings ATL 50151
Atlantic James Gang Bang ATL 50028
Atlantic Kids Anvil chorus K 50143
Atlantic Kirk Roland The art of Roland Kirk ATL 60042
Atlantic Kühn Joachim Snow in the desert ATL 50 718
Atlantic Kühn Joachim Band Don't stop me now ATL 50623
Atlantic Lateef Yusef Hush 'n' thinder ATL 40472
Atlantic Mann Herbie Memphis underground SD 1522
Atlantic Mann Herbie Super mann ATL 50569
Atlantic Mann Herbie The evolution of mann ATL 60 020
Atlantic Nash Graham Songs for beginners 40237
Atlantic Ponty Jean-Luc Enigmatic ocean ATL 50 409
Atlantic Poco Inamorata 780 148
Atlantic Ramatam Ramatam ATL 50415
Atlantic Reid Terry River ATL 40340
Atlantic Slagle Steve Rio highlife 81657-1
Atlantic Small Faces Playmates ATL 50 375
Atlantic Squire Chris Fish out of water K 50203
Atlantic Stern Mike Upside down 781 656-1
Atlantic Tonto Expanding head band SD 18123
Atlantic Vitous Miroslav The bass ATL 30 024
Atlantic Wagner Adrian Distances between us K50082
Atlantic Walden Narada Michael Awakening SD-19222
Atlantic Walden Narada Michael Garden of delight SD-18199
Atlantic Walden Narada Michael I cry, I smile SD-19141
Atlantic White Alan Ramshackled ATL 50 217
Atlantic Yes Going for the one K 50379
Atlantic Yes Tormato ATL 50 518
Atlantic Yes Yessongs SD 3-100
Atlantic Yes Yesterdays ATL 50 048
Avenue Chalker Bryan's New Frontier The Hanging of Samuel Hall AVE 071