31/05/04 - Hmmm, just realised that I am giving Macdonalds some free advertising here...they should be paying me MILLIONS for that! Then maybe i could get rid of all this Tripod advertising. Hey ho. Anyway, my entry in the Koffee Klubs Picnic Prose Prise will be up soon, and I am in the process of writing another, so GO VOTE! I cant tell you which one it is, but fair is fair. If I've done good, you will vote for me! Also, a note on my Shenanigans Comp, still on hold for the mo. Watch this space.
16/05/04 - Re-designed my site award also, and I have given it this month to MJ's Star Trek Portal.
16/05/04 - Maaaaaarvelous! I won an award! There is a link to my awards page at the bottom of this page or click HERE to view it ^_^ Added a few new quizzes too on the test page, although the site i got a couple of them from seems to be down...it was up yesterday! Should be up again soon though. Also, a couple of stargate quizzes (the other one of my fav sci-fi shows!)
14/05/04 - Tripod have offically managed to gain the award for most annoying page ads. They are EVERYWHERE on my site! So, apologies. Also, i didnt have time to tell anyone i was running a competition, and i didnt give people enough time to enter, so, unsuprisingly, no one did. *whoops* So, i will re-run it a bit later in the year. Check back soon for amended competition dates.  Instead, i've done a bit of tidying to some of the pages. And i have finally spent more than 5 mins looking at my email so i've worked out how to personalise it ^_^ My new email is batlethwieldingfurby@dsl.pipex.com, but my old email still works too if you sent anything recently! Bumper stickers have grown so i have moved them from humour to their own page. They amuse the furby ^_^ Finally, i have created a link to my original fanfic on the fanfic page, not a huge collection as of this moment (Ok one!) but it is my aim to write more soon.
10/04/04 - The contest is open for entries today. Also, i forgot to mention that any rating is allowed! So i shall mention it now. Consider it mentioned...!
04/04/04 - Wow, it's been an age since an update! So, to make up for it I have another competition for you. All info on the FanFic Competition page.
02/11/03 - Found a cool Janeway site during random pointless surfing, so am adding the link. Don't go having a heart attack at an update, it's only a pretend one! (The button is down the bottom of this page, with the other one...a tidy website is a happy website)
05/10/03 - Thought I'd get around to updating the hit counter. It's only been down for...oh...3 months. Whoops!
27/07/03 - Thought I'd let you know that the lack of updating this month was mostly due to 'real life' interfering with me playing EF2! I completed it a couple of weeks ago so if anyone has any questions I'll try my best! I intend to replay it and post some hints and tips in the coming weeks. Then maybe I'll get around to finishing the walk through to EF1!! ;)
07/06/03 - Elite Force 2 is out this month. Check out my review on the Elite Force page, with a link to download the free demo.
01/06/03 - Hoorah!! I won a fanfic competition!!!!!! Something i am particularly pleased with as it was the first fic I've ever written ^_^ Here is my award, click it to read the story. (It's PG-13) ^_^
26/05/03 - Due to, well boredom really, another update with some physical changes to the site. Bumper stickers galore on many of the pages thanks to http://www.internetbumperstickers.com and a large group at the top of the humour page. Couple that with some new animated gifs and one new test (forgive the naughty word) and thats about the size of the update.
18/05/03 - A new page for you in this exam time, Tests! But not the stressful exam type ones, oh no! Fun tests created for no reason than to amuse! I have a few good ones up on the page, with more to follow. Also, the site of the month for May is up, K'Pinky and the Brain.
19/04/03 - Winners are up ^_^ Well Done.
13/04/03 - Time to vote! Use the links at the bottom of each page to register your votes.
09/04/03 - Folks, my internet died and then i got a newer (faster!) computer, so all this resulted in me not updating *slaps wrists* OK, in the Black entries are up to two, apologies to MaquisKat for the wait on her entry, so it will be a battle between her and KJ for 1st and 2nd place. Voting for both categories will be open from this weekend, so if you havent read them all yet, get to it! Also finally, the link to Dakota's entry has been updated, so if you tried to read it and it failed, the link now works.
24/03/03 - Oops...my bad. I set a deadline...and then i failed to keep it >.< Sorry guys! Anyway, due to my workload exceeding the amount of days this month, i have had to extend the dates of the competition. This does, however, mean that any entries you meant to finish, but ran out of time can still be entered. (Woohoo!) O...K. I need some more time folks, so I'm adding another week for entries, that means last entires are in on 30th March, and then im extending voting to 13th April, with winners will be on the 19th April. Sorry again folks. I meant this to be a quick contest, but "real life" has intervened. Finally, i have only had two Black entires...you have a week people! Get writing!! Anyway, for now the white entries (so far) are up for a sneak peak, and the one black entry i have a link for is up (hopefully soon to be followed by the other!)
04/03/03 - Ok...who ended February? Site of the Month never got done...whoops! Oh well...I have a new one for March, Marcella's Montages. Also, someone has adopted a new character from me! The competition continues, I'll add the entries to the site in a later update. Keep them coming. Oh...and happy pancake day...I'm feeling rather sick! I think I may have eaten too many!
08/02/03 - Wow...that month went quick! OK, i have a new fan fiction competition up and running! Check it out on the same page as before, Fan Fic Competition. Don't panic if you want to read the fic from the last competition, there is a link to that at the bottom of the page. Also, i FINALLY got to adopt a tribble! Check out the cuteness of it on the adoptees page. And finally, site of the month. Err..I dont have one yet. I'd like to say there's a reason than laziness, but there isnt! I'll do it before the end of the month!
19/01/03 - Just an update to say that my fiver is up at Five Minute Voyager! I fived "Bride of Chaotica!" which you'll find in season 5, and also at the moment on the front page! ^_^ Go, read, and tell me what you think, either in the forums or by sending be an email!
