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The National Poem of Nothingness

I hereby proudly present the current results of the work on The National Poem of Nothingness

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Waaaaaallll - Nihilum - Nothing -
Ingenting - Intet - [Nishto] -

Ikkje noko - Ei Mitään - Rien -
Semmi - Nishta - Nada - Moona -

Bure - Nichts - Niente - Nic -
'adam - Niets - Niks

Read more about the project on ladoniaboard.

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The following languages have been used:
[Poem] [Languages]

Contributions coming from:
[Nemo] [Ywonne I Jarl of Ladonia] [Count Torby] [Steinar Foss] [Gunnar Jarl of Bjoerksaeter] [Njål Gulbrandsen] [Custodian von Hillding] [Ludvig Claeson] [Betsy Thaggard] [Trond Ivar Hansenn, Lord of Wanderers] [Heidi Wøllo] [Jennifer Short] [Etienne van Nuland]

You may also view a graphical presentation of the Poem (252K)

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