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Environment & Global Issues

Being aware of your environment is more than just noticing the weather! For up-to-date information about your environment and issues around the world, direct your browser to the numerous sites dedicated to environmental and global issues that are listed in this category. Topics range from conservation, disasters, and ecology to pollution, preservation, and recycling.



Documents Amway's environmental efforts including the on-complex recycling center, participation in cleanup programs, Amway's environmental sponsorships, and their environmental awards.

BASF Ecology

BASF is a very large international company well known for its manufacture of chemicals, plastics, nylon fibers, magnetic media, and more. They are committed to pollution prevention, ecology, and environmental care. This page contains much information about BASF's dedication to environmental preservation.

Benchmark Environmental Consulting: Business & Sustainable Development

Benchmark undertakes research and policy projects seeking innovative responses to the interface between international business, economic development, and environmental protection. Current research areas include environmental management systems; trade-investment-and-environment; public participation; and agricultural biodiversity. Services are available through a publication program, through contracted consultant services, and through an active conference speaking and training schedule.

Chrysler Corporation—Recycling & Conservation

Chrysler's environmental page which documents their push to minimize waste. Recycling projects and conservation procedures are documented. Also available are full size images of Chrysler's print ads on environmental goals, conservation, and recycling.

Department of the Navy Environmental Programs

This site documents the U.S. Navy's environmental programs, including conservation, compliance, cleanup, pollution prevention, technology, and environmental planning.

Disaster's Edge Environmental Education Center

This company offers environmental training workshops targeted at specific groups. Children, high school students, and adults alike can benefit from an environmental training session with these guys. They also do custom workshops.

DuPont: Safety, Health, and the Environment

DuPont's dedication to the environment is clearly demonstrated at their Web site. You can read their commitment, view their Environmental Audit, and review their official report to the EPA at this site.

ECS Underwriting, Inc.

Environmental insurance protection for industry worldwide. Environmental risk management case studies, lists of exposures, insurance coverage offered. Articles by environmental insurance experts. Find out how to manage environmental liability risk.

Envirobiz Environmental Professional Services

Envirobiz Environmental Professional Services includes a searchable directory of world-wide environmental consulting firms, transporters and facilities; links, and a directory of environmental trade associations.

Environmental Search Home Page

Environmental Search, Inc. searches environmental records specializing in high quality geocoded mapping and reporting of environmental sites for ASTM standard site assessments and transaction screenings.

Ford Environmental Report

This site is the environmental report from Ford Motor Company. Alternatives to gas-powered vehicles, automotive recycling, and "How to Drive Green" are among the topics explored.

Global Network of Environment & Technology (GNET)

The Global Network of Environment & Technology (GNET) utilizes the latest in communications and information technology to bring together the people, processes, and policies that shape the environmental marketplace. More than an information archive on the $400 billion environmental industry, GNET provides services to enhance your organization's efforts to communicate, exchange information, and conduct business.

Goldman Prize Winners

In 1996, the Goldman Environmental Foundation of San Francisco awarded a total of $450,000 to six environmental heroes from around the world. This page tells the story of each of these heroes, from whom every environmentalist can draw inspiration.

GreenWare Environmental Systems Inc.

GreenWare Environmental Systems Inc. integrates environmental law, business management and environmental accounting and auditing expertise with its strength in information technology. Visit the site for more information on environmental management and auditing software, environmental publications and an annotated list of online environmental resources.

Industry Canada—Canadian Environmental Solutions

CES is a multimedia tool designed to provide an instant response to environmental problems. In seconds, specific solutions to problems can be found, along with profiles of the companies that provide these solutions.

ISO 14000: News and Views

Environmental, law, ISO 14000, environmental management system, environmental auditing, environmental newsletter, ISO 14000 certification, ISO links.

MCS Environmental, Inc.

MCS Environmental, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm based in Missoula, MT with a branch office in Spokane, WA. MCS specializes in site assessments, geologic and hydrogeologic consulting, ISO 14000, environmental management systems, and asbestos and lead consulting.

Modern Technologies Corp—Environmental Technologies Div

Describes MTC's environmental, health, and safety services and software, including the LINDEN Environmental Management System, InforM Safety Data System, Compliance Assistant. Also describes ISO 14000 services, MSDS Management services, Chemical Management Outsourcing, Environmental Reporting, and more. Includes press releases and demo program downloads.

Multinational Environment and Social Assessment Services (MESAS)

Environmental and social impact assessments for international development projects. Consulting services for private energy developers, engineering firms and insurance underwriters. Environmental audits, due diligence, site contamination assessments, political risk, resettlement and rehabilitation. Experience with multilateral lending agency (World Bank, IFC) environmental guidelines. A close knit group of internationally known professionals in specialized fields.

PCCI Marine and Environmental Engineers

Today's environmental issues, compliance, public relations, risk management, worker safety, prevention, cost control, take expert planning, training, and management skills. This site provides information on PCCI, Inc., which for 20 years has provided its clients solutions to the most complex marine and terrestrial pollution problems facing business. Practical experience in environmental and marine engineering.


