"I cannot believe what a tremendous amount of healing has taken place over the past nine months on a spiritual, physical and emotional level. I have an anxiety disorder and a history of entering battering relationships with men. Reiki helped to restore my confidence, balance my moods and open my heart to receiving love in my life. Walls which I have built have slowly come down. My creativity and intuition are alive again. Reiki has been a huge part of my healing process and journey. My relationship with Joyce has been built on trust, respect and love. This cannot be overlooked when working with Reiki. The healer giving the energy is as important as the energy itself. Joyce is a blessing to the world and I am grateful to her."  A.H

        "Your healing touch is wonderful but it was also what you said that has helped me heal."  Mimi Giammatteo

    "On April 10, 1999 I was diagnosed with diabetes. It had been untreated for a while and my body was in pretty bad shape. I have been experiencing the onset of severe neuropathy in various areas of the body. I was in constant pain. My daughter was getting married on July 3rd and I didn't know how I was going to make it through the day. My husband and I have known Joyce for a few years but I was not aware of her hands on healing. My husband mentioned it to me and feeling rather hopeless I made an appointment. After the very first session I felt an improvement. For once, in a very long time I had hope. I made it through my daughters wedding and even got in a dance or two."  Marie Olmoz

    "Joy healed my bursitis in just one session." Shirley P.

    I planned to have a few weeks of Reiki treatments at the time of my husband's retirement because I wanted some extra support in handling the stress of this big life change. I felt so good during that time that I continued receiving Reiki for the last ten months with excellent results. I feel more balanced, healthier and have more energy. The ups and downs of life seem to affect me less. Joyce is well trained, experienced and gifted in her art. Joyce is also very caring and a joy to work with. I am pleased to recommend her to my friends."  Anita P.

    "Healing energy is a special gift given in Love. Joyce transmits not just the healing but also the love. Not only does my body receive this gift but also my heart."  Brenda Hicks, Yoga Teacher

    "Reiki does more than relieve my pain relax me and help me to breathe again. Joyce, what Reiki does for me is infuse me with enthusiasm and inject me with hope." Dr. Lawrence Schuyler D.O.

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