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Search utilities, presented on this page
CataloguesSearch enginesIndexes and Other
100hot Web Sites
Excite **
Jubii (in Denmark) **
Kvasir (in Norway) *
LinkStar **
LookSmart *
Lycos **
Magellan *
Nemo's Realms (this site) **
Rambler **
Yahoo (in Norway) *
Yellow Pages (in Norway) **
AltaVista **
AOL NetFind *
Electric library **
Galaxy *
Globewide Network Academy Meta-Library **
GoTo *
HotBot **
InfoSeek *
MP3 Search *
OpenText **
RBSE Spider (URL) **
The Argus Clearinghouse *
WebCrawler *
WWW Worm * (cars)
CERN's list over Web-servers
CUI W3 Catalog
Joel's Hierarchical Subject Index
The Mother-of-all BBS
The Virtual Tourist - World
The WWW Virtual Library
Yanoff's Internet Services

FTP Search'95 **
Netscape Search Collection
Nordic resources
Veronica (gopher) *
Meta-searchersFind a personSearch resources
MetaCrawler **
Bigfoot **
Four11 **
WhoWhere **
Comparison of the best engines
Science & TechnologyMusic & MoviesNews
Computer Desktop Encyclopedia *
Computer Literacy Online **
Computer News Daily *
National Geographic **
CDnow **
Deja News **
* - Simple search-form available ** - Advanced search-form available
Last updated on February the 12th 1999.

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