Alaska Safari Club Home Page

Safari Club International is a group of conservationist hunters. They believe that the best method of preservation is controlled hunting to keep habitat and herds balanced. Interestingly, a list of animals that have become un-endangered thanks to selective hunting is included.

American Association of Zoo Keepers

This non-profit organization, made up of professional zoo keepers, is dedicated to animal care and conservation. Browse this site to learn how you can help save the endangered Eurasian Lynx population. While you're at it, try your hand at "Bowling for Rhinos".

Arbor Day

Learn how you can help the environment by planting a tree in your community. Learn about the many Arbor Day programs for supplying trees to communities and educating the population about the importance of trees.

Atlantic Salmon Federation

As if the salmon of North America didn't have enough trouble having to swim upstream, now they have the possibility of extinction to contend with. The ASF's goal is to find solutions to all issues that could possibly affect the salmon's survival.

Australian Wildlife Conservation, Earth Sanctuaries Ltd.

Earth Sanctuaries is the most successful wildlife conservation project in the world. Have reintroduced numerous endangered species back into the wild; self supporting through tourism and investment.

Butterfly Website: Conservation and Ecology, The

Provides articles calling for the conservation of butterflies. Also has articles describing the Montes Azules Biosphere Preserve which includes butterfly ranching among its many projects.

Conservation Breeding Specialist Group

A conservation group who's mission is "to assist conservation of threatened animal and plant species through scientific management of small populations in wild habitats, with linkage to captive populations where needed." Check out their site to learn more about their programs and publications, read the current issue of their newsletter, or find out how you can assist.

Conservation International

Learn all about the company that works in rain forests, coastal and coral reef systems, dry forests, deserts, and wastelands in over twenty-two countries. Also, find out what you can do to assist actor Harrison Ford, Intel Chairman/CEO Gordon Moore, and the rest of CI in their ongoing fight to conserve our environment.

Coral Reef Alliance, The

This site is the diving-in point for an alliance made up of snorkelers, divers, and others who realize the value of our coral reefs and are working to preserve them. The alliance sponsors a number of conservation projects which you can sign up for online.

Endangered Plants: Images

When one thinks of endangered species, one typically thinks solely of animals. Several species of plants , however, are threatened and endangered as well. They are shown here along with information regarding their status and location.

Endangered Species

View recent additions to the endangered species list, as well as the entire list sorted by group or region. View a list of extinct animals. This site also contains many images of creatures on the list.

GreenLife Society—North America

The goal of the GLSNA is to contribute to the protection and conservation of endangered flora and fauna. They feel that every species has a right to exist regardless of whatever resource value they hold for man. The organization was founded in 1983 and is staffed primarily by volunteers.

International Palm Society

The IPS is a group consisting of almost 3,000 members in over 80 countries dedicated to study, culture, and preservation of palm trees around the world. Their Web site gives general information about the society, membership information, and offers access to several palm oriented publications.

International Wildlife Education & Conservation (IWEC)

A great resource for people who want to learn about wildlife conservation and how to get involved in hands-on projects. IWEC's unique projects include: wildlife adoption, animal-assisted therapy, enrichment for captive wildlife, endangered species reproduction, wildlife rehabilitation, ecotravel, wildlife kits, and many others. This is a new no-nonsense, grassroots organization which believes in the reinforcement of the human-animal bond and the respect & well-being of all living creatures.

John Muir Exhibit

Learn about the great naturalist, conservationist, and founder of the Sierra Club. The site includes pictures, a time line of Muir's life, his writings, and more. Learn how to celebrate "John Muir Day".

League of Conservation Voters

The League believes that the best way to achieve environmental results is through successful environmental legislation. Their goal is to elect members to congress who truly care about the environment. They provide a scorecard, which lets the public know how the House and Senate rate in environmental voting, in addition to providing a means to contact representatives to let them know that we care and are watching them.

Maine Solar House

A great way to conserve energy (thereby reducing strain on the environment) is by using sustainable forms of energy. This site is an example of the practical use of solar energy in a home. It includes house plans and information about solar heat and energy.

Marine Fish Conservation Network, The

Due to decades of overfishing, our nation's marine life is severely depleted, and fisheries are going bankrupt. Learn how you can be part of the solution to this marine crisis.

Mr. Solar Home Page

"Mr. Solar" is a man in Utah who along with his wife has been living on solar energy for over eighteen years. His goal is to help everyone become as self sufficient as he and his wife have been. His site includes the "Ask Mr. Solar" column, over 100 articles on alternative energy, and how-tos on setting up your own solar electric system.

National Association of Service and Conservation Corps

The National Association of Service and Conservation Corps (NASCC) is the membership organization for youth corps programs. NASCC serves as an advocate, central reference point and source of assistance for the growing number of state and local youth corps around the country.

National Audubon Society

Get background information on the Society, its namesake John James Audubon, and his natural art. Find your local chapter and get membership information. You can even join online.

National Recreation and Park Association ( NRPA ) Home Page

Home page of the National Recreation & Park Association (NRPA). NRPA is committed to advancing parks, recreation and environmental conservation efforts that enhance the quality of life for all people.

Northeast Document Conservation Center

The Northeast Document Conservation Center specializes in the conservation of paper-based materials including books, documents, art on paper, and photographs. NEDCC also offers microfilming and photographic duplication services, disaster assistance, preservation consulting, and educational outreach.

