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Hippie Page
of links to farout & groovy hippie sites on the web~

I have started collecting links to sites related to the 60's & the counterculture, and this page is dedicated to those sites that I find.

And.. the name "Woodstuck" is one of my nic-names, given to me by a friend of mine, because I love the 60's and the spirit of that time. Also, because I tend to gravitate more towards the old stuff (particularly of the 60's and early 70's) more than the NEW. I guess I am just too nostalgic ~ haha!

Anyway, enjoy the links & keep coming back because I will be adding more ~ :)


"The 90's are the 60's standing on your head!"
(Wavy Gravy)

These links are in no special order right now, just as I come across them. And there's not a whole lot here... yet. I have just started this. But eventually I will be categorizing them and there will be lots more added.. so keep "Woodstuck" bookmarked. :)

Woodstock 69'
Monterey Pop
Change your name to a "hippy" one ;)
Hippy Land Hippie Magazine
Old Hippie's Groovy Site
Lisa Law's 60's photo gallery

Love Janis like I do? :)

beautiful people like you have been here. ~:)

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