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Irish Museum of Modern Art--"From Beyond the Pale: Art and Artists at the Edge of Consensus" (September 23, 1994-January 15, 1995). Exhibit included the following sheela-na-gigs from the National Museum of Ireland: Ballylarkin, Co. Kilkenny; Ballyportry, Co. Clare; Birr, Co. Offaly; Newtown-Lennan, Co. Tipperary; Cavan, Co. Cavan; Lavey, Co. Cavan, Laois, Co. Laois; Burgesbeg, Co. Tipperary; Swords, Co. Dublin; and Carne Castle, Co. Westmeath. The exhibit catalog (see Bibliography) also contains essays by Dr. Eamonn P. Kelly, Keeper of Antiquities at the National Museum of Ireland, and poet Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill.

National Museum of Ireland--On permanent exhibit are the Sier Kieran and Clonmel Sheelas. The museum has a large collection of sheelas that are not on display. One can make arrangements to see these sheelas by contacting the museum well in advance.

The Lavey Sheela is currently on display in the Cavan Museum

The Rahara Sheela is on display at the Roscommon Museum, Roscommon Town, in County (you guessed it!) Roscommon.

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