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Bird International  Organisations
Birds Organisations in 61 countries, not all of them are bird focused. These can be a good starting point when you are trying to contact people, organisations and universities outside your own country.

Asociación Ornithológica del Plata
Belize Audobon Society
BirdLife Americas Regional Office
BirdLife Asia Partnership
Birds Australia
BirdLife Austria
BirdStudies Canada
The Bahamas National Trust
Réserves Naturelles et Ornithologiques de Belgiques de Belgique, RNOB
Canada Nature Federation
Chilean Ornithologists Union
Chinese Wild Bird Federation (Taiwan)
Dansk Orintologisk Forening
Fundacion Ornitologica del Ecuador, CECIA
Falkland Islands
BirdLife Finland
German society for the protection of nature NABU (Germany)
Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society
Hong Kong Bird Watching Society
Hungary -'MME'
BirdLife Indonesia Programme
LIPU (Italy)
Gosse Bird Club (Jamaica)
Wild Bird Society of Japan
Lëtzebueger Natur-a Vulleschutzliga (LNVL) (Luxembourg)
Malaysian Nature Society
BirdLife Malta
CIPAMEX - Mexico
Norsk Ornitologisk Forening
Panama Audubon Society
Paraguay - Fundación Moisés Bertoni
Haribon Foundation for Conservation of Natural Resources (Philippines)
Romanian Ornithological Society
The Nature Society (Singapore)
BirdLife South Africa
SOF (BirdLife Partner in Sweden)
Switzerland (SVS)
DHKD Turkey
Royal Society for the Protectionof Birds, UK

Where do you want to go birding today?
American Bird Conservancy
American Birding Association
Audubon Latin American Bulletin
Bird Life
International Birding
Partners in Flight
Wild Macaws
Fat Birder


World Birding Associations

About Birding/Wild Birds
Articles and extensive links

Bird Links to the World
Comprehensive collection of links related to birds, birding, and birders, divided by geographic location.

Bird Ringing and Banding Links
Compilation of links related to the ringing (banding) of wild birds.

BirdChat Quiz
Stephane Moniotte's site with quiz birds, results of past quizzes, and photographs.

Birding on the Net
Recent messages of birding e-mail groups, rare bird alerts, artwork, checklists, news, and links.

Birding the World
Don Roberson's detailed guide to birding in each of the world's biogeographic regions.
Photos, songs, birding hot spots, checklists, links, and advice for new and backyard birders.

Worldwide list of contacts, grouped by location, who are willing to help travelling birdwatchers.

Fat Birder
News, comprehensive worldwide birding links, and reviews.

GORP - Birding
Articles, guides to sites throughout the world, species information, resources, and links of interest to birders.

International birding journal with articles, photo gallery, and resources.

International Migratory Bird Day
Annual event held the second Saturday in May. Brief information about the event and online store.

Interpretive Birding Bulletin
Newsletter for understanding bird behavior in North America and Australia, with sample articles.

Ocean Wanderers
Seabird news, pelagic birding around the world, annotated lists of seabirds and marine mammals, photo gallery, photo quiz, list of identification articles, and links.

Network of US birders who share trip expenses to bird distant places as economically as possible. Newsletter and trip reports from around the world.

Suite101: Birds
Articles and links on different topics related to birds and birding.

World birding news, identification and bird finding articles, photographs, sketches, and trip reports.

The Birding Home
Logs of birders' observations from around the world.

Tree of Life
Allen Chartier's trip reports and photographs of birds and other life forms from around the world.

Where Do You Want to Go Birding Today?
Information about birds and birding around the world. Endemic and specialty bird information for many countries; photographs and links to checklists.

Guide to finding rare birds around the world.

Bird Conservation International
A quarterly peer-reviewed journal focusing on the conservation issues affecting birds and their habitats.

Bird Migration and Conservation
Donation and shopping site devoted to bird habitat conservation.

BirdLife International
Global partnership of conservation organisations working for the diversity of all life through the conservation of birds and their habitats.

