Lake Pomme de Terre

Once again, an obnoxious camper story,
although we did not let them drive us away, we did have
a few conversations with the campground host.
They, however, were not as persistant at reprimanding
the loud, harassing campers as were the state park rangers.
(Damsite is a Corps of Engineer Site).

This was the weekend before the Fourth of July,
and the park was full. The fireworks display was, alas,
a dud, starting 45 minutes late, and no "grand finale".

There was, however, a fun Heritage Festival in town
on Saturday with crafts, food booths, and music.
We took a tour of a local museum set in an old, old house
with articles from local history, and an authentic old log cabin.
Both offered a personal tour from a similarly ancient guide
and afterward we were treated to cookies and lemonade.

Of course, we enjoyed this immensely, but all in all,
I don't think we'll be back, due to the
lack of support from the park personnell on
enforcing the campground rules.

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