Raccoon Scare

The weather was perfect for pop-up camping,
and we slept with the windows unzipped.
Jim slept in the tent, intending to get up early
the next morning to go fishing.

Some time after the fire had almost died out,
there came a scratching and pulling at the window
next to the camp stove, which was fastened to the
outside of the camper.

Turning my flashlight on the noise,
I was shocked to see a raccoon trying to reach
a loaf of bread on the counter next to the window.
Through the screen, his whole body was leaning
into the camper! My shouts scared him off,
but soon he was back. After zipping up the window,
this time he was trying to open the latch on the door
(I'm not kidding). Thank goodness, it was locked.

Jim finally scared him off for good,
and the next night park rangers set a trap,
but it took 2 nights and peanut butter
to finally nab him. That morning
found him hissing and barking as the rangers carted him away.
(And a big 'un he was, too!)

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