Croak Files Episode 3-7/31/20003

Prof Croak:  Hello, I'm Professor Croak.  Welcome to this weeks edition of The Croak Files.

Hash: Hi this is Hash.  We finally got Digismoke off the air when the radio people realized it was a blatent ripoff of our show.  Well the trail's in a couple weeks and so we've had a little while to prepare for emm... the rest of the series.  We have a new character.  His name's Chad.

Croak:  Hey chad, why don't you introduce yourself?

Chad: Mmme?  Hi I'm... wait what was it?  Chadeh... ya Chad! Hi.  Hey, you know why I'm called Chad?  'Cause my real name is Chadwick and all  a... and but it's kind of hard to remember half the time so they just call me Chad.

Croak: Yeah... okay we got a question for you, Chad, e-mailed from... it's from some guy named chad.  Okay, the question Chad too Chad reads "Why were you kicked out of the Pokemon fan club?

Chad: Hey I knew that was going to say that 'cause I knew that answer 'cause 'cause I emailed myself that before I left so I'd have a question.  Well I was kicked out of the fan club because I had all these you know pokemon and I had this thing... a stick actually called a "gun" and whenever I pointed it at them and pulled the stick on the stick they died for some weird reason and they said that it was my fault and so they kicked me out.

Croak: Okay ummm.. security!

Security:  Yes sir!

Croak: Take him away!

Chad's voice trails off as security takes him away.

Croak:  Thank god.  Now no one's here.  Sock umm... went. well.. uhh...

Chad:  I'm still here!

Croak: Take him away security!

Chad:  They already took Hask away.

Croak: Oh poo...

Chad: So, whatcha want to do?  Hey let's play checkers.  Checkers are fun.

Croak:  Ummm... no.  You are... okay I'm out of here.  That's it for this weeks edition of The Croak Files.

Chad: Uhhmm.. is this thing still on?  Ummm.. is anyone here?  How come the lights aren't on anymore?  Professor?  Hash?  Guys?  Oh I hope I don't hit something in the dark.

Chad runs into something.

Chad:  Ow! Duhhhh! Wahhh!