What is Dugit?

Dugit is a Messianic Outreach Center which operates in the heart of downtown Tel Aviv in Israel. The director, staff and volunteers are all Bible believing Jews and Non-Jews who worship the only ONE TRUE GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They also love and believe in the famous Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus in English) the only son of God who was born at the time and place as prophesied of the Messiah in the Tanach (the Old Testament). He also fulfilled all the other prophecies pertaining to the Messiah.

About Dugit

Dugit is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, one of Israel's largest cities. The Dizengoff Center, one of the main attractions for locals and tourists alike, which experienced a terrorist bombing in March 1996, is situated 5 minutes walk from Dugit. Spiritualism, new age influence, secularism and materialism are advertised openly in the vicinity, individually and through business. Dugit is situated 7 minutes walk from the beachfront. One of the terrorist bus bombings occurred a 30 seconds walk from us and we are a 5 minute walk from where the late Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, was assassinated


This is our heartbeat and the thrust for Dugit, to reach the "Lost sheep of Israel", to the Jew first and the Greek alike. Throughout the week and on scheduled Thursday evenings the Gospel of the Kingdom is shared.
Israel is a land which is predominantly a cross culture. Our business is to  minister to the mass population of Israelis, who bring a wide spectrum of views and beliefs of their own, thus making them open to receiving the Gospel.
Dugit's approach appeals to people of different walks of life and backgrounds. Dugit offers a comfortable atmosphere for open conversation. Over the past ten years Dugit has reached thousands of Jewish souls with the message of Salvation.


Dugit hosts prayer meetings, bible studies and follow-up to those who have accepted Messiah. Dugit's purpose is to be :-

A base for street ministry,
A place of fellowship.

Messianic literature, music, videos, tapes, books and Bibles, in various languages like, Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic etc., are available, and are always in demand.
Dugit also serves in promoting unity in the Body of Messiah in leadership and lay ministry and extends the borders of brotherly relationships.

Contact Dugit at dugit_center@yahoo.com

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