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A guide for anime otaku's everywhere.Featuring the best sites to watch full length episodes and clips of your favorite anime,download full episodes,browse online anime and manga mags , reviews , downloads, animation lessons , and fun sites.

Welcome anime Otaku! Here are some great shows you can watch any time you like.

Anime Channel

Watch episodes all day and all night too.
Sputnik7 VOD
Choose which show you want to watch.

Eden Saga

Eden Saga: Pawn in the Games of Kinghs by Sigma6 Interactive Media
.....Based on a graphic novel (big comic book telling one story), the first book of Eden is a hypnotic, post-apocalyptic tale of youths battling evil powers.

Web Toons
Watch cartoons and music videos from cartoon networks.
web animation guide
we search the web so you don't have to! The latest toons for you to enjoy.

Online Anime Magazines

Anime Fringe
this month's feature:
A little Snow Fairy Sugar-- an up-close look at cuteness

EX-The Online World of Anime and Manga

Think your highschool was insane?..You'll think again when you see Samurai Girl - RealBout Highschool !

Animation World Magazine   A magazine about the anime and animation world for those in the anime profession and serious fans as well.
AW Student corner features anime lessons and student resources including employment.

Cool sites and episode downloads:

chiisana Inuyasha
dedicated to the current Rumiko Takahashi hit - Inu-Yasha.
Otaku World....otaku world Games,toys,anime,manga,icons,reviews,desktops,....
Pikachu Watch a Cool Pokemon flash video in spanish or english.
Learn to Animate with this collection of tutorials.
The Art Lair Drawing Lessons
Bee's How to Draw Hive
100 most essential words in anime Learn the lingo.

Fushigi Yuugi

Once in a Blue Moon - a Hotohori Shrine

Anime Episodes for shows to download.

Hint: Don't use the anime series' full name. Instead, try part of the name first, and don't use abbreviations. Eg. To search for Flame of Recca, try "flame" or "recca" not "for" .
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