I had plans to acutally write all of this out in my own words and everything but time's got the better of me so I've given in. I've taken this from Nick's site who took it from someone who took it from someone else...i'm not sure of who though. If you know me at all this shoudln't come as too much of a surprise...enjoy!

Keep in mind that I filled this out in 1998 and haven't updated it since then...

FULL NAME: Lindsay Michelle
NICKNAMES: Linds, turtle…I guess that's all
BIRTHPLACE: Toronto, Ontario
HOBBIES: playing violin, attemping art, dance and gymnasitics when my shoulders cooperate
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: I guess halloween
FAVORITE COLOR: almost any prurple and most light blues
LUCKY NUMBER: I don’t know that it's lucky but my fanourite number is 88
FAVORITE FOOD: ice cream!
FAVORITE TIME OF DAY: I don't really know…probably late morning but I don't know why
FAVORITE TV SHOW: ER I guess but I don't really watch it any more. I have always enjoyed Boy Meets World and used to watch Party of Five all the time…I don’t think there's anything I really make an effort to watch any more though
FAVORITE SPORT: gymnasitcs for those of you who only consider dancing an art for…other wise dance
FAVORITE MOVIE: Dance Me Outside and no, not just because Tamara is in it
CLOSEST GIRL FRIENDS: I'll name those who I did not meet because of RENT cuz that'd take too long…there's Adrienne, Erin, Annie, Jenny, Jennn, Steph, Lindsay, Lindsay (yes, we are plotting to take over the world) Katie, Beverly, Mariapia
GUY BUDS: you know what…I don’t think I have any…I never really realized that
FRIEND WHO TALKS THE MOST: oh no…I think I might be killed here but I'll have to say Annie
FRIEND WHO HAS THE MOST GOSSIP TO TELL: no one really I don’t think
PIERCINGS OR TATTOOS: an earring in each ear…das all
FAVORITE ICE CREAM: you want me to choose just one?! I guess I'll have to go with cookies and cream then
FAVORITE SODA: diet coke
FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH: gymnastics and skating
LOUDEST PERSON I KNOW: I'm gonna have to say Annie again
CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: jennn, you can have this one, alright?!

Have you ever.....
BROKEN A BONE? Smooshed my baby toe under a bell…it's a little deformed now
LIED? Yes, but not excessviely or anything
CHEATED ON A TEST? Well, yes but not like taking in notes with me and hiding them…and never on soemthign improtant…I do like to know how much I know rather than the person next to me
BEEN IN LOVE? I don’t think so

Do you believe in.....
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT? I don't think you can love someone only by how they appear
GOD? I'm not too sure about this one…give me some time
ALIENS? Not those we see on tv and everythign but I figure there ahs to be soemthign else out there
HOROSCOPES? Not usually
SPIRITS? Kind of
YOURSELF? Most of the time, no
Which is better.....
COKE OR PEPSI? Coke, but it has to be diet…otherwise I'd rather have nothing
ORANGES OR APPLES? Humm…both…I'm indecisive
ONE PILLOW OR TWO? Well, there are 4 on my bed but I can do with one if I really need to…two is usually my minimum
DEAF OR BLIND? Blind…music means too much to me
POOLS OR HOT TUBS? I guess pools…you can't do much in a hot tub
FAST OR SLOW? I don't know I understand…I like for school to go by quickly and holiday slowly but it never happens
NOW OR LATER? What I want to do happens now and what I don't want to happens later…seems logical to me
TV OR RADIO? television
MAKES YOU LAUGH THE MOST? I think Matt might win there
DO YOU GO TO FOR ADVICE? I think I usually reason things out by myself and if not with people I talk to online, usually those I don't know in person just cuz that's easier. Oh, there is one face I talk to…Adrienne
DO YOU HATE? Those who can't accept anyone but who they are
KNOWS MOST ABOUT YOU? Again, probably those I talk to online who I don’t KNOW know and Adrienne
HAS IT EASIER, GUYS OR GIRLS? You have to be more specific! I dotn' know
DO YOU EVER SAVE AOL CONVERSATIONS? Yes, but not as much as I used to
DO YOU SAVE E-MAILS? I tend to save some and then print them out when I get the chance
FAMOUS PERSON: I don’t' know that I love any famous person
MUSIC: I think I answered this already…musicals
PERSON: I don’t know that I would put that up here if there was someone but there isn't so I guess I'm safe
ACTOR: still no one really
ACTRESS: Take a wild guess…Tamara Podemski perhaps
TO LIVE: New York City
TO MARRY: maybe, maybe not…I don't know
NAMES OF CHILDREN: humm…these are just names I like…Brendon, Amy, L/Kiara…I can't think of any others for now
YEARLY INCOME: I guess that depends on my job so I have NO idea :o)