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72th of His majesty the king

On the occasion of the 72th anniversary of His Majesty the king of Thailand.On the 5th of December 1999, Thai people over the world had prayed and blessed His Majesty the king, every religious leader in Thailand had organised a special ceremony for Him. On behalt of Thai people who have been living in England I wish His Majesty the king good health and long live.
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support education in Thailand

The Anglo-Thai Foundation was founded for 10 years and had supported many poor students in the northeast of Thailand. Every year the trustees of the Anglo-Thai Foundation has been to Thailand to give a grant for the students, each year there are more than 200 students who come from different schools. The trustees thank many donors who really share your money to support the poor students in the northeast [E-saarn]. <= [Click on the picture]

fantastic Thai food

At the present time Thai food is very popular with foriegners. There are many tastes, many styles and many dishes. In England you can easily find many Thai restaurants all over the country, the price is cheap or expensive. It depends on your choice of foods. I can suggest that if you want to have a good dish, do not miss Thai food.
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study Thai one munite

Language is so important for our life,whatever language you speak. Thai is one of the languages that many foriegners can learn to speak, write and read. In this lesson you will find out how to speak and get to know a native speaker basically. You can learn by yourself by sdutying the following structures.
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interesting places of Thailand

Thailand is one of the most famous country that many poeple are excited about their holiday. Here you will see nice places all over the country without flying to Thailand. There are so many nice places and you can visit if you go to Thailand on a holiday Nice views, friendly people, tastety food and cheap accommodations.
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map of the temple
How to find us
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If you want to go to the temple, you can find us by looking at the map.
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