Redwood Region Audubon Society

The Redwood Region Audubon Society is a local chapter of the National Audubon Society. Its parent organization is among the oldest and largest private conservation organizations in the world. The society works on behalf of natural heritage through environmental education and conservation action. It protects wildlife in more than seventy sanctuaries from coast to coast.

Sempervirens Fund

A nonprofit land conservancy (the oldest in California), the fund works to protect redwood forests from threats such as population growth and logging. Learn how you can help keep these magnificent trees available for public enjoyment.

Surfrider Foundation USA

This grassroots eco-surf organization is dedicated to the preservation of biological diversity on our coasts. They emphasize low-impact "surfaris" and environmental education among surfers and others to maintain a synergy between man and beach.

USDA—Natural Resources Conservation Service

The NRCS helps private landowners to develop conservation systems suited to their land. They also work with rural and urban communities alike to reduce erosion, conserve water, and solve other resource problems.

Wildlife Conservation Society/ Bronx Zoo

The Wildlife Conservation Society, headquartered at the Bronx Zoo, is dedicated to the conservation wildlife around the world.


Most Contaminated Spot on the Planet, The

Dedicated to the victims of radiation in the area of Chelyabinsk, Russia, this site provides information about the various calamities that have befallen the area. Learn why the area was closed to foreigners for over forty-five years.

Oil Spill Public Information Center

In March of 1989, the Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million gallons of oil into Prince William Sound. This site is a wealth of information concerning this major ecological disaster, including maps, photos, and information about the effects of the spill on wildlife.


Cliff Ecology Research Group

A group of ecologists dedicated to the study of cliffs. Learn about ancient cedars on cliffs, effects of human trampling, and cryptoendolithic organisms.

Earth Watch

A nonprofit membership organization that sponsors scientific field research projects. Their mission is "to improve human understanding of the planet, the diversity of its inhabitants, and the processes that affect the quality of life on Earth."


ECOlogists Linked for Organizing Grassroots Initiatives and Action is a group that "replaces cold war competition with environmental cooperation". Headquartered in the U.S., this group's mission is to provide assistance to environmental groups in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network

EMAN is a network where ecologists from around the globe can share research, experiments, and ideas. Here ecologists can discuss emerging issues and trends and also develop options for future ecological policies.

Ecology Action Centre

The EAC have been protecting the environment since 1972. Their site contains several environmental FAQs, including definitions for the ever-growing list of environmental acronyms. The Information Centre also contains access to their library, policy papers, and their quarterly magazine "Between the Issues".

Ecology And the Conservation of Natural Resources

Culminating experience whose mission is aided by knowledge of biology, chemistry, and geology. Includes content topics, corresponding performance objectives, correlation with National Science Education Standards.


Envirolink provides a comprehensive amount of up-to-date environmental resources. Fellow environmentalists can communicate here via live video conferencing and chat rooms as well as access an environmental library and real-time environmental data.

Envirolink Freenet


Obtain a free account on the Envirolink network. Access the Internet Green Marketplace, Worldwide Environmental Bulletin Boards, and online Enviroservices, such as EnviroChat. By signing on with the freenet, you also get an e-mail account.

International Center for Tropical Ecology

Combining the expertise of ecologists and systematists from both the University of Missouri-St. Louis and the Missouri Botanical Garden, the ICTE promotes research and education in biodiversity, conservation, and the sustainable use of tropical ecosystems.

Missouri Botanical Garden

The MBG's Web site contains beautiful photographs of some of the many rare plants grown at their greenhouse. Information is also available from the research division in the field of biodiversity. A collection of online books is also accessible.

Natural Disaster Reference Database

The Natural Disaster Reference Database is a bibliographic database on research, programs, and results that relate to the use of satellite remote sensing for disaster mitigation. The database was created since there is at present no single source from which the scientific or disaster management communities can obtain information on the accomplishments and capabilities of remote sensing for disaster reduction. The database is a compilation of abstracted from articles published since 1981.


An environmental site that features readings, inspirational quotes, a list of upcoming events, and a list of things that you can do today to help keep our earth beautiful and healthy.

Questions About Biodiversity

Answers basic environmental questions from "What is biodiversity?" to "How can I help protect biodiversity?".


ReliefWeb aims to assist the humanitarian community in effectively preparing and responding to complex emergencies and natural disasters by improving information sharing.



An unmoderated Usenet newsgroup aimed at environmental scientists and activists. Topics of discussion include ozone depletion, overpopulation, pesticides, nuclear energy, sustainable agriculture and much, much more.



An unmoderated Usenet newsgroup whose focus is the environment and environmental issues. This group is posted by environmentalists and anti-environmentalists alike, to make for a lively discussion.


Academy for Conservation and Ecology

The Academy for Conservation and Ecology (ACE) is a nonprofit institution providing a unique opportunity for high school students to study conservation and ecology in the field.

Arizona EarthVision

Utilizing communications methods such as CU-SeeMe video conferencing and audio transmissions, this site provides high school students with an infusion of environmental education. An e-mail discussion list is also available. Many guest speakers have their speeches broadcast from here.

