Market Research in India

This page should be useful to market research professionals, students and users of market research in India. It contains useful MR links, news and other information pertaining to market research.

Global Links

A C Nielsen: No 1 in the world
Sofres FSA: Good site
Gallup: Number one in Public surveys
Yankelovich Partners: In the top 10
NFO Inc: A good MR site

Indian MR Links

IMRB: Oldest and No.1
ORG-MARG: No 2 and damn good
MRUC: Media Research site
Gallup India: Gallup-MBA
NFO: 3rd largest

MR Resources

Quirks: One of the best
Research Info: Good site
IMRI: Nice site
Customer satisfaction Research: Customer Satisfaction site
ESOMAR: ESOMAR Indian Members and addresses
Aussie association: Best Aussie site
Journal of Marketing Research: Academic
Aussie MR Jobs research site: Jobs site
ASI Research Centre: Site with useful information
why MR: why MR

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