BirdLife International - Birds to Watch 2
The world list of over 1000 threatened birds, plus information on threats to birds.

BirdLife Seabird Conservation Programme
Examining the impact that longline fisheries have on seabird populations, with the aim of encouraging international communication to find solutions to common problems.

Black Redstart
Information on the habitat, distribution, threats and conservation efforts in the UK.

Breeding Bird Survey Summary and Analysis
Launched in 1966, a monitoring program for all breeding birds in America and Canada.

Capitol City Bird Society
A non-profit organisation dedicated to the care, preservation and captive breeding of all birds.

Center for the Study of Tropical Birds
Conducts programs studying and preserving wildlife in various locations by means of educational programs and research stations.

Conservation Committee of the Avicultural Federation of Australia
Works for the conservation of rare and endangered bird species.

Conservation Through Birding
Nature conservation through the pastime of birding. Provides a powerpoint presentation and information on bird conservation and how birders can get involved.

EU Birds Directive
A directive relating to the conservation of all species of naturally occurring birds in the wild state in the European territory of the Member States to which the Treaty applies. It covers the protection, management and control of these species and lays down rules for their exploitation.

Extinction Risk Analysis for Birds
Projects related to the ecology and conservation of bird species, involving data analysis on the dynamics of endangered and threatened species, developing models for extinction risk assessment, and performing population viability analysis with habitat-based metapopulation models linked to

Great Lakes Bird Conservation
Dedicated to the conservation and management of forest birds in the Laurentian Mixed Forest region of the Western Great Lakes Basin. Includes a project description with management goals and information about bird ecology and conservation.

Hawk and Owl Trust
Gives information on conservation projects, research and education, birds of prey , and membership.

Indonesian Parrot Project
Information on trapping/trafficking in cockatoos and parrots, effects of illegal logging on habitat, and IPP's attempts to mitigate these problems through encouragement of sustainable economic development.

International Aviculturists Society
Dedicated to improving the welfare of parrots and companion birds both in captivity and in the wild. The site contains papers on conservation and research efforts on behalf of parrots as well a general information on parrot care, behavior and disease prevention.

RSPB Store
Gift catalogue of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Seabird Conservation
The Birdlife International Seabird Conservation Programme site includes news, species descriptions, newsletter, events, conservation, research, and links to other seabird sites.

Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
Treats an average of 20-24 wild birds that have been injured and releases them back into the wild. Also has a captive breeding program.

The Action Plan for Australian Birds
Provides a national overview of the conservation status of all birds occurring in Australian territory.

The Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation
Helps conserve birds of prey with the rehabilitating and releasing injured birds of prey back to the wild, captive breeding and release of endangered species, studying and monitoring wild birds of prey populations and encouraging increased public environmental awareness.

The Philippine Eagle Foundation
Information on field research, captive breeding and conservation of Philippine birds of prey andowls.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
A charity that takes action for wild birds and the environment.

Wirral & Ellesmere Port Barn Owl Trust
Registered charity aiming to conserve wild Barn Owl populations. Gives information about the Barn Owl, the activities of the trust and how to become a member.

Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative
Coordinates bird-based projects for effective management of birds in Wisconsin. Includes the background of the organisation, their aims and objectives and a news letter

Searchable archives and subscription management for the e-mail discussion group for wild birds, birders, and birding.

BirdChat Guidelines
Information about the BirdChat e-mail group.

Recent messages from dozens of regional birding e-mail groups.

E-mail group for discussion of threatened and endemic birds worldwide and expeditions to see them.

Frontiers of Field ID
Archives and subscription management for the e-mail group for discussion of advanced bird identification issues.


Frontiers of Field ID Family Archive
Selected messages from the e-mail group for advanced birding, sorted by family.

E-mail group for news of very rare birds from around the world.

