The Soggy Bottom Gang
Montauk State Park, Salem Missouri

You may have noticed a recurring theme in each camping adventure
this year...RAIN! When we arrived at Montauk,
it was a beautiful day. Then, as has been the norm,
that night there was quite a storm, with the rain lasting
until about two hours before our departure 2 days later.
You know how it is, pillows and sleeping bags damp
from the condensation or just from touching the canvas.

Mind you, we have not experienced any rain in between camping trips;
in fact, Missouri had been in a drought period.
Our neighbors have been anxiously asking when we're going camping again;
their gardens and lawns are all drying up.

Montauk is not the place to be in the rain, though.
The lovely powdery sand-like soil turns into a
muddy mess. And the stream trails are too dangerous to walk
after a rain. So, unless you like to fish in the damp,
there's not much else to keep occupied, unless
you bring your own entertainment. We always bring along
an assortment of board games just in case.

Wildlife viewing is excellent here, and we saw several deer,
as well as groundhogs, up close. There are several springs
which arise in the park, bubbling up from the ground.

There is an old mill which is open for tours every few days,
in which you can actually touch antique items,
like a 1909 Sears Catalog. Not an easy thing to do
in your average museum.
We were even recruited by the park naturalist
to help rescue a stranded baby possum which was
stuck down in a well. We helped to carry a
long 2X4 over to the area, hopefully enabling
the poor thing to use it to crawl out.
Montauk Photos

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