Ask An Earth Scientist

The Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Hawaii generously provides this question answering service. If you have a question about geochemistry, the environment, pollution, or other earth-related subjects, the faculty will do their best to provide you with an answer.

Association of University Environmental Health Sciences Centers

The AUEHSC is a consortium of research centers, funded by an NIEHS program dedicated to the study of environmental health problems. The site is an outreach intended to 1) educate the public of the purpose of the Program, and 2) inform members and the public of contacts/events/available resources to help solve environmental health problems.

Community Environmental Action Web

The main focus of this site is ACTION! This site will help you fight ignorance and evaluate choices, the first two steps towards taking action. It also posts experiences of those who have taken action in order for all like-minded individuals to share and benefit from, as well as offer advice.

Connecting With Nature

The University of Global Education presents Project Natureconnect, a project which has as its goal the reconnection of humans with nature. Take advantage of PNC's books, e-mail courses, workshops, and mailing list to help gain back personal and global sanity.

Destination Conservation: Environmental Education

The Destination Conservation site graphically presents the success this educational program has had helping hundreds of schools reduce energy use, water consumption and waste production.

Earth System Science Community Home Page, The

When learning Earth Science, students need resources that are not always readily available in the classroom. Enter the ESSC. Their goal is to provide students and teachers with advanced scientific resources via the WWW which will enable them to quickly and easily begin learning about the Earth system.

EE Link

Focuses on spreading information and ideas that help educators and students to explore the environment together. Contains classroom resources and activities, educational contacts, reference material, and more.


EnviroNet is a network of teachers, scientists, environmental educators, and others who utilize telecommunication to enhance environmental science education. EnviroNet began in 1992 as a Teacher Enhancement Project at Simmons College in Boston which is funded by the National Science Foundation. The purpose of the project is to enhance environmental science education in the K–12 community throughout New England and the nation with the use of telecommunication technology.

Environmental Education Services, Inc.

Environmental workbook/magazine publisher for elementary school level. Also offers tailor-made environmental curriculum.

Environmental Education Workshops

List of hands-on, field and activities-based science and EE workshops designed for everyone including teachers and resource agency personnel. List includes available scholarships.

Environmental Information Center

The EIC serves as a "war room" for public environmental education in the areas of protecting America's endangered species and ecosystems, protecting drinking water supplies, and reacting to global climate change. The site contains articles, links, and a RealAudio program.

Environmental Management Science Program

The Environmental Management Science Program is sponsoring targeted, long-term basic research so that "transformational" or breakthrough approaches will lead to significantly reduced environmental cleanup costs and risks, and is serving as a stimulus for focusing the nation's science infrastructure on environmental management problems.


The Florida Internet Center for Understanding Sustainability seeks to provide a forum for the exchange of information about Florida's ecosystem, biodiversity, water, and exotic species.

The Global Environment Information Centre

The Global Environment Information Centre is a joint initiative of the United Nations University and the Environment Agency of Japan. It is founded on UN's Agenda 21 and is a centre for global projects, networking and information on environmental issues. It will foster mechanisms to link NGOs with international policy-making processes.

GLOBE Program, The

Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment is a group of students, teachers, and scientists who work together to learn more about our Earth. GLOBE students, with the help of their teachers, gather scientific data at their schools and pass it along to other students via the Internet. Scientists analyze the data and share their findings. The result is a better understanding of the Earth system.

GREENGUIDE—How to Trim Your Office Waste

This page contains practical guidelines for making your office a more efficient, waste-free organization. You'll learn how electronic publishing, use of recycled materials, and efficient purchasing can reduce waste. (And you might even save some money to boot!)

Griffith University—Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Some broad objectives of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences are to develop an understanding of the interrelationships between human societies and their environments, especially in relation to the implications of social structure and technology for resource development and the human impact on the environment.

Handbook for a Better Future

Developed as a guide to show what individuals can do to make the future better. Divided into two parts, "Situation" and "Solutions", the handbook contains articles by top scientists and authors. Also included is a suggested reading list for background environmental education.

Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Programme (HDP)

The Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Programme (HDP) was initiated in 1990 by the International Social Science Council (ISSC). It was organized in parallel with the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) and the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) that focus on biogeochemical processes and climatic processes that induce global environmental change. (The WCRP forms a part of the World Climate Programme (WCP) managed by the World Meteorological Organization.)

Institute for Earth Education

Dedicated to creating educational experiences that instill good feelings for the natural world, lessen our impact on our planet, and develop personal relationships with the earth and its systems. Many educational products are available, including books, pamphlets, and more.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

Provides information on litter prevention and solid waste management (i.e., recycling, composting, waste-to-energy, sanitary landfilling). Offers lesson plans for teachers, awards programs, and links to our community affiliates. All of our free publications are now available on-line.

Okefenokee Joe's Natural Education Center

Visit Joe's "Critter Center" and learn about the residents of the Okefenokee swamp, a 700 square mile area that is one of the last remaining places where natural balance exists. Also visit the "Natural Garden" to learn more about Okefenokee's plant life.

Olympic Natural Resources Center

Research and Education Facility of University of Washington, College of Forest Resources and Ocean and Fisheries Sciences. Finding pragmatic solutions to forest and marine sustainable resource management.