Special Venezuela s Local Orgs

AVIFAUNA list server (relating to Neotropical birds). for subscription to the group see the web site

Birds and Birding in Venezuela

Neotropical Bird Club

Researchers have discovered a new species of finch but its Venezuelan river

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Birdwatching Tours


Venezuela - home to 40 percent of South America's bird species; home to 43 protected National Parks

 Day One: Upon arrival we will be transferred to Caracas, and our hotel for the evening at Hotel Caracas

 Day Two to Four: This morning we will depart early to drive to Maracay. We will explore one of Venezuela’s natural gems, Henri Pittier National Park. Its impressive list of birds includes over 500 species, including 30 species of hummingbirds! This 220,000-acre wonderland goes from cloud forest at 4,000 feet, through several diverse habitats, reaching down no the Caribbean Sea and its mangrove forest. Today we will bird from the cloudforest to the lowland tropical deciduous forest, along the famous Choroni Road. Our day will begin among the giant liana-covered trees of the cloud forest searching out such species as Band-Tailed Guan, Band-tailed Pigeon, Blue-Winged Mountain Tanager, Speckled Hummingbird, Yellow-Legged and Glossy-Black Thrush,a nd perhaps with luck the secreative Black Hawk-Eagle. Later we will work our way down hill towards the small town of Cumboto, where we will picnic at one of the Cocoa plantations looking for soaring Ornate Hawk-Eagle,a nd searching for lineated Woodpecker, Lance-Tailed Mankins, Black-Crested Antshrike, and Orange-Crowned Oriole, Hopefully, we will have time for a swim in the blue Caribbean as we watch soaring frigatebirds and pelicans. Night

 Day Five: We will begin our day at the well-known Rancho Grande Biological Station Henri Pittier National Park searching out such species as White-Tipped Quetzal, Bronzy Inca, Long-Tailed Sylph, Green Jay, golden-Breasted Fruitcater, and Swallow Tanager, after breakfast at Rancho Grande Research Station, we will explore the trails looking for secretive forest birds such as Plumbeous Antshrike, Smoky-Brown Woodpecker, Black-Faced Anthrush,a nd perhaps lined quail-dove. We will hope for a feeding flock of tanagers, (made up of such specialties as Beryl-Spangled, Rufous-Cheeked, Golden, and Blue-Capped Tanagers), and endemics such as Handsome fruteater, Blood-Eared Parakeet, Groove-Billed Toucanet,a nd Guttulated Foliage-Gleaner. In addition, Rancho Grande is a great place to get a good look at Red-Howler Monkey and sloths. We will depart in the late afternoon for Caracas, where we will have dinner and spend the night at the Caracas Hilton Hotel. 

Day Six: Today we have a mid-morning departure flight to Merida, Venezuela’s gateway to the Andes. Merida is set on a plateau surrounded by the country’s highest peaks, Pico Bolivar and Pico Espejo, both over 16,000 feet. It is one of the few areas in Venezuela that still maintains a colonial flavor in its culture and architecture. We will visit the fascinating there-story marketplace, which sells everything from Andrea handicrafts to local fruits, vegetables and spices. We will then check into our hotel, located outside of the city of Merida, in time for lunch. This charming mountain Hotel’s grounds offer us the opportunity for excellent bird-watching, and we are likely to see Slaty Brush-Finch, Black-Capped Tanager,a nd Yellow-Bellied Siskin. Overnight Hotel Belensate.

Day Seven: We will start out early this morning for the cloud forest at La Mucuy, in Sierra Nevada National Park. In this lush, misty forest we will look for Quetzals, Guans, Fruiteaters, Rose-Headed Parakeet, Red-Ruffed Fruitcrow and Merida Sunangel. After lunch we will take a scenic drive through Andrean Villages, climbing into the highlands and our hotel for the evening. Our hotel, located at 8,200 feet, is a replica of a colonial convent, with spectacular views of the mountains and Paramo. Night Hotel La Trucha Azul.

