Doon Castle Sheela-na-gig, Co Offaly, north of Togher, on the main road from Ferbane to Athlone (visited May 1994)

This sheela is easily found on the side of a castle, at the end of a driveway heading into a farm. The entire castle is covered in ivy, but whoever maintains the castle takes care to trim the ivy from this figure. This is no easy task, as she is pretty far up the side of the castle on a quoin, and the only access is over slippery, moss- covered rocks. The figure is pretty worn, and is fitted into the castle on her side, as displayed in the photo.

I would have loved to speak with the property owners about their efforts to preserve the figure, but I feel bad enough trespassing to take photos of sheelas, much less marching up to the farmer's door and conducting an interrogation...maybe next time.

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