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I have rather varying musical interests. Everything depends on the mood I am in. Yet I also have some permanent favourites. I like much of classical music. In non-classical genres I like works with a feel, not the "dum-dim-dim-tum"-type of music!

This page will feature groups, singers, composers and works, which I often listen to. This page is organized, just like my other pages - a sorted list of singers, groups and alike will bring you to a short description of this "fenomenon", followed by cover images, links to related sites and direct links to CDnow's shop archive. Clicking a cover will also bring you to CDnow. If you can't find the work you are after, try searching in CDnow's archive... Please note, that CDnow's site will be opened in a separate window.

One thing for sure, you are using a computer! Don't tell me, you don't... And computers have very much to do with music. Computer music may get expressed in various ways, one of which is creation of music/sound modules. I would like you to visit one such page with a modest collection of modules, and programs to play them.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching in CDnow's archive.

General links:

Wether you play guitar or not, you can find the following links interesting:

On-Line Guitar Archive

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First Knight Soundtrack Martin Guerre

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Ace of Base


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Alice Cooper

Stop here!

SideShow Master
The Last Temptation The Last Temptation - Comics book

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Bryan Adams

So Far So Good

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Dire Straits Logo

Dire Straits

Some related links:
Alchemy - Part 1Alchemy - Part 2
Also available on video: Alchemy VHS and Alchemy

Did you know that Alchemy's cover contains Scrooge McDuck, copyrighted by Walt Disney? I think I know where he is located. If I am mistaken, please correct me.

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Electric Light Orchestra

Light Years

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Sheperd Moons The Celts
I would also strongly reccomend Memory of Trees

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Eric Clapton

Lyrics to Behind the Sun.

Eric Clapton
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The Final Countdoun Prisoners in Paradise
I would also strongly reccomend 1982-1992

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Data de Groove

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Johan de Meij

The Lord of the Rings

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John Bon Jovi

Queen of New Orleans (Single)

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Leonard Cohen

Hadde månen en søster - Cohen på norsk (Cohen in Norwegian)

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Mark Knopfler

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Michael Bolton

The One Thing

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Mylene Farmer

 Bercy Live L'Autre...

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Pet Shop Boys

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Pink Floyd

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Greatest Hits II

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Roland Grapow

The Four Seasons of Life

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Sissel Kyrkjebø

Innerst i sjelen (Deep Within My Soul)

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The Connels

Darker Days

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Andrew Lloyd Webber

The Phantom of the OperaHighlights from The Phantom of the Opera
Aspects of Love The Very Best of Andrew Lloyd WebberThe London Stage Ensemble plays music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (or)

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Star Wars Soundtrack

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