Neo is the hero of the Movie " The Matrix " and we do believe that one day our Neo will save the world like what happened in the film.


It seems that calling him NEO was, a good idea but today after we learned that this dog keeps on talking all the time we know that we should have call him Verbel . so now Verbel is Neo middle name.

We bought Neo for Bama because she was alone in the house for too long andShe still takes good care of him like she is his real mother (check out the "once at a lifetime" Sleeping Picture) .

today Neo is 7 month old and turning to meet the cold standard of an young adult dog in an urban society . by now it seem that he is having a great time. Neo had 'never met a stranger' in his life time and that's the most amazing fact about this mammal - he loves all creatures and that's good to know that there are still animals that got such a positive attitude to life in general. Yes, it seem that Vizsla dogs makes a very constructive force in western society and Neo seem to be a perfect example.

another, important and very obvious Neo / Vizsla behavioral feature is a result of a deal those dogs made with the lord of athletics. while at home you mostly get a whiny-sleepy- lap top- under the blanket at rainy nights- poodle(!) out in the field you say hello to "Mr. next Michel Johnson where do we train today sir?" and considering that Bama is "a very" Weimaraner we found that we had no choice then to buy new mountain bikes. So there you go. mountain bikes on weekends is the new thrill that keeps Bama&Neo exhausted.

Neo the Verbel just loves running along with Bama. He gets so exited on the field running in the woods in the speed of 2 fast wheels its a real sight!

we hope to share more stories and pictures of him in the near future. but even now we can conclude that owning a 'Neo verbal ' dog is a great adventure.