Palisade CO High School Science Department

Home page developed by the Palisade High School science department to share information of interest to other educators. Emphasis is placed on environmental education and wildlife habitat.

Plastic Bag Information Clearinghouse

This site provides information that will prepare you for the next time you hear "Paper or plastic?". In addition, an environmental IQ test, free lesson plans available for teachers, and a section just for kids is available.

State Education and Environment Roundtable

Provides research reports about education, education reform, and education about the environment. Also offers links to education and environment web sites.

Texas Environmental Center

Access to environmental resources concerning water quality resources, documentaries, the Texas Environmental Almanac, GreenBeat!, and other environmental Internet resources.

World Transformation

Is a page dedicated to helping people change their lifestyle in an attempt to become more harmonious with the earth. Includes sections such as Positive Vibrations, New Civilization, Spiritual Evolution, and more.


Air That Kills Us, The

This page was written by Scott Lewko, a 15-year-old Canadian who is aware of the dangers of air pollution. Scott documents what the major sources of air pollution are and offers solutions so we can all breath a little bit easier.

Breath Taking

Did you know that an estimated 64,000 people will die this year as a direct result of air pollution? This site documents the number of moralities per state, with some interesting figures detailing pollutant concentration in 239 metropolitan areas.

Burning Issues/Clean Air Revival

Learn about the hazards of wood burning. This site should be of particular interest to anyone who owns and uses a fireplace. Learn the contents of wood smoke and the effects of just one person burning wood.

Ecocide in the U.S.S.R.

Chernobyl was only one of many economic travesties in the former Soviet Union. This site contains information about the environmental horrors at Chernobyl, Chelyabinsk, Petropavlovsk, and more. Interestingly this site shows how the USSR brought about its own demise by disregarding its environmental obligations.

Economics of Industrial Pollution Home Page, The

In an effort to cut down on industrial pollution on a global scale, PRDEI have conducted several studies on the effectiveness of regulatory policies. Find out which polices work, which don't, and why. This site also houses an industrial pollution FAQ.

Environmental Data Services

Environmental Data Services' Web site includes information on obtaining hazardous waste environmental data from the EPA and other state and federal agencies.

EPIC Home Page

This page is the Department of Energy's Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse. The site was developed as a medium for the exchange of pollution prevention information between various levels of government, academic institutions, and the general public.

Friends of the Earth Local Groups

Friends of the Earth is a network of environmental activists consisting of over 250 local groups in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. To find the local group nearest to you, check out their Web page!

Georgia Pollution Prevention Assistance Division

This site, maintained by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, provides access to issues of its newsletter, From The Source, and also has a staff of online engineers and scientists available to answer pollution questions submitted by users.

Geothermal Energy

As we all become more environmentally aware, we search for ways to eliminate pollution. One way suggested to reduce air pollution is by utilizing renewable heat energy from deep in the earth. Browse this page to learn all you ever wanted to know about geothermal energy.

How To Survive Without a Car

You've seen it in foreign countries—streets filled with bicycles and not a car in sight. Some people feel that living without a car is a great way to cut down on air pollution. This is a practical guide on how to successfully manage without an auto in the U.S.

Impact of Lead-Contaminated Soil on Public Health

Lead pollution is a very serious danger to public health, and can lead to anything from increased hypertension to death. Learn what you can do to protect yourself in this very thorough paper published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology (ICPET)

The Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology is industry's entry point to a network of research facilities and talent focused on bringing innovative 'clean process' technology to industry.

National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education

The NPPC's goal is to educate students about pollution prevention. To this end, they develop educational materials that can be used by university faculty to increase their students' prevention awareness. They also offer internships, professional training, and conferences.

Natural History Book Service

This book ordering service is designed to take care of all the environmental book needs of individuals and organizations alike. They have over 25,000 titles online, including books, CD-ROMs, and other materials. Everything can be ordered via e-mail for convenience.


Air & Waste Management Association, The

The AWMA's purpose is "to enhance environmental knowledge and provide quality information on which to base environmental decisions." At their home site, one can find information on becoming a member and a calendar of events that includes annual meetings and workshops. Potential environmental scholars can find a list of schools that offer advanced degrees in Environmental Science here.

Earthwise Travels

Provides resources for travelers who want to be socially responsible. Explains why socially responsible travel is important, and what can be done to reverse the effects of negative tourism trends.

Ecology Vet

Preservation medicine is the application of medical art to sustain, restore, and preserve ecosystems and fish and wildlife populations.

Environmental Defense Fund

The group that formed in 1967 to fight the use of DDT is still going and is over 300,000 strong. They need your help in addressing what the feel are the nine most critical environmental issues of the 90's. Check out their site to find out what those are and what you can do.

Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water

This beautifully produced site explores American water resources with an emphasis on the quality of our nation's water features powerful searching, imagery, animation, kid's pages, valuable publications, and informative hot links.

Fragile Legacy

The endangered, threatened, and rare animals of South Dakota. The site contains pictures, maps, and descriptions of these endangered birds, fish, insects, reptiles and mammals. Information is also provided for what you should do if you happen to see one of the animals on this list.

