It was a sunny summer Day walk in a park in Haifa Israel when we first laid our eyes on a Weimaraner dog . It was a 3 month old Puppy who ran to us waging his tail. It was Love at first Sight . His Owner came over bragging and telling us how happy he is that He bought his dog and told us a bit about the Breed . We played with him and thought that it's the most beautiful dog we ever saw .

A month later we Bought Bama when she was 2 Month Old and we soon discovered that there is much more to this Breed then Beauty...

We found that Hyperactivity is her last name and in fact, she need more action then we were ready to deliver.

You see, we weren't quite ready for it! and the first few months were hard for us & for her as well, "The weimaraner ways" indeed.. But we never came across a more loving and more rewarding special and so unique,

Two months after the Historic sunny walk in the Park we ran into first weimaraner we saw again . somewhere behind him was his once happy owner and today an exhausted angry and tired owner, His dog looked as if he wants to run all the way back to Germany . .

We happily told him that we bought Bama after we saw his dog and he sighed " does she ruin your house as well ? I can not take it anymore.. "

See, weimaraner are not for anyone- they need to a lots of exercise and running on a daily bases . If you can't provide it it's better not to get a Weim. We take her to the field twice a day where she run unleashed for 2 hours and she never get tired !

Both of us work a lot and when coming back home we felt that she develops a separation anxiety . she was really nervous , Barking and acting strange . That's when we decided to Buy Neo so Bama will never be left alone .so In a way Neo is Not our dog its Actually Bama's....

A weimaraner dog will change your life . You suddenly have this unbelievable friend that will follow you where ever you go who will look for physical contact with you all the time . you will see its eyes looking at you so sad while you put on your working shoes and you will have to feel the tons of kisses while you come back home from work . and out in the field you will have the fastest of them all in constant need for a target to run at . considering the fact that we are talking about dogs here - you can not ask for more .