Croak Files Episode One-9/19/2000

Professor Croak: Hello, I'm Croak, and welcome to the Croak Files.  Today we're doing a last minute interview with Hash Brown, before he sets out on his Smokemon journey.

Hash Brown: Hi, I'm Hash.  Glad to be here, Professor!

PC: Uh, okay.  Here's our first question from Jimmy Richards from Columbus, Ohio: "What Smokemon did you choose to start your journey with?"

HB: Well, it's--

Bombie: Bombie! Bombie!

HB: As you can see, or hear, it is a Bombie!

PC: For our second question, Krusy Bunn, from San Diego, CA, writes, "Who's your rival, and what Smokemon does he have?"

HB: It's, uh, Larry Croak (laughs), sorry.

PC: Well, Larry Croak, my grandson of course, didn't really get a Smokemon because we ran out.  He was late, and sort of a loser too.  He got a Foodamon.  It's Mankey Soup (both laugh) and it doesn't move!  Sorry about that.  For our third and final question, we got an email from Sir Farts Alot Writes, "Toucan is my favorite Smokemon.  Can you tell me more about him?"  Toucan farts, poops, smells, poops, farts, floats around and it's a butt, smells, farts, poops.  Oh yeah, and he farts!
Sorry kids, but that's it for this weeks-