Greenpeace USA

As Chief Seattle said in 1854, "The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth...We did not weave the web of life; we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves." Here you can find out what Greenpeace is all about and get yourself involved in saving our planet.

Headwaters Forest

Headwaters forest is the last unprotected ancient redwood forest on earth and is about to be cut down by loggers. Get background information on the forest and learn what you can do to help prevent its demise. Includes a list of influential people you can write to for help.

International Greens

Read about the developments of green political parties worldwide from 1994–1996, and what the agendas are for the remainder of 1996–1998. Also gives overviews of all green political parties worldwide, sorted by continent.

Rainforest Preservation Foundation

Rainforest Preservation Foundation is a non-profit organization, and a federally registered 501(3) charity that is dedicated to preserving vast areas of rainforest in the Amazon basin.

US Environmental Protection Agency

At the EPA home page, you can access documents such as official EPA press releases, the EPA Journal and more. All EPA programs are documented online, from "Acid Rain" to "Wetlands". Through this page you can send your comments directly to the EPA, as well as apply for employment with them.

Welcome to Sherwood

Sherwood Forest, once the great woodland hideout of the famed Robin Hood, is becoming a wasteland. Learn about the Sherwood Initiative and what it's doing to preserve this famous wood.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

The WDCS "campaigns against those countries and people who continue to kill whales and dolphins for profit." At their home page you can find information about how to protect whales and dolphins from foes such as commercial whalers and tuna fishermen.

The Whale Museum's Orca Adoption Program

What better way to "save the whales" than by adopting one? By adopting Ralph, Saratoga, Missy, Princess Angeline, Deadhead, Raven, or any of the number of orcas that swim the waters of Puget Sound and southern British Columbia, you'll be supporting orca research and education.

Products & Services

Black-Gold Oil Conditioning Systems

Black-Gold Enterprises offers companies a means to reclaim their wasted oil, thus cutting down on waste. Oil reclamation saves the company money and saves our environment from unnecessary pollution.

Buy Green

This site is an excellent resource for learning to buy more "green" items. It maintains a list of companies that have developed guidelines and standards for green products, and a list of green products.

Earth Folk Catalog

Here you can purchase products from naturalist artists such as Doug Elliot, James Billie, and Okefenokee Joe. Products include videos, cassettes, T-shirts, and more.

Earth Shirts

Earth Shirts is a cottage company from the woods of Southern Oregon that offers ecosafe T-shirts, biodegradable cleanup cloths, coffee mugs, and an incredible meat-free burger mix.

Eco Store

Eco Store offers paper products made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials and soy-based ink products. Products include letterheads, envelopes, greeting cards, and even a papermaking kit to help turn your junk mail into something useful.


Lovers of baseball caps and the environment rejoice! Eco-heads provides a complete line of caps produced entirely from organic cotton and wool. Caps are also available with environmental logos from organizations such as Greenpeace and The Wilderness Society.


A company that specializes in electric automobiles. The site explains the advantages of owning and operating an electric car, the costs involved, and it's practicality. This site also provides many links to "anyone who has anything to do with electric cars."

Electronic Lobbyist for Renewable Energy, The

At this site you can find out who your congressperson is, check their voting record on renewable energy, and lobby them by sending e-mail in support of wind, biomass, solar, and hydroelectric energy.

Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Site Assessment is Windows software for the preparation of Phase 1 environmental liability reports. Environmental software written by an environment professional.

Environmental Software Resources

The Environmental Software Resource Guide is a maintained database containing information for over 2,200 environmental software products from over 600 software vendors. Information is provided concerning the programs' major functions and what environmental media they deal with.

Frank Mikesh Natural History Books

Specializing in out-of-print natural history books in over 30 searchable categories in current on-line catalog

Geotechnical & Geo-Environmental Software Directory

Provided as a free resource for all geotechnical and geo-environmental engineers, this directory catalogues over 600 pieces of software dealing mainly with Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, and Geotechnical Engineering. Listings are free for all software suppliers.

Green Bean

A source for environment friendly products such as biodegradable toothbrushes, "save the earth" lunch bags, homemade soaps and shampoos, flannel diapers, and more.


A Web page design company that specializes in pages for socially and environmentally responsible organizations. Services include Web site design, photo scanning, Web site promotion, Web hosting, and CGI scripting.


Take the "How Green are You?" test, and then increase your score by using Greenway's environmentally sound products. Greenway offers products for home and personal care, as well as tips to help you get your home clean without the use of toxic chemicals.

Hemp Baby

Hemp Baby provides a full line of baby clothing, both for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. There is a twist, however—their entire line of clothing is made entirely from hemp! Products include baseball caps, overalls, and winter jackets.

Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain is an environment friendly company that dates back to 1972. Their 112 page catalog contains over 4,000 products including energy efficient lighting, air purification devices, plans for electric transportation, cotton shower curtains and much, much more.

Mother Nature's General Store

A supplier of environmentally sound products, the General Store has items for sale in the areas of appliances, diet products, bath and dental supplies, groceries, herbs, pet supplies, vitamins, books and more.

Real Goods

Real Goods provides tools to promote a sustainable living environment, emphasizing independent living and energy self-sufficiency. Those interested in solar powered housing, electric automobiles, and renewable energy will find this site particularly appealing.

