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Games of various art

There are quite a few games I enjoy playing. My favourites are strategic simulations, flight simulators, and RPG. I must say, I dislike the games of today with *lots* of shooting, and *little* thinking. So, the games I play are at least three years old or even older. For before the games were mainly intended to use the power of your brain, whereas now they are intended to use the power of your machine (is that so much fun? - Rethorical question.)

On this, and subsequent pages I shall present the games of my liking. Many of those can no longer be obtained through stores, so I'll make the SHAREWARE ones available for download.

For people with a lot of excess spare time I would highly recommend to visit... ...the places with lots of answeres.

The Keep Many of the games here can be found and downloaded at The Keep...
Look for these icons...
The Keep

Let's begin... Do you recognize any of the following games? If 'no' - click on the name; if 'yes' - click on the name!
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