Camping With Yogi Bear

We've been to Yogi Bear's Camp Resort last year, and
pretty much have it figured out. It's a place for the kids
to crash after a day at Six Flags (not before a few games,
perhaps a movie, or a treat from the camp store, of course).

During this visit, however, we found ourselves with
an extra day on our hands, as we only spent one day
at Six Flags; it turned out too cool for the water park,
which we usually attend on day two.

We spent almost an entire day at Meramec Caverns,
which is just a few minutes' drive from Yogi's.
On the cave tour there, you will find
Jesse James' hideout, as well as many other 'cool' things.
The cave is huge, and the tour is somewhat long but very beautiful.
This is reportedly the largest cave in Missouri.
The rock formations inside are breathtaking and unique.
I wouldn't recommend the cafe there, though. It's expensive
and not very good. Across the parking lot from the cavern entrance
is the Meramec River where you can take a boat tour of the river.
The driver points out some of the wildlife along the shoreline
and some interesting facts. It's kind of hokey but a fun way to
spend half an hour or so.

On the way home on I-44, and just about 10 minutes from Yogi's
we visited Purina Farms. Here you'll find doggies and kitty cats
which you can visit in homes made just for them.
You can also visit their barn and milk a cow. All but the
littlest in our group tried their hand at this, and
they still talk about it. On that day they had a
canine 'field trial' where the animals went through an
obstacle course. What fun!

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For more about Purina Farms, click here

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