Smokeless Cooking Products

Those aware of the harmful by-products of charcoal and wood burning will cherish being able to cook using only the power of the sun. With these smokeless grills, not only will you be sparing our environment, you'll also never burn your hot dogs again.

The Sun's Joules Multimedia CD-ROM on Renewable Energy

The Sun's Joules CD-ROM is an interactive multimedia encyclopedia on renewable energy and the environment. It includes sections on solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, biomass, transportation, economics, and the environment with 60 video clips, 10 interactive exercises, and more.

The Video Project

An abundance of videos about the environment. Videos are available concerning all aspects of the environment, from endangered species to sustainable development, water, and wildlife.

ZAP Power Systems

Zero Air Pollution (ZAP) Power Systems promotes the use of electric vehicles as a cleaner means of transportation. Their line is a collection of electric powered bicycles for use by young and old alike. They also sell a patented power system that can be installed on an existing bicycle.


AHC Corporate Environmental Strategy: The Journal of Environmental Leaders

AHC Corporate Environmental Strategy: The Journal of Environmental Leadership (CES) is a quarterly publication devoted to describing the connection between strategic environmental management and sound business strategy. The journal welcomes submissions with the corporate executive practitioner or public policy maker in mind.

Atlantic Monthly Election Connection: Environment, The

This environmental page of The Atlantic Monthly, a publication "Devoted to Politics, Society, the Arts, and Culture since 1857" contains many well written articles about our environment.

CNN—Environment News Main Page

In addition to being a news superchannel on cable television, CNN also maintains a large WWW presence. Tune in to their environment page to keep abreast of the latest breaking environmental news as it happens.

Conscious Choice

The Journal of Ecology & Natural Living. This bi-monthly publication of the American Midwest focuses on environmental issues and natural alternatives in health care, food, and nutrition. Regular departments include News of the Earth, Legislative Action, The Holistic M.D., Eco Surf, and Veggie Links, as well as book and movie reviews.

DOE Office of Environmental Policy and Assistance

The DOE Office of Environmental Policy and Assistance develops DOE-wide environmental protection policies and strategies for protecting the public and the environment and for achieving environmental compliance with internal and external environmental requirements. Use this page to learn about the Office, find out the latest about regulatory initiatives, and view and download guidance documents.

Duke Environment Magazine

Published twice yearly by Duke University, this magazine contains articles devoted to valuing nature, ecology, wetlands, recycling and more.

Dying Sea, The

The Sea of Cortez, one of the great natural wonders of the world, is being destroyed. This is a touching series that gives pertinent information about the destruction with photos.

E Online

E/The Environmental Magazine also has an online version which provides valuable environmental insights. Those who are interested in leading a "green" life will enjoy the articles that E provides. Also available is Ask E, where one can submit environmental questions to be answered by the knowledgeable staff of E.

Earth First! Journal

Are you a radical ecologist? Do you believe in "monkeywrenching" and "ecotage"? If so, you'll likely enjoy this collection of journals that are intentionally provocative, controversial, and fun. Incidentally, the Earth First! Journal is published eight times a year, once on each Pagan holiday.

The Earth Times Home Page

Earth Times is an environmental newspaper published twice a month. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, and many other world leaders have been known to grace the opinion pages here. You can find out how to subscribe to the print edition, or browse recent issues online.


The current issue of this journal hosted by the Envirolink Network is dedicated to articles about nonindiginous species. Previous issues of the journal devote their pages to Tropical Rainforests and Landscape Ecology. Also available is a photo page which contains all of the photos from all articles of the current issue collected on one page.

Ecology Law Quarterly

One of the most respected and widely-read journals on environmental law and policy, Ecology Law Quarterly provides fresh insights and analysis from leading authors on critical environmental affairs. Synthesizing legal and technical matters, ELQ's articles are cited frequently in court opinions, by legal institutions, and by attorneys.

Electronic Green Journal

The Journal is an electronic publication with new issues being made available on an irregular basis by the University of Idaho Library. Currently five issues are available, each with a wealth of articles and reviews on the subjects of: assessment, conservation, development, disposal, education, hazards, pollution, resources, technology, and treatment.

Environmental Ethics Journal

This site plays home to a vast collection of articles that concentrate on the philosophical side of environmental issues. Through this site you can access The Whole Earth Review, Green Earth Observer, and The Bear Essential.

Environmental News Network

The ENN see themselves as "your one stop on the Internet for timely news and information on the environment." This may well be true. Featured here are listings of companies who offer environmental products and services, a calendar of upcoming events and workshops, an environmental newsletter and much, much more.

Environmental Protection Magazine Online

Visit Environmental Protection Online! Read articles from past issues, e-mail editors, find related sites and discuss environmental issues in the EP Forum.

Grassroots Youth Magazine

Selected articles from Grassroots Youth Magazine, a publication dedicated to providing kids with environmental information. The articles are written by kids, and are intended to be read by kids.

GREEN PAGES—The Global Directory for Environmental Technology

A single reference source for government departments, utility companies, engineering consultants, development agencies, importers and traders, educational institutes, non-governmental organizations and individuals engaged in environmental activities.


