About Me

Hi, My name is Shan Marler.
I was born on 11/30/1958 in Pocatello, Idaho

We moved to Las Vegas, Nevada back in 1969 and I have lived here since.

I was married on 12/14/1979 to Carla Ortega and on 11/2/80 we had a son and named him Leonard Christopher Marler.

On 4/2/84 he was given a sister by the name of Carissa Monterry Marler.

Back in 1976 I was going to join the Navy, took the test, they sent me to Arizona for the physical, sit down with a career planner, and was about to be sworn in when I changed my mind and went back home. The Navy call me back for at least a year. (What was I thinking)?

Carey Hart