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Welcome to my site to Honor the Sailors aboard the
USS Key West Fast Attack Los Angeles Class Submarine.

I am new at this so be patient and I will try to do my best.

My name is Shan Marler and my main reason for doing this is my son Leonard Marler joined the Navy back in 1999 and decided to serve on a submarine. His uncle Kish Marler served aboard the Blueback 581 back in the mid 80's. His grandfather served in the Air Force back in the 50's and most of his great uncles were in the Navy in the late 40's to 50's.

My goal is to let you know about the Submarine itself and try to introduce you to the crew. So in order for this to work I will need past and present crew members to help out and send picture's and stories about their time on the Key West.

So look around and I hope you learn about these brave sailors who are out there day and night doing what is necessary to help keep you and me safe.

And anyone that can send in Pictures, Stories, Poems. Please do!

As a father of one of our military men I would like to have all that view this page to take time out of his or her day to say a special prayer for all of those affected by the WTC attacks.
And also a prayer for our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers who are currently serving their country.
God Bless The United States Of America

Here is a recent article in the December 31, 2001
Navy Times

     The Navy submarine Key West returned to
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Dec 15 after a five month deployment
that included launching cruise missiles at Afghanistan as
part of Operation Enduring Freedom.
     The nuclear submarine left Honolulu in late July for
routine exercises in the North Aradian Sea with the Carl
Vinson battle group. But its mission changed with the
Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
     The Key West was probably the first ship to respond,
and when it was ordered to fire its missiles "we knew we were striking back at someone who had attacked our nation," said Cmdr. Charles Merkel, the sub's commanding officer.
     It was the first combat experience for Merkel and most of his 140-man crew.

Here is another from
Commander Submarine Force,
U.S. Pacific Fleet

COMSUBPAC Press Release

Welcome Home USS Key West (SSN 722)
by: JO2 Cori Rhea

Pearl Harbor HAWAII --- After more than four months away from home,
 the men of the attack submarine USS Key West (SSN 722) returned home
Dec. 8. after successfully completing missions in the North Arabian Sea
in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
USS Key West is a Los Angeles Class nuclear submarine with a crew of
130 men and is attached to Submarine Squadron Three.
"I am proud of the men on my ship," said USS Key West Commanding
Officer, Cmdr. Charles Merkel. "Everyone did their job just like they
were trained to do."
"So much has changed since we left a few months ago," said MM2(SS)
Ferlin Espinal, a native of Puerto Rico. "I am thrilled to be back here
with my girlfriend after such a successful deployment."
USS Key West was on its way to Bahrain for liberty when notification of
the terrorist attacks came. The submarine was diverted immediately to
the North Arabian Sea.

"I have been training in the Navy my entire 16-year career for the type
 of operations we conducted this deployment," said combat systems
department chief, FTC(SS) Bobby Keyes. "The men performed flawlessly."
Although the crew had some time off in Singapore, Thailand and
Bahrain, they said they will always remember the important role
they played in protecting the nation’s security.
"We have a lot of pride knowing that we’ve directly contributed to
America’s freedom," said Espinal. "Just as patriotism rose throughout
the country, it rose onboard the boat, and I think everyone felt more
dedicated to what they were doing."
The freshly frocked second class petty officer re-enlisted during
the deployment for 6 more years.
December, 2001

Way to Go KEY WEST!!!!

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