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Junkers JU 390

Used as long range recon it was a very durable and spacious aircraft to fly. It also had the range to patrol the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Type: Long Range Bomber or Reconnaissance aircraft.

Engine: 1
Model: BMW 801E
Type: 18-Cylinder two-row radial
Number: Six Horsepower: 1,970 hp

Wing span: 165 ft. 1 in. (50.30m)
Length: 112 ft. 2.5 in. (34.20m)
Height: 22 ft. 7 in. (6.89m)

Loaded: 166,448 lb. (75,500 kg)

Maximum Speed: 314 mph (505 kph)
Range  6,027 miles (9700 km)

Eight 20mm MG 151.
Eight 13mm MG 131.