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Last Updated 8/30/2003

Artist Statement
Sometimes when people ask me to explain what my art means, it's hard for me to tell them. A lot of my work wasn't meant to tell a story or always make a statment, but instead to convey a feeling. My paintings are more of an expression of feelings that I have at the time that I'm painting them. To describe what they mean would be like trying to descibe an emotion. I also enjoy letting the viewer decide what a painting means. When looking at a painting we all make connections with it about our own lives, and sometimes what it means to us as a viewer rather than what it means to the artist is what makes us fall in love with it.

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Hand Series:
Shadow On The Wall:
Wings On An Angle's Back:
The God Of Man:
Fadding Of Life Into Dark:
Tattoo Of Brothers:
Small Painting:
Pencil Drawing 1992:
Truth Discovered:
"Nude On The Wall ":
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