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No Gua allowed! "Die alien scum!"

Week 5 question:
What was Eddie eating in "Motel California" when Cade called from the inn(during his illusion)?
ans: Grapes

Week 7 question:
Hannah tells an alien that Cade carries a safe down 22 flight. How much did the safe weigh?
ans: 180lbs

Week 8 question:
Who came up with the name Mitch Devane in "Blue Agave"?
ans: Cade (in the bar after Susan introduces him as her new business partner)

Week 9 question:
Which is the spell from the Book of Shadows?
ans: The godess is alive, demons are afoot.

Week 10 question:
Cade claimed to be this relative of margret's in "Elixer"?
ans: Nephew(I'm sure you all got that one right.)

Think these questions are too easy, got some of your own? Send them in(Email address below). I love a challenge.

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