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The Therapy Room
The Therapy Room  

AUSTIN'S Professional Massage Center

15300 B FM 1825, Suite 102                           HOURS
Pflugerville, TX 78660                                    M-F 10-7
Ph: (512) 989-2799                                          Sat. 10-5
Fax: (512) 989-2422                                     Closed Sunday
e-mail: The Therapy Room

Swedish Relaxation Massage

A classic form of massage using long smooth and deep penetrating strokes relaxing muscles, relieving tension and stress.

30 minutes........$35
45 minutes........$50
60 minutes........$60
90 minutes........$90

(Contracted outcalls available for Relaxation Massage only. Additional fees will apply.)

Sports Massage

This treatment is designed to improve your stamina, reduce pain, increase flexibility and help prevent injury utilizing a combination of techniques. Sports massage appeals to active people with sore muscles or limited range of motion. This session will be customized to meet the athlete's specific pressure, stretching, and range of motion techniques. Bring shorts.

60 minutes........$60


A relaxing experience for the body, mind and spirit. Incorporation craniosacral, polarity, pressure point, Sweedish and rhythmic massage techniques. This treatmeant is designed to be light touch with profound results. 100% pure essential oils are used.

80 minutes........$85


Hands and feet find relief! Compression technique upon reflex points gently encourage the body to reach its own unique equilibrium. Forearms/hands as well as calf/ feet are pampered.

50 minutes........$50

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

This specialized treatment affects the lymph system to drain stagnant fluids, detoxify and regenerate tissues, filter out toxins and foreign substances and help bolster and maintain a healthy immune system.

60 minutes........$60


Use of pressure point massage to balance energy, relieve aches, pains, fatique, and create a deep relaxation.

60 minutes........$60

Energy Balancing

Through this gentle and nurturing manner of therapy, energy blocks are released. Each chakra of the body is opened and cleared, bringing balance and harmony to your whole being.

60 minutes........$60

Prenatal Massage

Utilizing a special cushion system we will help to confort the Mother-to-Be. Prenatal massage can help reduce swelling and muscle discomfort associated with nature's natural changes.

Prenatal massage for 2nd and 3rd trimester only

30 minutes........$25
60 minutes........$50

Neuromuscular Treatment

NMT can help individuals experiencign structural distortion, biomechanical dysfunction and the accompanying pain that is often a symptom of the underlying problem. It is used to locate and release spasms and hypercontraction in the tissues, dliminate trigger points that cause referred pain; restore postural alignment, proper biomechanics and flexibility to the tissues; rebuild the strength of injured tissues and assist venous and lymphatic flow.

60 minutes........$60
90 minutes........$90

Craniosacral Therapy

A light touch, gentle healing therapy which facilitates profound physical and emotional changes. Subtle body movements that coincide with the craniosacral rhythm. The craniosarcral pumping action of the cerebrospinal fluid are accentuated, resulting in improved functioning of the nervous system, relaxation of overstressed muscles and organs, improved alignment, and the release of accumulated mental and emotional trauma.

60 minutes........$60

Additional Treatments

Please inquire with our therapists about other treatments that may be available. Our therapists continue to expand their education and skills and new treatments will continue to ve available.

Chair Massage - On Site

Session focuses on the neck, back and shoulders, using a special massage chair, fully clothed massage treatment. Great for conventions, social gatherings, and office stress busters. Ask about on site rates.

Gift Certificates Available