The Official Smokemon Rumors Page

Welcome to the Official Smokemon Rumors page. Some of the rumors you see here are true, others are false. Until the Official Smokemon Page confirms or denies these rumors, they will remain well... uhhh... Rumors!!!

*Rumored Facts about the first Smokemon Story
1. Well this is not confirmed yet but the main Smokemon in the first story is believed to be Toucan
2. Evil Deans come and attack the world in the first story
3. Possible names for the main human character: Smash, Cash, Hash, or Nash

*Smokemon the First Movie coming to a theater near you during the summer of 2003!
Featuring the mini-movie "Bombie's Vacation" (This isn't confirmed but we have our sources...)

*Threecan the rare evolved form of a Toucan
Yeah Right! Come on a Threecan? What ever mental mind came up with that is preety dumb!

*Sightings of Toucans coming out of toilets
Several people from homes in the Yellow Town area have reported seeing a strange floating butt come up out of their toilets. DNA evidence suggests that this creature was indead a Toucan. These sightings are still under investigation.

*President of Nintendo hinted of a Smokemon game in the works for the Nintendo Dolphin.
Here is a quote from Nintendo's President during an IGN interview.

"IGN: What new games will we be expecting on the Nintendo Dolphin?
Nintendo:Well we're working on this new Pokemon game...
IGN: What about this new thing called "Smokemon"?
Nintendo: We might be working on Smokemon in the near future for the new Dolphin system. Only time will tell."

Well, thats all he said about it, but things look bright for Smokemon on the Nintendo Dolphin.
An upcoming episode of the Pokemon TV series on WB! will feature a crossover with Smokemon. In a remote forest, Ash catches Bombie, a Pokemon he has never heard of before. Ash starts to pay more and more attention to Bombie and less and less to Pikachu. When Team Rocket attacks, who will save the day, Bombie or Pikachu?
When Ash catches Bombie, rivalry ensues between Bombie and Pikachu
A mysterious picture seems to have appeared on the Message Board. It looks sorta like Toucan except with three butt cheaks. Could it be Threecan?
Could it be Threecan?

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