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Lego Crew
This would be the bit where i say where i swiped these from, but...errr....i've forgotten! So, uhum....SORRY! But there not mine! (thinking about it, it might have been!) Any way, here is the whole crew, IMMORTALISED!, as Lego! (The first two are Janeway's different hairs! The others are obvious)
Remote Crew
This is taken from a site that i think is BRILLIANT! is hosted by LADYTORRES and this is HER work, not mine! She got the idea from Sevtrek and continued it for the crew. I cant wait till she finishes them off! (She better finish or il have to have a go and that could have dire consequences!!!!)
South Park Crew
This is taken from, a non-voyager site but with a few bits and bobs that i find funny. Geekgirl has done a wonderful job of creating the crew as South Park characters. Take a look!
Poor Harry! He's always on his own! If anyone wants to make him a cute alien girlfriend, feel free! Or Neelix coz there isn't one of him either (lol, i didn't notice)

Captain Janeway challenges Harry to a game of "I spy"
No prizes for who wins!
Yes, once again something REALLY funny that is NOTHING to do with me! Taken from a site that you HAVE TO VISIT, The Star Trek Voyager Chronicle, this is a small taster of what it has to offer!

T-Shirt Tastic Mate
Here is a small collection of T Shirts that the crew of Voyager (and other treks) might have worn! Yes, there not mine either!
Janeway                                       Tuvok (or Spock)                  Neelix
Seven of Nine                            The Doctor (or Data)             Doctor again (or McCoy)
B'Elanna (or Worf)                         Q                                          Odo
Graffiti Inspection
It's  obviously a big problem in the Delta Quadrant! (from
Duplo Crew
Ahhhh...these are cute! Where are they from you say? Errrr.....i forget! LOL. Good though aren't they?!!!