Sidney Bechet

Сидней Бечет

Кларнетист Sydney Беше (1897-1959). From childhood played on кларнете in various orchestras of New Orlean. In 1917 has left from New Orlean in Chicago. In 1919 is sent in tour in Europe. During it the tour gradually passes from кларнета to a saxophone, which becomes it the main tool.

Having returned in America in 1923, he makes the first recording with Кларенсом Вильямсом, with which two years then work, and Louis Armstrohg, which he knew still by child in New Orlean. With 1925 for 1929 Беше lives in Europe, appears in England, France, Germany and Russia. Per the fortieth years frequently works with Eddie Condon then, at the end of fortieth, becomes again popular after recording with Mezz Mezzrow. In 1952 the musician comes back in France, where finds warm reception. During life in France doe hit recordings comparable on sales to recordings of pop-stars. Sydney Беше was one of the magnificent musicians of an early jazz, he has lived by rich events life, and everywhere, where he would not appear - in New Orlean, Chicago, New York, Berlin or Paris - the success always accompanied him.

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