Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday

  The present name Billie Holiday ELEANORA FAGAN.She was born on April 7, 1915 in Baltimore, state Meriland.

Billie Holiday Her the father Klarens Holiday - professional guitar player working in an orchestra Fletcher Henderson. He has left family, when Billie was still child. Probably, it has imposed the print on all it life and creativity and explains both nervous failures, and unusual depth of feelings put to her in words by everyone songs, as though experienced each time anew.

Her the familiarity with jazz music began, when she has heard some recordings Louis Armstrong and Count Basie. In 1931 she begins to appear as the singer in night clubs Garlem's.

Billie Holiday In 1933 she makes the first studio recordings with Banni Goodman. The recording did not become especially popular, but it was a beginning of musical career. She appears with many known jazz performers of that time, works with orchestras Count Basie and Artie Shaw, and also Laster Jang, which named it 'Lady Day'.

During the fortieth years she makes the best recordings, but in the same time she takes a great interest in drugs and in 1947 it appears in prison. The scandalous reputation warms up interest of audience to the singer.

Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong She is removed in film under the name New Orlean, together with the idol Louis Armstrong.

50 years gradually result it in a falling. Failures in personal life, alcohol and drugs sitting voice. In 1959 she is again arrested for drugs and in July, 1959 it did not become. .

But in a history of a jazz of Lady Day for ever remain to one of the most dramatic and deeply feeling singers.

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