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Angelo de Oliveira Metz

Angelo Metz was born in Montenegro, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. At a very young age Angelo's interest in music was noticeable, leading him to experiment with many instruments. As time passed, it was obvious that Angelo was to be a guitarist.

In 1984 Angelo formed Banda Verde. In the years to come this band evolved from hard rock, to Jazz and ultimately mixed Brazilian music with Jazz. Throughout his teens and early twenties he played in many different groups that varied as much as the hard rocking "Colarinhos Caˇticos" to classical ensembles. Along the way the native Brazilian influences never left him.

In 1988 Angelo was accepted into the UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), where he earned a Bachelor's degree in classical guitar. At the same time, Angelo began to tour relentlessly. It was on the road, that Angelo was able to hone his guitar technique and show his true passion.

After a very successful period in Brazil, Angelo decided to expand his career internationally. He performed in Los Angeles and in New York in both Rock and Jazz circles.

In 1997 Angelo moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Masters degree in the Studio/Jazz guitar program at USC - University of Southern California. After completing his Masters Angelo received an invitation and a scholarship from USC. He has earned a Doctoral Degree in Musical Arts and is teaching in a variety of settings.
Angelo has completed two solo CD's. The first is entitled "Coming" and the latest is "Live at USC". "Coming" focuses on Angelo's writing prowess while "Live at USC" showcases his virtuosity and homage to American masters like Coltrane and Parker mixed with the Brazilian influences of Hermeto Pascoal. Both projects show a passionate man in control of his vision.

Angelo is passionate in all areas of his life. When he isn't on the road or recording, he can be found looking for the best surf in the Southland. His brand of Jazz is not watered down. His Brazilian heritage shines through and makes the listener reach for another place. His music has been embraced throughout South America, North America and Europe. He has played over 900 live shows and has ranked number one and two on Latin Jazz charts where he has logged over 10,000 downloads.

Currently, Angelo is living in the heart of Hollywood, having appeared with such names as Clarence Johnson, John Heard, Linda Hopkins, Art Hillary, Plas Johnson, John Leithan, Ken Wild, Gerrik King, and many others. Angelo is also performing regularly with his trio, with world-class bass player Roberto Miranda and award-winner Brazilian drummer Rogerio Jardim. Teaching, recording and performing in a variety of projects, regardless of what the project calls for, Angelo will deliver with soul.

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