Coffee Competition
      is over...and what do we have, COLD weather, well at least in Britain we do! So, what better way to warm us all up, than a few hot, steaming cups of coffee, black or white, depending on your mood! I bring you...
WARNING: This is a J/C competition (In case the coffee didn't give that away!) If ya hate J/C I'd run and hide now! ^_^
There are two parts to this competition, the white coffee, for stories that are PG13 and under (basically, readable by anyone), and the black coffee, which will have R and NC17. You can enter in one or both categories. To enter email the link to me at and let me know whether it's black or white!

Coffee MUST be a main part of this story. This is the theme here...hence the name! And no saying "then she had a coffee" has to have something major to do with the story or it wont count.
You can enter only ONE story in either category. You don't have to enter one in both, but no more than one in Black and one in White.
Co-authored stories may be entered. You can enter a co-authored story as well as your own story into a category, but again, only one.
The stories must be hosted somewhere on the net already, and a link provided. I will not host stories this time (WAY to confusing for me!) You can host them at if you dont have a website of your own!
J/C competition this other pairings please!
All stories submitted must be new. Maybe I'll get less entries, but at last i wont have read them before!!!

**Amended Dates**
23rd Februaury ~ Entries open ~ No entries before this date please
30th March ~ Entries Close  ~ No more entries accepted after this date
13th April ~ Voting opens
19th April ~ Winners announced

White Coffee Entries
Black Coffee Entries
*Take this banner to place by your story if you wish. Please link it back to me!*
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