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Chutney - My 73 "Auto-Bus"

How I got the name Chutney: I got the name Chutney on Thanksgiving day... I was helping my mom in the kitchen
with the turkey and fixins' for the big dinner.. She asked me to go downstairs to the cold-cellar and get her a bottle of
homemade chutney for with the turkey .... I had a Brain-Fart and said hey now Chutney is kinda a funny
but kewl name... It made a connection to my bus.. So from that day on my bus was called Chutney!

NEW PICS BELOW! Posted 03/18/2005.

Pic of the inside during tear down! The Headbash box is down!
I found some nice surprises there which I can't post on the net...

This is Chutney with no windsheild... I took the opportunity to paint my dashboard while I had the chance!

EWWWW... nasty old rear shocks! Can you believe I had that on my bus.. You know when your shock is in 2 parts that it can't be a good thing! :P

Hey look it is my dad! Boy am I glad I got him helping.. He works cheap! Chocolate and Hugs will get him through the job!

Chutney on pick up day - October 9th., 2004.

Getting ready to go on the trailer!!! :o)

Hey it is my dad checking Chutney out... I made him smile!

Bill Hall - the previous owner of Chutney - he does Subaru Conversions to Volkswagen Buses.

My dad aligning wheels to go stright up on trailer

My dad again.. checking the wheel straps to make sure she is secure.

Inside Chutney - I polished the dash with vynil conditioner..

This is my puppy Sammy I guess she likes the bus... She is ready to go camping... have to wait till next year..

Hey now... it is Sammy again, I think she thinks that she owns the bus! I dont think so Sammy.. you are a temporary tenant !

after I took the cover off the foam in the back.. I washed it, came out real nice...!! :) :)