An Internet magazine published monthly by the Texas Environmental Center. Issues are available back to November 1995 and are devoted to Drought, Air Quality, Earth Day, Pathways to Involvement, Wastewater, Bioregionalism, Green Building, and Water Quality respectively.


Greenlines is a one page environmental news sheet published each and every day. This site is perfect for those who want a quick update on relevant environmental happenings but don't have a lot of time to read in-depth articles.

Greenpeace Magazines & Newsletters

A collection of Greenpeace publications—including Greenpeace Magazine, Greenpeace Action, Greenlink, Greenpeace Examiner, and Greenpeace Business.

Natural Areas Journal

The Journal, published by the Natural Areas Association, is a communication medium for those involved in preservation, protection, and management of natural areas. Naturalists can find articles which focus on natural parks and preserves, rare and endangered species, and land preservation, as well as book reviews and a calendar of forthcoming conferences and workshops.

The Online Better World Magazine

An electronic magazine that offers feature articles on living a "greener" life. The magazine also features editorials, opinions, book reviews, and interactive discussions.

Our Environment—Online

This issue, number four, deals primarily with energy facts, technology, and conservation. The first three issues are also available, entitled "The Alarming Language of Pollution", "How Hot Is It?", and "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?".

People and the Planet

Provides a means to subscribe to the print version of the magazine or just browse the articles online. Articles have various environmental content. Videos are also available.

Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly


An extensive collection of articles on the subjects of pesticides, sustainable development, global warming, waste management, and much more.

Ranger Rick

Remember Ranger Rick? This children's magazine now has several of its articles published on the Net, not to mention an index of topics that goes all the way back to 1968!

Science & The Environment

This bimonthly magazine contains chapters on Biodiversity & Wildlife, Health, Population, & Agriculture, Marine Ecology, Clean Water, Alternative Energy & Fuels, Climate Change & Atmospheric Studies, Waste Management & Recycling, and Clean Air.

SCOPE Newsletter

The Newsletter, published by the Scientific Committee on Phosphates in Europe is devoted to information concerning phosphates, detergents, sewage treatment, and the environment. The Newsletter contains objective articles containing scientific information on the effects of detergents, phosphate and non-phosphate, on the environment.

Senior Network News

Published by the Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement, this newsletter is directed towards senior citizens who want to leave their grandchildren with a healthy Earth. It provides information on environmental issues, model programs, and success stories.

Suncoast Wildlife/Ecology

A collection of articles dealing with a variety of "critters" in Florida's Suncoast, such as dolphins, jewfish, and sea turtles. Also discussed are coral reefs, native plants, and anything else relevant to the Suncoast environment.

Viva La Tortuga!

Viva La Tortuga! is the newsletter of the Sea Turtle Restoration Project of Earth Island Institute. Inside you can find information on sea turtle activism, including where to buy turtle-safe shrimp.

WWW Virtual Library—Environment, The

A directory of many environmental articles based on the subjects of Biodiversity & Ecology, Earth Sciences, Energy, Environmental Law, Forestry, Landscape Architecture, Oceanography, and Sustainable Development.


Cleaning Up C.E. Cole

The kids of Mr. Yelles and Mr. Kondisko's classes at C.E. Cole intermediate school are concerned about their environment. They started several recycling projects, including this recycling Web page that documents their efforts.

Commonly Recycled Materials

Consider this Web page to be Recycling 101. It explains everything you might not have previously understood about recycling, including those cryptic looking recycling markers. The work here is an effort to make recycling a natural part of everyone's everyday life.

The Consumer Recycling Guide: Index to Local Recycling Centers

So you want to become environmentally conscious and start recycling, but you don't know where to do it? Not a problem once you access this index to find a local recycling center near you. The list is always growing and has listings for all 50 states, as well as select international sites.


GreenDisk helps reduce the landfill problem by taking obsolete software and recycling it into usable blank floppy diskettes. This process saves tons of plastic from taking up valuable landfill space and provides end users with inexpensive, high quality diskettes.


The table on this page provides valuable information on how to reduce our consumption, reuse frequently discarded items, and recycle materials that can be reprocessed. It also contains special handling instructions for materials from batteries to wood pallets.

The Recycle Link

This page, brought to you by Cyber Recycle, Inc., will both help you find a recycling program in your area and teach you what exactly can or cannot be recycled. You can also find information on manufacturers who utilize recyclables and the products they make.

Recycle Locally

Did you ever wonder what happens to the materials you recycle once they're out of your hands? The city of Rolla documents its recycling program and tells its citizens exactly where their recycled goods are headed.

Recycler's World

The mother of all recycling sites! You will find pages for every possible recyclable material, from automotive parts to wood and plastics. It even has a section for organic & food waste recycling.

The Sun's Joules Multimedia CD-ROM on Renewable Energy



Environmental Issues


A variety of stories, essays and book reviews covering various environmental issues and ideas.

EPA Online Library System


Search the EPA's online system by author, title, keywords, year of publication and so on.

Great Lakes Information Network


A network to store and disseminate bi-national data and information regarding environmental issues, resource management, transportation, demographic and development data and other information and resources in the Great Lakes region of the U.S and Canada.





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