 Day Eight: This morning we will start out early to explore the Paramo. This treeless environment found over 8,000 feet has a unique flora; the dominant plant being a composite, Espeletia, Unique bird species occur here, such as Black-Chested Buzzars Eagle, Paramo Wren, and if we’re lucky the Bearded Helmeterest. We will stop at Lago Mucubaji, a glacial lake in tha Paramo, to look for some of these unique species, and make several stops at lower elevations to look for such specialties as Lacrimose Mountain Tanager, Coal-Black Flower-Piercer, Orange-Throated Sunangel, and Great Thrush, Night Hotel La Trucha Azul.

 Day Nine: Today we will begin our day by exploring the National Park’s cloudforest. In this exquisite forest, its trees in bromeliada, ferns and orchids, we will watch for feeding fruiteaters and tanagers, Golden-Headed Quetzal, and Golden-Bellied Starfrontlet. We will make a special attempt to visit a lek of the Andrean Cock-of-the-Rock; this spectacular bright orange bird is known for the elaborate performance of the males, as they display and dance to attract a female. We will then descend into the foothills looking for Black-and-Chestnut Eagle, Golden and Blue-necked Tanager, Violaceous Jay, and Orange-Headed Oriole. Along the streams we will look for Torrent Duck and White-Capped Dipper, there is the possibility of Spangled Coquette, Booted Racket-Tail and Striped Manakin. We will continue downward, past the lovely Andrean Village of Altamira, into the drier habitats looking for Qhite-Browed antbird, Cinnamon Becard, Golden-Crowned Warbler and Thick-Billed Euphonia. We will spend the night at the Hotel Bristol in Barinas.

Day Ten to Twelve: This morning we will depart early to drive into the vast interior region of Venezuela; The Llanos. Here at Hato El Cedral, a 106,000 acre private wildlife santuary, you will be introduced to one o this continent’s greatest wildlife spectacles. Three days of excursions on this working cattle ranch will likely bring you sights of Jabiru, Maguari, and Wood Stork; seven species of Ibis; White-Necked, Whistling, Capped and Rufescent-Tiger Heron; Homed Screamer, White-Faced and Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks, Orinoco Goose; plus easy sightings of such after birds as Hoatzin, Sunbittern, and Aplomado Falcon; and a long list of 200 other possibilities including Yellow-Knobbed Curassow, Chestnut-Fronted and Scarlet Macaw, plus the near endemic Pale-Headed Jacamar and White-Bearded Flycatcher. In addition we will see herds of Capybara, hundred of Caiman, giant Anaconda, along with mammals such as Red-Howler Monkey, Crab-Eating Raccoon, and Pink Dolphin. Our night time excursion will add immensely to the richness of our visit as we search for night birds, giant Anteater, Crab-Eating Fox, Ocelot and hopefully the Puma.

 Our accommodations at Hato El Cedral are in spacious, air-conditioned, attractively furnished bungalows, each with private bath. The dining room serves excellent family-style meals, and the swimming pool is available throughout our visit. At the end of a long day you may be entertained by the famous Venezuelan cowboys, the “Llaneros”, who with their harps, “cuatros”, and maracas present their beautiful national music for visitors. Nights at Hato El Cedral..

 Day Thirteen: We will have an early morning departure for San Fernando de Apure or Barinas, and our flight back to Caracas. Departure for the airport and our flight home.  

Net prices per person in Double Room

Net Price 7 Pax in Bus US $ 1,972

Net Price 8 Pax in Bus US $ 1,901

Net Price 9 Pax in Bus US $ 1,845

Net Price 10 Pax in Bus US $ 1,801

Net Price 11 Pax in Bus US $ 1,764

Net Price 12 Pax in Bus US $ 1,734

Net Price 13 Pax in Bus US $ 1,708

Net Price 14 Pax in Bus US $ 1,686

Net Price 15 Pax in Bus US $ 1,667

Tour Leader in Double Room US $ 1,400

Single Room Suplement US $ 527


Package Included:

*Accomodations at Indicated Lodges

 *Full Board During the whole trip

*All Ground Transportation

*All Internal Flights


Package Not Inluded:

*Lunch days 2, 10, 13.

* Dinner days 13.

*Alcoholics beverages & phone calls

*Personnal expenses

* Tips


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