FanFic Competition
It's coming up to spring time, and I don't know about you lot but I want a vacation! And so do the voyager crew!
Shore Leave Shenanigans!!
The crew have decided they need a well deserved break, so have some fun with them!! Enter any story related to a Voyager shore leave.
Any Voyager couple, but they have to be on shore leave somewhere. The location is up to you!
You can enter up to two stories.
Co-authored stories may be entered.
The stories must be hosted somewhere on the net already, and a link provided. You can host them at if you dont have a website of your own.
New or old stories can be entered.
Any rating allowed, including NC17. Please make sure all stories have a clear rating.
 **The Entries**
Shore Leave Romance ~ Joint 3rd
By Dreamer ~ Rated PG-13
Rainforest ~ 1st Place
By Anne Rose ~ Rated PG-13
The Souvenier ~ Joint 3rd
By Elorie Alton ~ Rated NC17
Gossip in the Sand ~ 2nd Place
By Spiletta42 ~ Rated PG-13

Entries: 21 June ~ 24-July
Reading/Voting: 25 July ~ 1 August
Winners Announced: 7 August
*Take this banner to place by your story if you wish. Please link it back to me!*
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