12/01/03 - Right...not the last update...lol. Romana has made me a great trainer banner for by bishoujo so i have put it up and added a link to her site to thank her! Appreciate it!
12/01/03 - For anyone wondering why i have updated the site 3 times in half an hour...err..well, no real reason...accept i found the pocket seibutsu site as well, and thought i'd add some of them! OK, last update of the day...probably ^_^
12/01/03 - Ok...i'm applying to be a bishoujo trainer, so I've caught a few more! They're up on the Bishoujo page.
04/01/03 - Oops. Missed some links!
04/01/03 - And so it is done...finally fanfic is halfway decent! If you have any links to sites you love i'll gladly put them up. Just email them to me. Also, new month, new site of the month. Five Minute Voyager gets a well deserved tribute!
01/01/03 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope you all had a really good one. Not too many hangovers! Anyway, what has happened to the site. Actually...nothing! lol, but it will. I am gonna be working on the FanFic page now that I'm done with the competition. Expect MANY MANY more links, and a generally more organised page. Don't expect it in the next few days though...the evil that is "real life" is making me go back to work some more. Believe me, I'd MUCH rather be working on the site!!!
15/12/02 - Voting is over. The competition is finished and we have our WINNERS!! Winners take your prizes, others look on in wonder. The prizes are up on the FanFic Competition page, in each category.
03/12/02 - Someone reminded me today that it was December...so December's site of the month is up. Congratulations Anne's Rose Garden.
02/12/02 - OK, ok. One more entry! But only coz i forgot it...sorry! It's up now, in the turbolift section.
01/12/02 - No more entries! I've added the last few i received (quite a lot actually, you like to cut it fine don't you!!) and set up the voting emails. To vote, i need the name and author of the fic you want to win, and the name and author of the fic you want to come second. They are all very good and im glad i dont have to vote! Choose wisely young minions.
22/11/02 - More new entries added.
19/11/02 - Apologies...to those entries i posted that i shouldn't have, and those i should and didn't. Uhem...it is now corrected. And i've added some new entries as well!
17/11/02 - OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying since the 5th! *sigh of relief* Carry on...oh, and send more entires for the competition! Time is running out! Voting starts on 1st December!
05/11/02 - At the half way stage in my Fanfic Competition I have put up all the entries I have received so far for a pre-voting viewing. New stories can still be submitted up to the 30th November, so keep them coming in. Also, new adoptees for me! Take a look! Also, some characters have been adopted from me. To see who has adopted them from me check out the adoptions page. Finally, site of the month goes to the Koffee Klub!
13/10/02 - Take the image at the bottom of the FanFic Competition Page if you have entered or want to enter. Ok, no more updates this month! Promise!!
08/10/02 - No one ever say i don't listen to advice! I have moved the FanFic competition to its very own page! Look down the side bar for "Fan Fic Competition" to find the shiney new details. Also, you can click HERE. I look forward to your FanFic!
07/10/02 - I have added more information about the fanfic competition at the bottom of the fanfic page, including a few rules and regs (or rather the lack of them!) and also a closing date for entries.
02/10/02 - VICTORY!!! I fixed it! (Puts on a "pleased with myself face"!) Enjoy!!
01/10/02 - Hmmm serious update problems here, the pages will not work. Grrrrr...I will try and fix >.<
01/10/02 - Another month, another update! The more observant of you will notice 2 new pages, adoptions and adoptees. Take a look at what i've adopted from others on "adoptees", and adopt a Voyager character from me on "adoptions". We have a new "site of the month" winner. Congratulations to "Captain Proton...to the rescue!" And the promised FanFic Competition is actually up on time. GASP!! Enter your fanfic by email. All details on the fanfic page, which has received some new links this month. Finally, one new addition to the Humour page. Happy October.
07/09/02 - A promise is a promise! Another bit of an update! "Funny Stuff" has morphed into humour, renamed only because the word stuff is well overused on this site! So, the HUMOUR page has been completely reformed, with much new...err...stuff, added. Site of the Month is up and running, with this months winner as Lady Chakotay! Take a look at the "Site award Page" for more info. Last but not least, a mini promotion for people to visit, and join, the new online message boards for Voyager at http://stvoyager.proboards12.com/index.cgi. They're really good message boards, and will be much better if there were more members. Sign up!!
03/09/02 - Aha! An update....well, a bit of an update. I hope to be updating in small sperts a couple of times this week. I've added a new section at the bottom of funny stuff page called south park crew, and the crew of voyager are, not suprisingly, made to look like south park characters. Also, the fanfic page is finally pulling itself together and has some good links. Still more to come though i promise! Also, i've added a few new links, with more on the way, and i have FINALLY caught tasha yar and added her to the bishoujo section! Finally, i have decided to start a Site of the Month Award. If you would like to be considered for the award, please send me a link to your site with a few words about it to me via the Contact Me page. Ohhhhhhhhhh....i caught the magic tribble too!
07/08/02 - Hehehehehehe! Just added a funky animated gif to the bottom of this page! Not done anything else though! lol!
30/07/02 - Woo Hoo! My first official update! Err...what have i updated? Well, i said it would grow and it has. My gallery is bursting with all the new pics i've added. Err...what else have i done? Ohhhhhh...2 new pages have been added for your delight! The funny stuff, featuring The Neelix Feline Frenzy, and Who? page are brand spanking new! Take a look. Also, i managed to catch a few new bisónen! Some minor reorganisation of the links page has been attempted but it's still a bit of a mess! Enjoy!
28/06/02 - So soon? It's only been published 2 days! Well no, not really! I just wanted to say that i'm off on holiday so if anyone sends me anything i cant reply for a while! See you when i get back!!!