Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this condition sex linked?
A: No. It has nothing to do with the sex chromosomes (ie  x and y). However there do seem to be more girls than boys affected, but this is probably because female foetuses are stronger than males and therefore more likely to survive.

Q: Does this affect any particular racial group?
A: No. All racial groups are affected.

Q: Is this caused by a dominant or recessive gene?
A: Neither. This is not a syndrome caused by a single gene, it involves a whole chunk of genetic material being lost, which contains thouands and thousands of genes.

Q: Why is it that one child with the same breakpoint as another may develop differently?
A: Because breakpoints are not precise and there maybe several thousand genes lost from one child which are still there in another. Aslo there are another 45 chromosomes all playing a part in each childs unique genetic makeup.

Q: What is the life expectancy for someoe with Cri Du Chat Syndrome?
A: As far as we know life expectancy is normal as long as there aren't any underlying internal problems (eg heart defects). However, children and adults such as these are more prone to catching infections than the general  population, and there is some evidence of premature ageing. Lack of diagnosis before the 1960's means that we do not  have any real data of the older population to go on. I am certainly expecting my son to outlive me!

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